Sunday, July 08, 2018

Two autopsies

"All EFF’d Up" (Levine).  "Silicon Valley Will Not Save You from the Surveillance State" (Swanson).  It is probably time for us to stop assuming that the self-nominated protective organizations, funded by the Bad Guys, are actually going to protect us from the Bad Guys (duh!).  I'm not sure how we ever fell for this.

"The Creeping War against Iran is Still on the Cards" (Sheikh).  When Trump, against his initial best instincts, brought Bolton with him to Singapore, the upshot was that Trump had to cancel the South Korean-American military exercises (done so quickly as to surprise the South Koreans), and give Kim a still secret side letter no doubt containing promises of American sanity, all on the basis that Bolton's mere presence spooked Kim (Bolton was also prominent when Trump went ape-shit at the shambolic G-7 meeting).  Everybody in Iran knows who Bolton is, and that he is a paid employee of the MEK crazies, so this color revolution is doomed from the start, and we have John Bolton, and the peculiar inability if the Americans to keep him hidden, to thank for that.  Sheldon paid good shekels for him, and he'll be damned if everybody at synagogue can't see what he bought!  The assholes can't even be assholes in a competent manner anymore.

"The Mystery of Robert Knudsen" (Hornberger):
"If Knudsen was telling the truth, and there is no reason to doubt that he was, then it is clear that on the weekend of the assassination, he photographed a procedure that he believed was the president’s autopsy and that he was made to believe was the president’s autopsy but actually wasn’t the president’s autopsy. It is also clear that whoever convinced Knudsen to believe that he was photographing the official autopsy also swore Knudsen to secrecy by telling him that the entire procedure he was photographing was classified.

The mystery of Robert Knudsen is compounded by the testimony before the ARRB of Saundra Spencer. She was a U.S. Navy petty officer who worked in the U.S. Navy’s photography lab in Washington, D.C., in 1963. She had a top-secret security clearance and worked closely with the White House on top-secret, classified photographs. No one has ever questioned the integrity, professionalism, and competence of Saundra Spencer. As with Knudsen, it would be difficult to find a more credible witness than Saundra Spencer.

The reason that Spencer was summoned to testify before the ARRB in the 1990s is that the ARRB had learned that on the weekend of the assassination, she had been asked, on a top-secret basis, to develop autopsy photographs of President Kennedy’s body. Pursuant to the culture of secrecy and classified information in the military, Spencer kept her role in developing those autopsy photographs secret for some 30 years, until she was summoned to testify before the ARRB.

During her testimony, Spencer was shown the official autopsy photographs of the President’s body. After carefully examining them, she testified directly and unequivocally that the autopsy photographs in the official record were not the ones that she developed on the weekend of the assassination. She stated that the autopsy photographs she developed showed a large exit-sized wound in the back of President Kennedy’s head, which matched what treating physicians at Parkland Hospital had stated. The photographs in the official record show the back of Kennedy’s head to be fully intact. A large exit-sized wound in the back of the president’s head would, of course, imply a shot fired from the president’s front.

After Spencer’s testimony before the ARRB, no one came forward to challenge, question, or dispute the truthfulness and accuracy of her testimony.

What are we to make of Knudsen and Spencer?

There are two conclusions that can be reasonably drawn: First, the official autopsy of President Kennedy, which was carried out by the U.S. military, was fraudulent and, second, there is no conceivable innocent explanation for having carried out a fraudulent autopsy."
"EXCLUSIVE: Child porn charge against brother of Las Vegas gunman is THROWN OUT after his lawyer claims the case was 'prejudiced' because an LA deputy district attorney's daughter was killed in the mass shooting". Is the Las Vegas shooting actually part of a convoluted cover-up of a child porn trafficking ring?  The Official Story has taken quite a beating, and now this, with no part of the alleged reasons for the dismissal making any sense!
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