Monday, July 02, 2018

Racist menace

Abortion is back in the news again in the US, with the Clintonista political and moral errors leading directly to a Christian Evangelical assault on the Supreme Court and reproductive rights.

Two things to read, which fit together:
  1. "The Real Origins of the Religious Right" (Balmer);
  2. "US Supreme Court Ordered Desegregation, then Conservatives Worked to Demolish Public Education" (Noor interview of MacLean).
We tend to put the cart behind the horse, accepting the idea that, as Christian Evangelicals manage to pose as Christians - I don't know how, they look like Satanists to me, and not the LaVey fun kind of Satanists either - they must be opposing abortion over some high moral principle of the religious sanctity of life.  Nothing could be further from the truth (note the examples in the Balmer article of pre-Roe relaxed attitudes towards abortion; it is not even recognizable as the same religion!) .  What they were, and are, is committed racists, triggered by court-ordered anti-segregation, but segregation was perceived as not being the kind of hot button issue they were looking for around which to coalesce a far-right racist political movement (I note that Canonical Trumpism - aka Bannonism - uses anti-immigrant racism in a similar way).  Abortion was picked, not out of religious fervor, but out of pure PR cynicism, an emotional appeal which would build political momentum around a cause which would cloak the racism they were really concerned about.  The same people are behind charter schools for exactly the same reason, in this case, cloaking segregation behind the creation of a whole new school system which, for technical legal reasons, wouldn't be subject to the same legal regime which mandated 'mixing'.  In this case, rather than phony concerns about 'sanctity of life', they use phony concerns about the 'free market' and 'freedom'.

The bizarre thing is that American women could lose abortion rights simply because of how this convoluted covert racism plays out in politics and the courts.  The same people also intend to wreck the entire educational system by effectively defunding it, again for the same racist reasons.  The oddest thing is that these causes have taken on a life of their own, with many of the proponents of 'sanctity of life' and school 'freedom' not even being aware of the racist backgrounds of their causes.

American Christian Evangelism comes out of Christian Identity, a religion basically founded on profound anti-Semitism - the idea is that the Jews stole their identity as the chosen people from a real Tribe of Israel, white American Christians (I know, it's nuts!) - so don't get me started on the convolutions required to turn Christian Evangelists into Christian Zionists.  These people are a consistent racist menace.
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