Friday, October 19, 2018

Khashoggi and first principles

"The reduction of Israel’s reliance on Bin Salman".

This whole dismemberment thing could have, and normally should have, gone away in a couple days ('journalists' just stop writing and talking about it, and poof! it's gone), yet it continues to linger, and perhaps even intensify (this is nuts, something that would have been incomprehensible a few months ago!:  "Lindsey Graham Wants to ‘Sanction the Hell Out of Saudi Arabia’ Until Crown Prince Is Ousted").

We need to go back to first principles.  The ruinous series of Wars For The Jews has had the cumulative effect of greatly strengthening the position of Iran as a power broker.  The Likudniks, needing an enemy, had already decided to appoint Iran to the role (though, as I keep saying, it is not really suited to the role of Israeli enemy). That's why Trump, beshekeled by Sheldon, pulled out of the nuclear deal, and is perilously risking American hegemony with the sanctions bluff.  The short-term reason for focusing on Iran is Iran's ally Hezbollah, and the Khazar khleptomaniac need to steal land in Lebanon.  The theory, which is largely not true due to the fact that Hezbollah is such a formidable organization by itself, is that weakening Iran weakens the threat from Hezbollah, and will make an Israeli land-theft war on Lebanon possible.

The Saudis have always had this weird two-faced position on the Muslim world.  On the one hand, there is this idea that the Saudi Royals are guardians of world-wide Islam (sometimes, at its most liberal, encompassing Shi'ism).  On the other hand, the princelings are paranoid about their status as unentitled grifters, and won't stick their necks out too far, lest they be chopped off. Hence, the great ambivalence over the Palestinian issue, with traditionally lots of rhetorical support, and fuck all in actual help.  With MbS, the Khazars for the first time got a guy who is unambiguously anti-Shi'ite, extremely reckless, and at the same time willing to publicly support President Jared's ethnic cleansing plans for the Palestinians.  The Khazars saw this as nothing short of a miracle, with all their plans backed up at once.

Yet, something happened.  The senile King (or, we have to assume, the princeling consensus that runs things) stepped in and publicly embarrassed MbS by pulling Saudi support for the plans of President Jared.  A number of weeks later Khashoggi, a well-known defender of the Palestinian cause, is dismembered while still alive, a pure power move by MbS, pour encourager les autres.  The American (((media))) won't shut up about it (I have to note that Khashoggi was the property of The Richest Man In the World, and MbS probably wasn't fully cognizant of the Washington nuances), and characters like Elliott Abrams and Lindsay Graham say surprising things.  Something is up.

What's up is that the Khazars have identified MbS as incapable of maintaining their plans for the Middle East.  He talks a good game, but he can't deliver, and his recklessness, coupled with a simply amazing series of horrible decisions, not to mention a technical lack of ability to govern (this hasn't been mentioned, but it is important and instructive, and turns directly on Iranian relations with the rest of the Middle East:  "Oil output from Saudi, Kuwait shared zone on hold as ties sour"), means that he could be out in a hurry, with who knows what to replace him, possibly leaving Israel in the lurch, having put all its eggs in the MbS basket.  If the Saudis go all the Gulf States would go, leaving Egypt as the only tenuous friend.

I assume the Khazars have somebody in mind to replace MbS, and these machinations are the part we're not seeing.  MbS is, typically, panicking in a reckless but clumsy way ('car accident').  I should also note that the main reason for the falling out of Khashoggi with the Saudi government was his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is also the principle reason for the Saudi attack on Qatar (and also explains the position of the MB-allied Turkish government), the princelings having decided that the main threat to their hold on power is a kind of MB populism.
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