Friday, July 27, 2018

Just kidding

By popular demand, the new trend in 'jokes' from a particular group:
  1. "Sarah Silverman latest star answering for old child molestation jokes";
  2. "Director James Gunn Fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Over Pedo Tweets" (Sol);
  3. "David Cole On James Gunn" (Sailer) - unusually, there were repercussions in this case, possibly because he isn't purebred Khazar;
  4. "Hollywood Jew Seth Green Accused of Pedophilia by Hollywood Jew Isaac Kappy" (Sol);
  5. "Is the Unfunny Jewish Comedian Michael Ian Black a Homosexual Pedophile?" (Anglin);
  6. "Blind Item #14" (CDaN; guesses are Dan Harmon); and
  7. "Roseanne, Dan Harmon and the End of Hollywood’s Twitter Era (Column)" (D'Addario) - the problem is posed as too much publicity for private thoughts, with the solution  to stop posting them on social media.
It understand the concept that comedians get laughs out of being edgy and breaking taboos, but almost none of these attempts at jokes are even remotely funny.  To be fair to them, to some extent this seems to be the kind of dark humor one needs to cope when immersed in the world of pedophilia that is 'Hollywood'.
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