Tuesday, September 25, 2018


"Consequences - TTG",  The Russians have basically given Bibi and the Khazars two weeks to come up with something resembling an apology and a promise not to do it again, and two weeks is forever in the world of bribery and blackmail, so I'll only believe this when I see the sweet, sweet videos of the first Israeli plane blown to smithereens over Syria.  We still haven't seen the full reaction of the bribed and blackmailed American politicians yet.  The first reason not to be optimistic is that the Russians have constantly played this game of using unfulfilled promises of supplying military technology to gain diplomatic goals.  The second, more important, reason for gloom is that this would represent a real game changer, the first time since the snatching of Eichmann in 1960 that anybody in the world - other than a few Arabs here and there - hasn't accepted the Khazar premise that the Khazars can do whatever the fuck they want, and nobody can stop them, and in particular that international law doesn't apply to them and it is literally anti-Semitic to take steps to ensure it does.  This understanding is so important to the survival and expansion of Israel that the machers will move mountains to preserve it.  In other words, even more than Syria itself, the Russians are challenging the principle that the Khazars are unchallengeable, which itself is based in some kind of illogical mumblings about the Holocaust, and is thus a religious premise.

And sorry, I still don't buy the Russian story, which seems crafted to appeal as it makes the Israels look like super villains in a cartoon, deftly stepping behind the Russians to avoid the missile.  I mean, it could have happened like that, but how likely is it, compared to the simple story of a French missile downing the Russian plane?
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