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Google is a person / exceptional conduct

"Feeding the Monster" (Giraldi).  How they actually act is a huge problem for Khazars, requiring massive control of the (((media))) to suppress.

"US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border– and contempt for Palestinian refugees" (Weiss).  The unabashed hypocrisy of 'American' Khazar 'human rights' advocates regarding immigration and borders is a big theme of the alt-right.

"Ron Paul 'Inadvertently' Lets Staff Tweet Racist Nazi Image" (Kuns).  "Ron Paul Blames Shockingly Racist, Anti-Semitic Tweet On Staffer".  "Madlad Ron Paul Tweets A. Wyatt Mann Cartoon Blasting Jew “Cultural Marxism”" (Sol).  Le Merchant makes Le News.  I like how the media plays dumb and describes the character as an anti-Semitic stereotype, pretending not to recognize the cartoon.

"Prince William’s Trip to Israel" (Dickinson).  Arms dealer news.

Classic scoundrel news:  "Former Malaysian Prime Minister Razak Arrested".

Bathhouse Betty, part of The Clarification.

The greatest American comedian working today is the aptly named Anne-Marie Slaughter:  "Has the New America Foundation Lost its Way?" (Cohen) (my emphasis in red):
"The ousted staffer, Barry Lynn, was a critic of big tech companies and headed Open Markets, a New America program on corporate power and monopolies. Earlier in the summer, he had gone out of his way to praise the European Union for fining Google $2.7 billion for antitrust violations.

The chairman of Google’s parent company at the time, Eric Schmidt—who, along with his foundation and Google, had by that point donated nearly $20 million to New America—was not pleased, Lynn told the Times, and called Slaughter to say so. Lynn was informed that his actions had endangered the institution, and he was ultimately fired.

The debacle raised all sorts of questions about New America’s coziness with corporate funders, and as staffers gathered in the conference room—across the lobby from the “Eric Schmidt Ideas Lab”—they were impatient for answers. Many worried that the think tank’s intellectual integrity had been compromised, and they feared for their reputations. What would happen the next time someone’s work ran crosswise with the interests of a big donor?

Instead of stanching the anxiety, Slaughter stoked it. According to a recording of the meeting, she said that while she recognized that the standard in journalism was never to show sources what you were writing, New America’s “norm can’t be that. We’re an organization that develops relationships with funders. And you know, these are not just black boxes; they’re people. Google is a person, the Ford Foundation—these are people. . . . And particularly when they give you money, which is really a nice thing . . . basic courtesy I think requires—if you know something really bad, you say, ‘Here’s a heads-up.’ ”

Things spiraled from there. Slaughter insisted that Lynn left not because he had criticized Google but because of the non-collegial way he’d handled himself. Many couldn’t believe the contradictory responses they were hearing. “The whole spectacle left me feeling really sick to my stomach,” recalls an employee who later left the organization. “It became clear they were going to respond to this ordeal with a whole lot of bureaucratic whitewashing.”"
"“This story is false,” Slaughter had tweeted the morning the article was published. Several hours later, she tweeted that the “facts are largely right” but the “interpretation is wrong.” After getting blasted on social media for the vague and tone-deaf responses, she issued a full statement two days later, asserting that Lynn had not been fired because of pressure from Google and apologizing for using Trumpian rhetoric to discredit the Times.

Slaughter also pointed to a forthcoming book by one of its then fellows, Franklin Foer. World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech argues that Silicon Valley poses a threat to civil society.

The invocation took Foer by surprise. A few months earlier, as he’d been preparing for the book’s release, he’d sensed the think tank was backing away from it. First, he says, the organization informed him that his New York book event would no longer be primarily hosted by New America and that the viewpoints represented on the panel would need to be “balanced.” Foer had attended many other New America book events and knew “balance” was not a typical requirement for what are mainly celebratory events for fellows. Still, he agreed to the conditions.

“But after the fact,” he says, “I learned that the development officer, Meredith [Hanley], had a meeting where she freaked out about the prospect of my book causing blowback for New America from Google and was putting pressure on the fellows program to try to somehow dampen their association with it.”

