Thursday, September 06, 2018

The case of the intact perfume bottle

"The Impossible Photo" (Murray).  Explanation?:  "The Strange Timestamp In The New Novichok 'Evidence' - UPDATED" (Moon).  It is still quite wild that the two guys passed through exactly the same point in their respective gates at exactly the same time, down to the second.

More credulous:  "Novichok suspects" (Robinson):
"The British police have said that the names of the two assassins – Aleksandr Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov – are likely aliases, and have appealed for help in discovering their true identities. The British government, meanwhile, has said that the two are GRU agents. This is somewhat problematic. How can the British know that the pair work for the GRU if they don’t actually know who they are??"
Comment by P. E. Ace at offGuardian:
"Other intriguing mysteries:

Rowley splintered the perfume bottle, according to reports early July (put in search engine: “Rowley splinter bottle novichok”.). All of a sudden the police have found the bottle in Rowley’s house!

Petrov seemed to have had 3 jackets with him. Odd. They also had at least two pairs of shoes each.

Where did the two Russians leave their stuff on 4 March when they supposedly went to Salisbury for second time? Police claim they went straight to Heathrow from Salisbury. Petrov is on a photo with a trolley case on Heathrow on 4 March. He did not have that with him on photos of him in Salisbury.

Is there a photo of Petrov’s trolley case when they arrived at Gatwick?

There is hardly any traffic in the Salisbury photos. Odd for a market town on Sunday, even in the morning. Given weather and snow remainders, the Salibury photos could also have been taken mid March. Was the town on lock-down then and hence roads very quiet?

Where is detailed info from the Russians’ visa applications? What reason did they provide to travel to UK? How did they show they were solvent and had health insurance? Who invited them? Did a bogus (tourism) company invite them?

Will UK government ask Russian authorities to check out the addresses provided in visa applications?

No cctv footage from near the hotel in London or London train stations?

If the two Russians indeed were agents, they would have been briefed or aware that UK is littered with cctv cameras. Why weren’t baseball caps with the visors down to make it harder to capture their faces? Now they almost seemed to have wanted to help UK police …

… except that Petrov in one of the Salisbury photos seems much more stocky than when he arrived at Gatwick. I don’t have time to run photos through image recognition software (no experience either) but contours of faces don’t seem to match on all the photos."
There is something endearing about British bumbling.  The same people who established modern science and ran one of the most successful empires in world history now can't do anything right.  What's troubling is that this pops up out of the blue just at the time when the bad guys are stirring up trouble in Ukraine and prepping for a false-flag gas attack in Syria, both possibly tinder to start WWIII against Russia.
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