Thursday, June 07, 2018


"The Political Significance of LSD" (Zutshi).  Part of the creepy - Peter-Thiel-level creepy - nootropic supremacism led by Silicon Valley.  Better, longer, smarter living through chemistry.  Mary Pinchot Meyer thought she was going to 'turn on' JFK and thus start the era of world peace, and both she and JFK ended up dead.

"Is Alexander Dugin an Undercover Queer Theorist?" (Gelfer).  This might be satire but the implication is that Dugin is important enough as a Big Thinker to obsess about.

"Is Putin really ready to “ditch” Iran?" (The Saker).  Part of the 'Putin ditching' series of the (((media))), famously over-played recently regarding the alleged ditching of Assad by Putin (it seems that every week for years the (((media))) has breathlessly had a new story on this 'ditching'), and part of the standard Khazar play to fool the goyim into allowing something to happen because it is inevitable, or can't be helped as it has already happened.

"Slavoj Zizek: The secret of how to defeat Trump lies in Europe":
". . . in his populist version of class warfare, Trump’s goal is (also) to protect the American working class (and are metal workers not one of the emblematic figures of the traditional working class?) from “unfair” European competition, and thereby save American jobs. This is why all the protests of public officials and economists in EU, Canada and Mexico, as well as the countermeasures proposed by them, miss the target: they follow the WTO logic of free international trade, while only a new Left addressing the concerns of all those left behind can really counter Trump.

At some deep and often obfuscated level, the US neocons perceive the European Union as the enemy. This perception, kept under control in the public political discourse, explodes in its underground obscene double, the extreme Right Christian fundamentalist political vision with its obsessive fear of the new world order (with conspiracy theories such as how Obama is in secret collusion with the United Nations, international forces will intervene in the US and put all true American patriots in concentration camps etc.) 
Conflicting ideas

One way to resolve this dilemma is the hardline Christian fundamentalist one, articulated in the works of Tim laHaye et consortes: to unambiguously subordinate the second opposition to the first one. The title of one of la Haye’s novels points in this direction: ‘The Europa Conspiracy.’ So, the true enemies of the US are not Muslim terrorists, they are merely puppets secretly manipulated by the European secularists, the true forces of the anti-Christ, who want to weaken the US and establish a new world order under the domination of the United Nations. And, in a way, they are right in this perception: Europe is not just another geopolitical power bloc, but a global vision which is ultimately incompatible with nation-states.

This brings us back to Trump and Putin: one openly supported Brexit, and the other is believed in the West to have desired it. Both figures belong to the conservative-nationalist line of “America/Russia first,” which should perceive a united Europe as its biggest enemy (even if Putin publicly says the opposite and many Russians resent their exclusion from the European project, rather than the notion itself) – and they are both right.

The problem for Europe is how to remain faithful to its emancipatory legacy, which is now threatened by the conservative-populist onslaught? In his ‘Notes Towards a Definition of Culture,’ the great conservative T.S. Eliot remarked that there are moments when the only choice is the one between heresy and non-belief, when the only way to keep a religion alive is to perform a sectarian split from its main corpse. This is what has to be done today: the only way to really defeat Trump and to redeem what is worth saving in liberal democracy is to perform a sectarian split from liberal democracy’s main corpse."
Bizarrely smart from an unexpected source:  "America’s allies should respond to steel tariffs with targeted sanctions on the Trump Organization" (Yglesias).  People are already bribing Trump, with great success, by indirectly assisting/enriching his companies (not to mention the Schlomo-schlepped bags of shekels), so a quiet indication that things might not go so well for his businesses in various places would go a long way to calming his protectionist enthusiasms.

"Russia Building The Trans-Arabian Railway Will Make The Saudis More Multipolar" (Korybko).  The only thing that will fix Saudi Arabia is the removal and replacement of the entire royal family.

"‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and His ‘Island Fever’" (Madsen).  "Rabid Pit Bull Mattis Tells NATO to Get Ready to Invade Russia" (Anglin).

"Three of Trump’s horsemen of chicanery at the State Department" (Madsen).  Also, Fred Fleitz as Bolton's chief of staff.

"Turkey’s Erdogan Expands Militaristic Foreign Policy, Amid Economic Crisis at Home (Pt. 1/2)" (Norton interview with Ekici).  Things are playing out in northern Syria, to the detriment of the foolish Kurds (who turned down an offer of protection from Syria), exactly as they were mapped out by Russia, Syria and Turkey.

Tweet (Adam H. Jonhson):
"The Soros obsession: Why far-right conspiracy theories prevail" (Strickland). Ha!  It seems clear that Soros is speculating in both the pound and the euro.

"Religious extremism is at the heart of US support for Israel" (Winstanley).  Not really, if the shekels disappeared, the religious nuts would be ignored, but they do provide a kind of general admiration for what the politicians are paid to do anyway.

"Report: Cambridge Analytica Director Had Post-Election Visit With Assange" (Shuham).  "Cambridge Analytica director 'met Assange to discuss US election' ".  There's quite the anti-Assange push going on from the usual suspects.  This is getting close to as parody of peak TDS.

"“National security” cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film" (Winstanley/Abunimah).  "Qatar Won the Saudi Blockade" (Hassan).  You can, as always, tell who is really in power by who can control the narrative, but it is rarely so obvious.  Qatar played the hand it had, but there is no reason why real journalists elsewhere couldn't make a similar documentary.  I'm not holding my breath waiting for such courage.

There's an election in Ontario today, probably very important, as we could either go forwards very quickly, taking care of some obvious things that should have been done years ago, or regress even more quickly.  We're still being consistently told that the drug dealer is going to win.
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