Then came the Open Markets brouhaha, and suddenly, Foer says, “after running away from my book, they started to run towards it in an effort to launder their reputation.”
(Foer now sits on the board of the Open Markets Institute, Lynn’s splinter organization.) A spokesman for New America says, “The people who did attend the meeting Frank heard about secondhand have a different recollection, but the fact is we like Frank, we like his work, we funded the writing of his book, and we promoted it heavily. We believe it is critical to the conversation.”
It’s not as if New America was alone in its interactions with corporations. Brookings and others have been called out in recent years for alleged coziness with funders. For its part, New America has said it doesn’t allow donors to influence its work. “We have never had an instance of a funder shaping what we do,” Slaughter told her staff in September."
"'What is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away?' Hillary blames Trump for explosion of coarseness - and compares herself to Churchill".  I stand corrected.  'Winston' Killary will always be the greatest American comedian.

Tweet (Sina Toossi)"
"Even Nancy Pelosi releases statement in support of MEK gathering in Paris & proclaims she's committed to a "free & democratic Iran""
"Is Turkey Playing A Double Game With NATO?" (Ghoshal).  It is quite something for a country in a military alliance to start to buy weapons from the opponent of the alliance, particularly something complex enough to require constant technical assistance.  What happens when a war breaks out?!  When Erdoğan phones the csrs in Moscow, do they claim to have lost his ticket?  I assume the system simply won't work against Russian missiles, which means Erdoğan isn't expecting to have to deal with any.

"India Defies Washington, Will Acquire Russian S-400 Missile Shield" (Durden).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"30 years ago today the warship USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air flight 655 from Bandar Abbas to Dubai killing 290 people on board including 66 children. The US later awarded the captain who gave the order to fire a medal for “exceptional conduct.”"
"Strange: Turkey Moving Against Israel in East Jerusalem".

"History and Biblical Scholarship: Al-Quds Is Not Jerusalem" (Akleh).  The Khazars justify their murder and land theft based on the mythology of an entirely different people, the Jews, myths that have whatever slight basis in fact that they have based on events having occurred, not in the Levant, but mostly in what is now called Yemen!

"The Supreme Court’s deference to the Pentagon" (Hornberger).  For a court that seems to pride itself on being so legally rigorous, in a country obsessed with its constitution, everything flies out the window when the Pentagon come calling wanting to oppress Muslims.  They don't even pretend to care about the Constitution.

"Breaking: Syrian gov’t, Kurdish PYD make important agreement in Al-Hasakah" (Aboufadel).  The Kurds are slowly, belatedly and grudgingly, coming around to sanity.

"False Flag Fail: How Syrian Civilians Derailed White Helmet ‘Chemical’ Stunt in Eastern Ghouta" (Beeley).  It sometimes seems hopeless, but woke civilians can block a false-flag attempt by refusing to go along with it:  "“They told me – ‘how can an area get hit by chemical weapons by the Syrian government and  then hours later residents in the same area, are raising the Syrian flag?’."

Apaer from the obvious and tragic signs of having received the 'visit', Ocasio-Cortez is quite impressive:  "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back at Newsmax Host Publishing False Info About Her Background: 'How Scared You Are'" (Preza).  Here she tangles with the big dogs, and wins on the basis of rigorous thinking.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Capitalism is barbaric.

Every day thousands of sick and wounded people refuse medical treatment because it is so obscenely expensive in this sociopathic privatized capitalist system that exists only to generate enormous profits, not to serve human needs."
Not rigorous thinking.  All other capitalist countries have managed to run functioning health care systems.  It is not an issue with capitalism, it is an issue with the particular assholery of Americans. I suspect, as usual, that the deep issue is that single payer is considered to be 'gibs', and American racism is so powerful that Americans are willing to ruin their own lives so that others don't get 'gibs' (racism is also behind the unique attitude of Americans towards guns).

"7 Months After Fake Flynn Story "Epic Mistake", ABC Quietly Lets Brian Ross Go" (Durden).  Who knew that making shit up was still occasionally a firing offense in today's 'journalism'?  I note that Marshall has started to back off on his breathless accounts that Cohen was going to flip and send Trump to jail.

"Freedom Rider: No protest for black people" (Kinberley):
"Liberal white Americans will latch onto almost any injustice that isn’t directed towards black people as a group. Non-black immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, or anyone else can have their grievances acted upon quickly. Gender-neutral restrooms appeared like magic overnight for the small transgender community while the numerous ways in which millions of black people are attacked go unaddressed."
There is actually some glee in the racist right that liberal advocacy for Latinx children is squeezing out rights for American blacks.  Black majority cities, with consequent political power, are turning into 'Mexican' majority cities, thus progressively making American blacks politically irrelevant.

"Researchers Reveal Details Of Printer Tracking Dots, Develop Free Software To Defeat It".  Too late for Reality.
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