Thursday, September 27, 2018


"Russia and the Taming of the Israelis" (Shamir).  I doubt that we've seen the full force of the Khazars and their paid-off American shabbos goyim.

There is only one way to deal with supremacists.  You can't coddle them, let them talk their way around the problems they cause, or in any way show what they would consider weakness.  You most certainly can never allow them to convince you they have their own problems well in hand and will fix things, as the lite Zionists constantly do.  Their main ploy is 'the ratchet' - they take each rationalization and acceptance of their bad behavior as the new baseline for increased bad behavior in the future.  The only thing they understand is pure power, and you have to demonstrate that by putting a 'price tag' - their word, from the settlers - on their vile actions.  You knock them down, and kick them in the teeth, hard, and make it clear there is much more where that came from.  They are completely insane - it remains impossible to distinguish any supremacist from a psychopath - but they have a degree of rationality which enables them to engage in self-preservation and back off if you push hard enough.  You have to set them backwards each time they do something horrible (which is always, as that is what they do).  The Russian no fly zone is an excellent start, and Corbyn is also dealing with his Khazar problem in a similar way. "UK’s Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will ‘Recognize a Palestinian State When We Take Office’".  "Defying Israel lobby, Labour votes for arms freeze" (Winstanley). More of this, please.

"Bret Stephens’ neocon vision" (Giraldi). 

'Kangaroo court' seems appropriate for more than one reason.  "MH17: Some Truth Emerging at Last" (ONeill).  "The Highest Degree Of Certainty: The New Evidence In The Downing Of Flight MH17" (Fomine).  They have made a critical error in allowing the Malaysians, who seem to want to find out what happened rather than just frame the Russians, on the tribunal.

Bolton:  "CIA, State Dept. hemorrhaging expertise" (Madsen).

"An Ever Increasing Number of Military Ships Arrives to the Eastern Mediterranean" (Berger).

"Operation Nina – the Novichok Hoax" (Macilwain).  It is funny that competent British intelligence could have manufactured a credible framing up of the Russians, but actual British intelligence wasn't up to the job.

"The Skripal incident and Bellingcat" (Bell).  The Atlantic Council and NATO could easily hire somebody in Russia to fake any documents they needed, then point Bellingcat in the direction of the fakes.
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