Monday, September 03, 2018

Fuming maniac

"Syria Sitrep - U.S. To Stay To "Create Quagmires"" (Moon).  "US Strategy In Syria: "Create Quagmires Until We Get What We Want"" (Ditz).  This seems to be Trump's strategy throughout - geopolitics, trade, domestic politics.  It works until people figure out he has nothing positive to add to any discussion, and stop playing along.

"WATCH: Northwest Hama Residents Welcome Syrian Army Headed to Idlib".  Liberation days all over the world are happy days that people never forget.

"Iraq, Russia, Iran, Syria military chiefs discuss security, intel cooperation".

"Sergei Mikheev speaks up on failure to protect Zakharchenko" (The Saker).  Shameful - as you would expect - tactics by the neo-Nazis, and shameful lack of security by the eastern Ukrainians.

"Margaret Hodge Reveals Corbyn Obsession" (Zelo Street).  Note the snippet from Private Eye:  "fuming maniac".  The always successful 'gas the kikes' voting strategy:  "Back to the Future" (Atzmon).  In these days of rampant anti-gentilism which is causing the deaths of literally millions of people, "for the Many, not the Jew" needs to be our collective slogan.  See the following two items to understand how everything fits together.

"Planning for UK Embassy to Move to Jerusalem Post Brexit" (Murray).

"There is a Deeper, Darker Agenda Afoot as the US cuts UNRWA Funding" (Cook).  Note the parallel - with both speeches probably written by Sheldon - 'Juden über alles' speeches by Bibi and Friedman.  The strong don't only have a right to practice eliminationism, they have a G-d-given duty to do so.  Cook describes the conspiracy (my emphasis in red):
"Some time ago, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas surrendered their right – sanctioned in international law – to return to their former lands in what is now Israel.

Instead, the question was whether Israel would allow the refugees encamped in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to move to the West Bank and Gaza and become citizens of a Palestinian state.

But if Israel refuses to concede a Palestinian state, even that minimal ambition is doomed.

Israel and the US have an alternative solution. They prefer to dismantle UNRWA and disappear the Palestinians in the swelling tide of refugees spawned by recent western interventions in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. On Sunday Mr Netanyahu welcomed what he called a US move to “abolish the refugee institution, to take the funds and really help rehabilitate the refugees”.

The US and Israel want the Palestinian refugees to fall under the responsibility of the UNHCR, the UN’s umbrella refugee agency – or better still, their host countries.

In a leaked email reported by Foreign Policy magazine this month, Jared Kushner, Mr Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, wrote that it was time to “disrupt UNRWA”. He added that “sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things in order to get there”.

Central to that disruption is stripping millions of Palestinians of their status as refugees. The Trump administration is due to publish a report later this month, according to Israeli media, that will propose capping the Palestinian refugee population at 500,000 – a tenth of the current number.

Mr Kushner has reportedly been leaning on Jordan to revoke the status of its two million Palestinian refugees, presumably in return for US compensation.

When UNRWA’s mandate comes up for renewal in two years’ time, it seems assured Washington will block it.

If there is no UNRWA, there is no Palestinian refugee problem. And if there are no refugees, then there is no need for a right of return – and even less pressure for a Palestinian state.

Israel and the US are close to their goal: transforming a political conflict governed by international law that favours the Palestinians into an economic problem overseen by an array of donors that favours Israel.

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