Monday, July 16, 2018

The parable of the map

"Fighting Fake Stories: The New Yorker Serves Up A Doozie" (The Polemicist).  Despite all appearances to the contrary, we're supposed to believe that Americans are good, well-meaning people, who are just a little under-informed, with the lack of information, or even being tricked by sneaky outsiders (often, quietly implied, by Le Merchant), being the sole cause of all the atrocities that occur in their wake..  A recent version of this is that most Americans, and the Democrats who represent them and 'American values', are good, but Trump is bad (but a temporary problem).  Since no discernible difference in effect in the real world is visible to the naked eye, and in many ways Trump's real-world performance seems preferable to Killary-Barry's, a lot of retconning is required to shape the facts around the Democrat narrative.
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