Sunday, September 09, 2018

By Hook or by Crooke

"When the battle for Idlib is over, where will the fighters who have sworn never to surrender go next?" (Fisk):
 "One of the first things I notice in General Sultan’s office – he holds the title of commander of the Idlib security committee, although we are still (just) in the province of Hama rather than in the province of Idlib – are two large photographs above his desk of Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin. Two equally large Syrian and Russian flags flank the coloured portraits. This may not be a joint Russian-Syrian operation on the ground – I saw one Russian military police vehicle on my whole drive up from Hama – but in the air it surely will be, if it happens. General Sultan, who was a tank lieutenant at the Lebanese battle of Sultan Yakoub during the 1982 Israeli invasion, talks of “our Russian friends”, and insists to me that “from zero hour, it will take me seven days to be inside Jisr al-Shugour”."
and General Sultan speaks:
"He talks very freely about the soldiers who deserted the Syrian army in the early days of the war – and of how many returned to the ranks. He speaks of the poverty which drove men to join the opposition. “Then by 2015, they realised theirs was not a fight for democracy and human rights. And our friends from the Russian Federation supported us with suitable weapons as Syria fought on.”

He agrees that the Syrian army was trained to fight in hills – for the final battle for Israeli-occupied Golan, rather than the final battle for Nusrah-held Idlib. And Idlib is obviously in the opposite direction to Golan, as he agrees. Golan is therefore presumably still to come.

And that is another story."
There must be an interesting discussion going on in Tel Aviv where the terrorist proxy army can most usefully be deployed.

"Who's on the Iran Action Group? More About Neo-Cons' March through the Institutions" (Decameron) (my emphasis in red):
"Brian Hook, the new chief of the Iran Action Group (IAG) , whose other members mysteriously haven't been made public, is a long time fellow-traveler and functionary of the neo-con policies that are increasing taking hold in the Administration.   The MSM glibly report that Hook was/is a Tillerson loyalist, and that he is "close to" the "Never Trump" crowd, creating an impression that he is a moderate who might resist a flight forward to war with Iran.  False impression.  In 2006, Hook was senior advisor to recess-appointed US Ambassador to the United Nations -- John Bolton, now the National Security Advisor to Trump.  Bolton is a maniacal advocate for Iranian regime change and  US military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities, and Hook might be seen as Bolton's boy inside the State Dept.   Bolton is also an ardent supporter (along with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and a possible beneficiary) of the regime change advocates of the Rajavi Family cult known as the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq or the National Council of Resistance in Iran).  
At the neo-con shrine in DC, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Hook gave a raving speech filling out the picture on what his job on Iran is all about.  Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton should be ecstatic.  Hook's human rights playbook comes directly out of Humanitarian Interventionism, with dash of neo-con hot sauce.   Like most neo-con thinkers, Hook advocates crushing, crippling sanctions that supposedly will suffocate the population to the point that there will be an uprising that overthrows the regime.  It's a form of collective punishment--a neo-con pipe dream that destroys nations and people.  Hook's mission on Iran is described as coming from Pompeo at the State Dept, but well-placed sources say it's a National Security Council operation, and Bolton's brainchild. State is allowed to take the point in appearing to coordinate the inter-agency efforts.  (Warning:  anyone who thinks that Pompeo has a lot of influence should look again at the humiliating cancellation of his planned trip to North Korea.   That should be a wake-up call)"
"Bolton's neo-con loyalty credentials are well-documented, but Hook's less so.  When Brian Hook left Bolton's service in the George W. Bush administration, he became a member of the steering committee of the John Hay Initiative along with Eric Edelman, who worked in Dick Cheney's office and who was one of the intimates of the Dick Cheney cabal (Wolfowitz, Perle, Doug Feith, etc.), and Eliot Cohen, a chicken-hawk big mouth in Richard Perle's  shop.  Longtime readers of SST might remember Cheney's hell-bent-on-war-with-Iran efforts of 2006.   Also involved in the John Hay initiative with Brian Hook are Fox News Gen. Michael Hayden and neo-con theoretician Robert "Mr. Victoria Nuland" Kagan."
"The major uprising in Basra and southern Iraq is what the world should be worrying about in the Middle East right now" (Cockburn). There is always that nagging suspicion about Cockburn stories.

"Britain: No-Confidence Motions Passed Against Leading Blairite MPs" (Mitchell) (I'm always amazed at how much actual thug violence is used in these matters by or on behalf of the ((('nice people')))):
"According to the pro-Corbyn Skwawkbox blog, Ryan supporters intimidated members in charge of ballot-counting on the night—including threats of physical violence and at least one death threat.
Skwawkbox reported eyewitness accounts of a Ryan supporter lunging at a young Labour Party member, saying: “I will fucking kill you.” In a second incident against the same young person, a Ryan supporter “threatened to assault him and then lunged at him again”… “On both occasions, say shaken witnesses, the Ryan supporter had to be physically restrained by others to prevent an assault. The incidents were serious enough to be reported to the police.”"
When we see the details of the general activities of shabbos goyim they turn out to be spectacular grifters, just as you would expect

"The Hysteria in the Conservative Press Indicates That There Will Now be a Labour Government in Britain" (Stehling).  I remain convinced that the Labour Party handled the recent bout of vicious anti-gentilism in the worst way possible (and foolishly, and immorally, threw the Palestinians under the bus in a self-defeating attempt to relieve the Khazar pressure), but Corbyn himself acquitted himself admirably, and will ride to victory on a strong Gas The Kikes program.

"NYT Reconfirms U.S. Coup Plot In Venezuela - Adds Pro-Coup Propaganda" (Moon).  "Covert US Plot For Venezuela Coup Detailed In Explosive NYT Report" (Durden).  This isn't something ferreted out by a whistleblower or some real journalism (not that we're likely to see any real journalism in the NYT).  This is an admission by the US government, presumably on the theory that the fact that plots are being made puts more pressure on the Venezuelan government.

Speaking of the role of the NYT in fronting for American IC political manipulation/destabilization, in this case of the US itself:  "The New York Times as Iago: Undermining Peace Efforts by Sowing Suspicion" (Johnstone).  "The New York Times Anonymous Op-Ed – A Neocon Generated Document?" (Giraldi).  "One Word Has People Convinced That Mike Pence Is Mystery Author Of Scathing NYT Op-Ed" (Durden).  'Lodestar' means it is either Pence or somebody wanting us to think it is Pence.

""A country where an immigrant Sikh girl can become a neocon ambassador" Anon." (Lang).  Note from the comments that her Khazar handler is Jon Lerner.

"Alastair Crooke" (Aangirfan).  Crooke is consistently one of the most interesting writers out there, so it is useful to remember that he is 'ex'-IC.

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