Thursday, July 19, 2018

I hope my peers have the moral courage, as I sure don't

"A walk on the wild side as Trump meets Putin at Finland station" (Escobar):
"Trump knew he had nothing to offer Putin to negotiate on Syria. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) now controls virtually 90% of national territory. Russia is firmly established in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially after signing a 49-year agreement with Damascus.

Even considering careful mentions of Israel on both sides, Putin certainly did not agree to force Iran out of Syria.

No “grand bargain” on Iran seems to be in the cards. The top adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, was in Moscow last week. The Moscow-Tehran entente cordiale seems unbreakable. In parallel, as Asia Times has learned, Bashar al-Assad has told Moscow he might even agree to Iran leaving Syria, but Israel would have to return the occupied Golan Heights." (!)
"Chomsky on the Trump NATO Ruse" (Falcone)  If his accurately depicts Noam ('bitch', please!), he has a remarkably unsophisticated view of Trump - on a level like that of Bill Kristol - compared to that of, say, Korybko or Escobar.

"Israel’s nukes, not Syria: Man kicked out from Trump-Putin summit says AP misquoted him".  The (((media))) started to make a big thing about this - that dictator Putin kicking a journalist out! - until it came out what he was going to ask!

The Clarification is becoming awfully clear:  "Trump’s Treasonous Traitor Summit or: How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New McCarthyism" (CJ Hopkins). It is difficult to imagine, but there was a time when this type of meeting would have been the cause of considerable celebration, particularly on the left.  Part of an accurate comment by bevin:
"Frum of course is actually from Canada, the son of a successful real estate speculator and, I believe, dentist. His mother was a CBC news ‘presenter.’ His sister if I am not mistaken is an appointed Senator. Naturally he has strong feelings about foreigners interfering in US elections."
"Israel passes controversial 'Jewish nation-state' law". The Rubicon, with no turning back. They can no longer claim to be a 'normal country', but have now irrevocably proclaimed themselves to be a racist supremacist state.  They should now have permanent 'outlaw' status.  As a bonus, defining themselves as 'Jewish' completely excludes the phony-conversos, the Khazars, just as it should be.

"Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal" (Durden).

"Russia Plans $50 Billion Investment In Iran's Oil, Gas Industry" (Paraskova).

Mueller's just another Washington grifter:  "I’m the Reporter Mentioned in Mueller’s Indictment. Why Hasn’t He Spoken to Me?" (Stranahan).  He was in a hurry to get this material out before Helsinki, so who cares about minor details like proper investigation or getting the facts right?

"Ocasio-Cortez “Evolves” Her Position on Palestine to Please Zionist Democratic Mega-Donors" (Webb).  'Donors'. The problem is that an inability to pass even this simple test is also a good indication of whether you are a real socialist or just another grasper in politics for the shekels.

"Las Vegas hotel seeks immunity from lawsuits by shooting victims".  The resent series of revelations that both the internal security and police gave Paddock, or whoever actually did the shooting, all the time he needed to do his job, makes this even more outrageous.  Trying to latch onto some Homeland Security exemption is particularly rich when you remember that the main purpose of the shooting was to build up the business of installing x-ray security machines in places like casinos and hotels, to prevent gun-toting 'terrorists' from committing similar massacres.

"Columnist’s Suspension Highlights Boston Globe’s Poor Marathon Bombing Coverage" (Henry). 'Journalists' don't get into trouble for making stuff up - the (((media))) accepts that as the job.  The problem here was the all important lack of authenticity, pretending to be 'one of the guys' on the front line when he was not.

Another unsolved murder, this one 25 years old, apparently solved using familial DNA:  "Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe arrested for 1992 killing of schoolteacher Christy Mirack".  There must be some nervousness in the community of murderers that, even if you have managed to stay 'out of the system', you might be caught based on the DNA traces left by your relatives who have had no reason to be shy about their DNA.
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