Monday, July 16, 2018

Enormous disfavor

It is always inspiring to watch a young woman come to Washington and start the first tentative steps at building her shekel collection.  The ongoing story of 'The Visit'.  I give her six months before she transforms into Nikki Haley.

Wow!:  "American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion" (Unz).  A snippet (and the comments are . . . lively):
"Obviously, the ritual murder of Christian children for their blood was viewed with enormous disfavor by the local Gentile population . . . "
It looks like the Helsinki summit was two old pals getting together to determine how best to deal with the only important issue of our era, the protection of the Khazars from the Persians.

Hilarious recent history of football in Croatia: "The Woes of Luka Modrić: Croatia, Nationalism and Football" (Kampmark).

You know your military alliance against Country X is in trouble - or, perhaps, that the whole thing is a sham, and everybody knows it - if you have to keep asking the members of your alliance to stop buying weapons and service contracts from Country X!:  "NATO Summit Tells Member States to Get Rid of Russian Weapons" (Gorka).

"Majority Of Clinton Emails Funneled To "Foreign Entity"; When IG Told Strzok - He Completely Ignored" (Durden).  Pakistan, Britain, or Israel, or some combination?  Since Strzok and Horowitz and Comey and Clapper clearly really did not want to know which country it was, I'm guessing either Britain or Israel, or both.  Note also the two ignored whistleblowers.

"SYRIA: The White Helmet Exodus Managed by ‘Regime-Change’ Coalition" (Beeley).  Like the ISIS and al Qaeda fighters returning home after their atrocity vacations in Syria, these scum are toxic waste, about to be received with open arms by the countries which abetted the false-flagist war against Syria.  Tweet.

Another famous cold case, April Tinsley, dna-ed, and quickly:
  1. "Cold Case Heats Up";
  2. "Police release updated rendering of suspected Tinsley killer";
  3. "New forensic DNA analysis produces image of cold-case killer at large";
  4. "Suspect in Tinsley killing appears in court"; and
  5. "Grabill man charged with the cold-case murder of April Tinsley".
The dirtbag in question is generally considered to be as rotten as they come.
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