Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Khlassic twists

"Germany bans arms sales to SA." (Lang).  Germany is often these days the only country that steps up and does the right thing.

Tweet (Vera Bergengruen):
"This is quite the edit to that NYT graf "
"Israel lobbyists smear Khashoggi as terrorist so as to maintain Saudi alliance — and plans for Iran war" (Weiss).  Very close to the truth here.  Besides his failure to be allowed to back up President Jared's eliminationist plans for the Palestinians, MbS was probably also seen as incapable of carrying a war against Iran, given his problems at managing even a tiny war against Yemen.

"Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media “Just the Beginning,” Says Top Neocon Insider" (Blumenthal/Sprague).  Admitting (boasting about) the neocon conspiracy.  See also.  On Fly:  "Neocons never go away–Marco Rubio hires Jamie Fly, ultra-hawk on Iran" (Kane, 2013).

"American Pravda: The ADL in American Society" (Utz).  On the ADL's role as a policeman of speech, their attempt to ignore Utz so as not to draw attention to his writing, the grim and horrifying realities of the Leo Frank child rape/murder, and the typical Khazar institutional PR response to it, which we see repeated over and over and over today. Pretty much the same people are doing exactly the same crimes and cover-ups in 'Hollywood' today.

Utz on the khapture of ivy league admissions offices, and the discrimination against Asian smart people, which will be no doubt blamed on those awful 'whites' who will have to have their admissions reduced to fix this terrible problem:  "American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard". We can never lose sight of the fact that apparent Khazar 'success' in society is almost completely a product of incredible levels of nepotism, much of which is baked into the system through the creation of a massive institutional framework.

The 'caravan' seems to be the Soros 'October surprise', hoping to trip up Trump with his response just before the midterms.  I saw this at Gab, picked up by Anglin, for what it is worth.

More Lamarck, from the concentration camp guard!:  "Inherited Trauma Shapes Your Health" (Khazan).

"The man on the left, the man on the right".

A heartwarming tale of Trump benevolence (read through to the end for the khlassic Khazar twist!):  "For tale of Jewish child ‘saved’ by Trump, a tragic end" (Prince).

There is far too much to blog about these days.
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