Wednesday, July 18, 2018

US - Russia - China

I'm starting to think the China hacking story is second stage US IC manipulation.  It suddenly pops up, both from Lang's IC source, and from Page (also IC), right after Trump gets back from Helsinki.  Anti-Trump derangement is at a fever pitch, with the usual suspects calling Trump no less than a traitor.  On the other hand, some analysts are stating that Trump is actually carrying out big American strategic plans, attempting to weaken China by separating Russia and China.

Korybko realized how it was going to play out months ago:  "What The US Really Wants From Russia".  This makes the New Cold War anti-Russia hysteria, expressed in large part through Trump Derangement Syndrome, just part of the larger exercise to soften Putin up to be receptive to some kind of American IC deal - you pull back from China, and we'll tone down our anti-Russian rhetoric/sanctions.  Trump is playing the uncharacteristic role of being the well-meaning diplomat, coming to Putin as a man hounded by his own IC, just like Putin, and with a deal that will get the hounders off both their backs at the same time.  Is the entire purpose of Trump Derangement Syndrome just to set Trump up as a better negotiator with Putin?

I note that this analysis makes the whole Pissgate/Russiagate/Steele/'hacking' story just Washington political theater that nobody of importance takes seriously.  It is a way to prepare Trump to advance American interests.  It is winding down as it has served its greater American purpose (but a 180 degree shift to blaming the 'hacking' on China is a breathtaking demonstration of the low regard which the American IC has of Americans!).  Note that Trump-as-traitor is not intended to weaken Trump's hand, it is intended to strengthen it.

"The Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China" (Kazianis).

"Helsinki Talks - How Trump Tries To Rebalance The Global Triangle" (Moon).

Entous, an obvious US IC asset, was the vehicle by which the Russia approach was greased into the American consciousness, putting the whole idea, improbably, on MbZ.

Note how Israel finds itself in the odd place of being a cog in the US-Russia understanding due to the dramatic backfiring of Yinon, and the sudden realization that it can't win a three-front war.  "It’s Official, “Israel” Is Now a Joint Russian-American Protectorate" (Korybko).  "Israel Pushed Heavily for Trump to Meet with Putin" (Marshall).

The funny thing is, all of these machinations are about five years too late (as usual, we can blame everything on Barry's fecklessness).  Russia has firmly and irrevocably signed on to the Chinese/BRICS New World Order, or what we could call 'The Future'.  America is a rapidly failing mess with no future.  Putin will, of course, be diplomatic (as always) and polite, but the ship the American's are trying to board has already sailed.
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