Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Cucked in Canada

"Washington Pissed Off Enough States to Provoke a Joint Response to its Sanction War" (Mautner).  "Iran "Finalizing" Mechanism To Bypass SWIFT In Trade With Europe" (Durden). "Trump comes up empty at UN on Iran sanctions" (Madsen). Shekels are decimating the deepest bases of Assholian power.  It's a splendid sight to see, but I still can't help but find it remarkable how the ultra rich are letting all this power and wealth go without any kind of fight.

"Between Socialism and Barbarism" (Proyect).  Proyect's schtick is to hide the ultra-Zionism/Russophobia/general madness behind a veneer of advocacy for socialism (much as Noam uses anarchism for the same dialectic trick).  "First They Came for Our Democracy, Then They Came for Our S’Mores: Russophobia Has Jumped the Shark" (Buyniski)

"Red ZOG" (Shamir).  This is probably a trick, an invitation for somebody to conclusively muster the data about who did what to whom in Russia.  It is funny how often 'socialism' is used as a cover for Khazarism  Of course, supremacism is incompatible with socialism, and at the end of the day a whole lot of goys end up dead

"Saudi: The Banana Republic with very few Bananas" (Varisco).  Proclaiming you are not a Banana Republic is like answering the question 'when did you stop beating your wife?'.

Quebec elected an anti-immigrant party that has never held power before:  "Quebec elects CAQ majority government, Liberals see historic losses".  The 'separatists' were pretty much wiped out.

Although the new NAFTA deal is a nothing in terms of being not much different than the last horrible deal, there are a few really awful things in it.  'Hollywood' managed to slip in some more shekel stealing with even longer intellectual property rights, rights which were already obscenely long and far, far, far too long for their stated purpose, encouraging the creation of intellectual property, and the Canadian negotiators and the Trudeau government literally committed high treason by unconstitutionally allowing the Americans to have a veto over Canadian relations with any non-market economy, i.e., China (that's what Trump really wanted out of the deal, and is key, as Canada turning to China is the only possible way for Canada to find a way out of its subservience to the Assholian Empire).  Canada has always been a de facto American colony, but now it is legally so, ceding the most basic element of national sovereignty (Canadians are always proud of having broken away from similar constraints from Britain under the Statute of Westminister and some previous British decisions in the late 1920s, but I guess we won't be hearing much about that any longer, as having your foreign relations controlled by a foreign power is great!).  Canada also effectively turned over control of its monetary policy to an American committee, but that won't change much from what is already going on

"Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook" (Agorist).
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