Saturday, October 06, 2018

Cut into pieces

""Preplanned Murder": Turkey Says 15-Member Saudi Hit Team Murdered Journalist Inside Consulate" (Durden).

"Saudi Arabia's Weakness Is Showing After a Week of Bad Publicity" (Cockburn).

As to 9/11, I not-so-regretfully decline to participate in your circle jerk, which, of course, is designed further to obfuscate as only phony Official Counter-Official Stories are meant to do  The CIA may not be paying for this shit, but they really should.  As to not being informed, have you actually fucking read the archives of this blog?  I've been at the top level of this stuff before some of you pissants were born.  Just how well is your 'truth' working out for you?  Excuse my anger, but the 'truthers' have totally ruined any possible chance at arriving at actual truth, something in which I've invested quite a bit of angst.
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