Sunday, October 21, 2018

Overlapping conspiracies

More evidence of the real conspiracy:  tweet (Aaron David Miller):
"There will never be a moment, including 9/11, that any US Administration has more leverage on Saudi Arabia. It’s time to use it on Yemen; human rights and to recalibrate a relationship that’s out of control."
We're actually seeing two conspiracies, one one top of the other. The first is a Zionist conspiracy to replace MbS with somebody capable of delivering the goods to Israel, something MbS has demonstrated he is incapable of doing. The second is a typical Khazar macher-war, where various Big Jews compete for the glory of being the one to deliver the Zionist Empire. The big problem for MbS was being seen as being too close to President Jared, thus upsetting the other machers (both Sheldon and the machers who control the Democrats).  As is so often the case, Khazar dominance of politics in the West is so absolute (100% control of the media - note that Zuck's job is to clean up the last stragglers - plus 100% bribery/blackmail control over all allowed political parties, etc.), that the only way a poor goy can slip through is by squeezing through the cracks left by Khazar macher in-fighting.

Another aspect - see the comments by King Tut and Mark T. Wayne to this so-so piece by Pieraccini (although his insight on the Apple watch story, that it is an attempt by the Turks to cover up the fact they had bugged the Saudi, and presumably most other, embassies, is probably spot on).  "Amid presidential campaign launch, Clinton Foundation reports rising donations" - the ubiquity of Killery korruption, with Al Waleed bin Talal being one of the princelings - one with an arguably stronger House of Saud pedigree than MbS - receiving the MbS torture/shake-down treatment.  Note:
  • "Talal praised MBS before purge. Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi told Deutsche Welle on Wednesday that detained Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal contacted him just days before being arrested.

  • According to Khashoggi, Bin Talal praised Mohamed bin Salman's vision and invited him to come back to the Kingdom and be part of it."
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