Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The microagressions have really taken a toll

"Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion, US official says".  In a month or two, Maduro will refer to the possibility of an American invasion in a speech, and the asshole Americans will scream 'crazy conspiracy theory'!

Speaking of assholes, what kind of country - other than the two asshole countries, Israel and the USA - does this kind of thing, repeatedly?:  "30 Years Ago Today, U.S. Shot Down a Passenger Plane Killing 290 Civilians and Covered It Up" (Blevins).  Lots of countries pull dick moves from time to time, but only two countries pull only dick moves.

"Upon Israel’s request, Twitter closes Hamas, Hezbollah accounts".

"US official to Israeli diplomat: “This is our fuckin’ house”" (Alexis). Sometimes the 'Goyim, I  . . . ' gets a bit too much even for the Americans!  Of course, the shekels arrive, and they always cave in the end.

The Saudi and UAE mercenaries have bogged down in what was supposed to be their cake walk capture of Hodeidah, and the Houthis are successfully hitting Saudi targets.  "Yemeni, Saudi and UAE forces hit rebel positions outside Hudaida".  "Another Setback for Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen". "Saudis say child wounded in Yemen rocket attack".

"The Battle in the South of Syria Is Coming to an End: Israel Bowed To Russia’s Will" (Magnier).  The poor Khazars are stuck, having to wait for President Jared's Royal Decree of what more will be stolen from the Palestinians and bestowed on them.

"Syrian Army Uncovers Massive Haul of Western-Made Weapons for Rebels".

"Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element — Israel to the rescue!" (Weiss).  This is intended for American audiences, as Asians are typically born woke, lacking exposure to the life-long massive PR campaign that we all suffer under.

"Q, Conspiracy, and the Novel; or, Why Portraits and Ashes Should Be Your Summer Read" (Pistelli).  There is a curious high-level, almost official, promotion of a /pol/ poster.  This phenomenon isn't unheard of.  From time to time really obscure conspiracy theorists find favor with the elites (of course, if popular enough, they get elevated from 'conspiracy theory' to 'history').  Somebody wants us to think Trump is winning at his 4D chess game.  The goal is to encourage quiescence from the true believers who fear Trump has fallen into the swamp.  One more step of meta is that this particular essay is an ad for a book!

"Britain’s Most Censored Stories (Non-Military)".

"Wheel Out the Skripal Story Again" (Murray):  "Russian-created".  "British Government Peddles Warmed Over Skripal Muck" (Moon).  After all the practice they've had, you'd think the British government would be better at this kind of PR operation.

A palate cleanser, so to speak, from Whittaker Chambers emptywheel, and turning in your colleagues for working for the Ruskies:  "Mueller Looking Into Report That Trump Defecated Out a 30th Story Window in 1997" ('Greenberg-Cohen').

"Conservatives Mock "Resistance" With "Second Civil War Letters" After Portland Antifa Goes Down Hard" (Durden).  Historically, the talent for this kind of thing was all on the 'left', but this is quite clever, falling in line with the meme culture.  The predominance in satire seems to correlate with political success.
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