Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Were told

With the resignation of Boris Johnson, the murder of Dawn Sturgess by forces within British intelligence starts to look like part of a coup plot to replace May with Johnson.  Boris was all over the false-flag attack on the Skripals, to the point of outright and obvious lies, but was noticeably quiet about the British intelligence murder of Dawn Sturgess (he was actually in complete seclusion with his aides scheming his moves).

Tweet (colin horgan):
"key paragraph of Boris Johnson's resignation letter is the second one. the British people "were told," he writes, that with Brexit, they could do all sorts of things. they were. and it was Boris Johnson who told them."
"BREXIT - Still Not Gonna Happen" (Moon).  The argument that the Conservatives couldn't possibly be as incompetent as they are demonstrating, so there is a Remain plot afoot.  The problem is they would lose a re-referendum, for the same reasons as Trump, Brexit, Corbyn, etc, but magnified due to the obvious political shenanigans.

"Chief medical officer calls for decriminalization of all drugs for personal use" (Mathieu).  The people of Canada want it, but the pharmaceutical industry would lose its precious, precious profits, so 'more study is required'.  You don't ever see more obvious corruption than politicians and drugs.

"The Persecution of Rafael Correa" (Emersberger). We're in the middle of quite the world-wide roundup of all the main faces of dissent.  The 0.1% appear to be a bit shaken, and want to ensure everybody else is scared off.

"Jonathan Chait: Is Putin Trump's Peer -- Or His Handler? A Theory" (Madrak).  "New York Magazine: Kooky Kike Jonathan Chait Pens 8,000 Word Theory Claiming Trump’s Been a Russian Agent Since 1987" (Anglin) (Daily Stormer versus Crooks and Liars is never flattering for the latter).  Sailer ("Mental Illness").  "The Guardian’s Marina Hyde accuses actress Susan Sarandon of being Trump’s “asset”" (Walsh).  Greenwald's run-in:  "MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them."  Everybody they don't agree with is a 'Putin asset'.

"Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki" (C. J. Hopkins):
"Look, I’m not a fan of poofter humor, or the corporate media, or the so-called “Resistance,” but neither am I a fan of Trump, nor am I, technically, an employee of Putin. What I am is a student of propaganda, media manipulation, and mass hysteria, and though I experienced the roll-out of the War on Terror, and assorted other propaganda campaigns (like Obama’s “Hope and Change” routine, Reagan’s “Morning in America” schtick, George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order,” and Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” happy horseshit), I have never witnessed anything like this. Most of those other propaganda campaigns at least bore some vague resemblance to reality. What we’re experiencing now is more akin to the kind of behavior that goes on in cults … where people are conditioned to surrender their reason (and, ultimately, to conform their perception) to whatever paranoid official narrative the leader of the cult has invented, and eventually to direct their fear and hatred, not only at the cult’s official enemy, but at anyone who questions the cult’s “reality.”
If you believe cults work because people are gullible, or stupid, you need to do some research. Cults work because their members are gradually conditioned to detach from “society” (i.e., the social body that conditioned them as children) and conform to the social body of the cult. This conditioning happens systematically, often over the course of years. Scientology cult members are not introduced to the “body thetans” story the day they walk in. Nor were the Manson girls ready to butcher a house full of people for Charlie at first … it took months of orgies, acid trips, and other de- and re-programming techniques to get them to buy into his paranoid prophecy of Imminent Racist Hippie Apocalypse.
Which is what I find so disturbing, presently. The ease with which the neoliberal ruling classes have programmed millions of Western consumers to believe a narrative no less ridiculous than Scientology’s “body thetans,” Manson’s “Helter Skelter” … or take your pick of any number of other cult narratives. The speed at which they switched from the War on Terror narrative to the Putin-Nazi narrative attests to the power of the corporate media and the neoliberal propaganda machine, generally. It really is an amazing achievement. In less than two years, they managed to condition a significant portion of the Western masses to forget about “the Islamic terrorists” that they had been conditioned to live in fear of, and to transfer their fear and hatred to Trump, and Putin, and anyone who appears to support them, or doesn’t sufficiently hate and fear them."

"The Most Intolerant Wins: Nassim Taleb Exposes The Dictatorship Of The Small Minority" (Taleb).  Intransigent minorities get their way over flexible majorities, even where the upshot is clearly irrational.  We're seeing a bit of push-back these days from the asshole right, which push-back is called 'intolerance'.

"thank you merchant you truly are my greatest ally".  "USS Liberty Survivor Named US Delegate on Gaza Flotilla" (Lauria).  "Medical Aid for Palestinians founder, Dr Swee Chai Ang, to join Freedom Flotilla".

"Jews are Still Gloating About Murdering the Tsar’s Children" (Diversity Macht Frei).  'Visit' news:  "On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s Public Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" (Rosen).

To be fair, they did come across as self-entitled assholes:  "Instagram’s Facade of the Perfect Life Has Made Us Lose Our Empathy" (Ginn).
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