Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Only three?

""We Have Found Them" Putin Says Of Skripal Suspects, "They Are Civilians"" (Durden)!

"Papadopoulos Back on Deep State Bandwagon" (Marshall).  Marshall is being sarcastic, but everything Papadopoulos says fits the facts as we know them and makes perfect sense.  I like to see the 'conspiracy theory' which everybody knows but nobody will admit out loud, taken as a given.  See also:  "Eric Trump Says Woodward Wrote Book To Get 'Three Extra Shekels'" (Langum).

"Guardian Continues Shameless Misinformation Campaign Against Nicaragua" (Mejía).

Optimism:  "The US’s Choice: WWIII or Saving Face in Syria" (Luongo).

There is reason to hope/fear that Trump has done a deal with the machers.  For shekels, of course, and making sure the (((media))) stays transfixed by Russiagate and the usual Trump mayhem, and stays well away from Trump's real corruption problems, Trump will let the Khazars have their way, completely, with the Palestinians, and will put all possible pressure on Iran short of actual war.  They have to accept that he won't give them a War For The Jews or WWIII, but Bolton can say whatever nutty things come into his mind.

"Shocking: Jews Use Historical 1939 Warsaw Phone Book to Create “Restitutions” Database" (Byron).  On the rich Khazars who got out.  A Tor link as The Daily Stormer appears to be under another attack.

"Nixon backpedals on letter saluting ‘courageous’ artists who boycotted ‘clearly illegal’ Israeli settlement" (Weiss).  She's not going to win and she's not going to get the shekels, so why not admit she did the right thing and own it?

"Trump in Space? Did American Astronauts Sabotage Soyuz?" The ultimate locked-room mystery.
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