Monday, July 02, 2018

The 'visit'

"Leaked Emails Reveal Pro-Saudi Intrigue At 2016 GOP Convention, Attempts To Suppress 9/11 Documents" (Durden).  The only interesting part of this is that the nonsense 'secret' pages blaming 9/11 on the Saudis - as we all know, the identities of the hijackers were stolen, thus making the Saudis patsies - was inserted into the Republican platform by AIPAC.  What I'd like to know is when Mueller is going to get around to questioning Curt Weldon! [that link may not work, but it did this morning]

"On The Path To Failure - U.S. Attempts Violent "Regime Change" In Iran" (Moon).  Everybody in Iran hates the MEK, both for being traitors and cult weirdos, so using them as the point of your color revolution is simply stupid.  Of course, career crooks like Giuliani and Bolton get paid to spout this nonsense, but you almost have to wonder if the State Department goes along with this because it knows how ineffective it will be.  Minimal opposition from a group that is universally hated actually supports the current regime, as does the new sanctions program, which just provides an excuse for failure in the Iranian economy.

Goyim, I  . . . :  "US needs to draw a line in the sand with Iran over Yemen" (some Khazars).  "Charles Krauthammer: The Ultimate Armchair Warrior" (Sieff).  Illustration.

"The 'ultimate deal' that Jared Kushner is proposing for Palestine would strip the people of all their dignity" (Fisk).  One thing about supremacists, and particularly supremacism in a 'macher'-led group, is that common sense is thrown to the winds in return for the ultimate goal, which is humiliating your perceived enemies, and being able to personally take credit for it.  This is a strikingly primitive culture.

In their own estimation, the very, very best of their supremacist group, the moral epitome of Judaism, did this:  tweet (Mohammed Khan):
"Four years ago today, 16 year old Mohamed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped from his hometown Shufat, near Jerusalem by Israeli settlers, they tortured him, poured petrol inside his stomach and burned him alive. "
"More Deep State criminal leakers in the IC" (Lang). Neocons, stirring up trouble.

"Why It Matters That Peace Is Gone from Ocasio-Cortez Website" (Swanson).  She got the 'visit'.  They come at you with a political shiv in one hand, backed up by their (((media))), and a bag of shekels in the other.  Which is it going to be, goy?  There is some hope in that her associates are in a state of peak, Céline-style, wokenness:  "Ocasio is Actually BASED and Hates Kikes, BFF is an Aggressive Anti-Kike Activist" (Anglin).

"Another Pre-Summit Dividend - No Sanctions On Nordstream 2" (Luongo). The single thing the usually traitorous Eurotrash politicians will do is ensure the energy keeps flowing.

Skepticism is popping up everywhere!:  "Women (and Men) of the World, Unite! How to Stand Up to Extremist Orthodox Jews Who Demand You Give Up Your Airline Seat" (Smith).  You have to love there is a hierarchy in identity politics, with the Khazars at the very, very top!  You also have to love that this became an issue only because it allowed El Al to do some marketing by virtue signaling.    It must be interesting to walk around in a world where women are no more than property, and everybody outside your group has the moral status of a farm animal.  The h-u-g-e question - why does everybody else fall in line with every one of their nutty, primitive, supremacist whims?  To a large extent it is chutzpah - they assume compliance, and people are too polite to complain, particularly when the farm animals are herded by an abject fear of being called a bigot ('anti-Semite').  History shows that his kind of thing goes on for a while, punctuated by big, if understandable, responses, with the rare responses making the history books and the constant provocations forgotten.
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