Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Billions in our community

"Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM" (Murray).  The typical extreme violence, and the cover-up by their (((media))).  It is also typical, in the finest false-flag style, to write it up backwards, as if a Khazar attack on Corbyn and his woke followers is actually an attack on Jews!

(((Stinktank))) news:  "Pompeo, Bolton To Headline Shady Anti-Iran Event During UNGA" (Clifton).

I guarantee that the minute the news came out on the downing of the Russian plane, Bolton headed to the yacht sites to see what the anticipated bags of Sheldon's shekels from railing against the S-300s would buy him.  What some may call the tragic death of Russians, or even the usual Khazar warmongering machinations, Bolton calls 'payday'.  Also:  "US Vows to “Overthrow” Iran as Terrorists Target Iranians" (Cartalucci).  Sometimes the unabashed American support of terrorism by actual terrorists is strikingly revealing.

Part Two:  "“Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part Two of Two " (Joyce) (see also!:  "‘Billions in our community’ — Israel supporters make frank appeals to Jewish wealth and influence" (Weiss) - of course, you are an 'anti-Semite' if you notice):
"Developed alongside his colleagues in the Institute for Social Research and the mass communications clique, these, then, are Flowerman’s six conditions for a radical transformation of values in the White American demographic majority:
1) Control of the channels of mass communications;
2) Saturation with Pro-tolerance messages;
3) Crisis, designed or accidental;
4) Diminishment of Cultural Pride and Self-esteem;
5) Cultivation of Self-Punishment and Group Self-Sanctioning;
6) Sponsorship of willing dupes or traitors.
"We now find ourselves returning to our point of departure. “The whole story is transparently barmy,” said the Guardian’s Jason Wilson when discussing “conspiracy theories” about Cultural Marxism. Consider again what he says this “conspiracy theory” amounts to:
The vogue for the ideas of theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno in the 1960s counterculture culminated with their acolytes’ occupation of the commanding heights of the most important cultural institutions, from universities to Hollywood studios. There, the conspiracy says, they promoted and even enforced ideas which were intended to destroy traditional Christian values and overthrow free enterprise: feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and atheism. And this, apparently, is where political correctness came from. I promise you: this is what they really think … The theory of cultural Marxism is also blatantly antisemitic, drawing on the idea of Jews as a fifth column bringing down western civilisation from within, a racist trope that has a longer history than Marxism.
In light of the facts addressed in this essay, such a theory would seem thoroughly borne out, with the only required alterations being that the process started before the 1960s and involved many more figures than the staff of the Institute for Social Research. The problem with people like Wilson is that they are proof of the very ‘conspiracy theory’ they refute. Raised in a controlled media, saturated with pro-tolerance propaganda, psychologically blasted with crisis after crisis, stripped of cultural pride, consumed by White guilt, and influenced by purchased “sponsors,” he is the perfectly gullible product of the protocols of Samuel H. Flowerman and the mass communications clique."
"Living in wacko-land"(Robinson).  Canadians of Eastern European background seem to be always surprisingly disturbing/disturbed.

Khazar geopolitical thinking involves a lot of projection:  "Israeli Treason in America: Iran’s “A2/AD” Saudi Plan is Scott’s “Anaconda Plan”".

"Turkish media: Erdogan Involved in Ukrainian Church Issue" (Yesiltas).  I wonder if he gets to keep the 'missionary' while losing the sanctions if he does the church thing for the Americans:
". . . the leader of Crimean Tatars and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Dzhemilev said that President Erdogan had confirmed his support in the process of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. “I told him that today Moscow is like a Mecca for the Orthodox but after the UOC becomes independent Istanbul will take the place of Moscow,” Dzhemilev noticed. According to him, when he and Ukrainian president Poroshenko met with Erdogan on July 12, the Turkish leader assured that he would do “everything possible” for the Ukrainian autocephaly and said that he understood the importance of this issue for the Crimean Tatars.

Mustafa Dzhemilev’s words mean that Ankara and personally President Erdogan, who can influence the Ecumenical Patriarchate, are involved in the Ukrainian problem. But what’s the benefit of such an involvement? It’s obvious that Istanbul won’t become a Mecca for the Orthodox. Ukraine with it’s poor economic situation also can hardly make a decent proposal to Turkey. It seems then that Ankara has reached an agreement with the White House.

An independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not the goal of only Kyiv, the Ecumenical Patriarchate or Ankara. It is of great importance for Washington, which intends to restrain Moscow’s influence in the region."
"The Magnitsky Affair: Confessions Of A Hustled Hack" (Hazou).  Browder pops up almost everywhere you look in Russiagate.

You'd like to think that the Assholians, at the very least, could be reliably selfish, and look after their own lives, but no, they've committed to remaining assholes to the bitter end:  "US to be hit worse than almost any other country by climate change, report says" (Griffin).  Being an Assholian is a calling that transcends petty issues like self-interest.  Of course, as we've seen with Wars For The Jews, taking positions diametrically opposed to national self-interest is the American Way.
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