Friday, October 26, 2018


The Gulfie superiority/inferiority complex, Bandar Bush and MbS:  "The Price Of Bin Salman’s Head" (Kadi).  All these people really are beneath contempt.

"US Spy Plane Coordinated Drone Attack On Russian Base In Syria, Kremlin Says" (Durden).  Ongoing campaign of annoying provocative attacks.

"How Could the West Believe Its Own Suspects for So Long?" (Babich).  Saakashvili's history of salmanism, similarly overlooked.

"RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 25 OCTOBER 2018 by Patrick Armstrong".

"Avalanche of Criticism for U of Michigan for Fining Professor over Israel Boycott".  I know this is all about university administrators adding to their already huge shekel collections, but how can they possibly discipline somebody for failing to give a letter of recommendation?  Isn't such a letter the very definition of discretionary?

The Rothschild Republic takes steps to consolidate its power:
  1. "Macron organises French cabinet reshuffle to pursue austerity and militarism";
  2. "Police raid on Mélenchon: The state attacks the Unsubmissive France party" (what you'd expect from an African dictator); and
  3. "After police raids on LFI, French courts and media denounce Mélenchon".
"Court pushes appeal of Hassan Diab's release from French prison to next year". Don't try to tell me these aren't brilliant jurists.  By stringing it along, they maximize their shekel take!

"George Soros-backed university set to leave Hungary" (Heijmans).  Note the Hungarian legal protection against phony 'color universities', and Soros' attempt to evade the law.

"As Dictator Kagame Unmasked, it is Time to Reveal Canadian Connection" (Engler).  Khanadians whitewashing genocide.

"Environment minister's staff signed off on tweet praising Syria for joining Paris accord" (Beeby).  The very definition of ridiculous is being the environment minister in the Trudeau government, but accidentally praising a country the Khazars want to destroy is the cherry on top.

"Germany Admits It Needs More From Russia Than Nordstream 2" (Luongo).  You could easily see Merkel's terminal as a mockery of Trump.

"False Flag? Hate Hoax? Real Deal? Media Doesn't Want You To Ask!" (Sailer). Given the ubikhuity of false flags and swastikas/tipped gravestones from a particular group, it is a bit of a miracle for the (((media))) to even mention the concept of 'false flag', even in making fun of it.  Just mentioning 'false flag' is maximum wrongthinking.

With the inability of the authorities to lie in coherent sentences, and the shambolic Brexit 'negotiations', you really have to wonder if Britain has any kind of positive future:  "Some Extremely Sloppy Detective Work Raises Yet More Questions" (Slane).
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