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"Saudi human rights activist attacked by men ‘shouting about Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’ in London":
"“I told them this was not Riyadh, this is London, and the guy immediately said: ‘F*** London, their Queen is our slave and their police are our dogs.”"
"2 Sisters Were Found Dead in the River, Duct-Taped Together. Police Have Few Answers.":
"By Friday, detectives had learned the women were sisters from Saudi Arabia who lived in Fairfax, Va.

Rotana Farea was 22; Tala Farea was 16. They had a history of going missing, and they had recently requested asylum in the United States, the police said."
"Ottawa Should End Paradoxical Arms Deal with Saudis".  The Conservatives 'negotiated' a ridiculously high penalty clause for cancellation (of course, the penalty is there for Canadian partisan political purposes, so a subsequent government couldn't undo the will of the Conservatives), which is where Trudeau hangs his immoral warmongering cap.  The Canadian government should cancel the deal, pay the penalty, and immediately reduce the Canadian defense budget by some multiple of the penalty, just to set a precedent for the vultures who make money off human suffering.

"Ottawa Doubles Down on Double Standards. Canada’s $15 Billion Armaments Deal with The Saudis" (Miles):
"If Canada was truly concerned about humanitarian rights it would stop selling arms to the Saudis, indeed stop selling arms to anyone (it has a government department set up to facilitate this), and stop wallowing in the wake of U.S. foreign policy.  If Canada was truly concerned about climate change, it would not promote the use of bitumen, nor the fracking of the landscape.  Finally, if it wants to demonstrate real intent on both these items, it will listen to the wisdom of the indigenous people who do not want their environment, their land and water, destroyed by societies greed for money and power."
Tweet (Seth Mandel):
"I know I say this often, but bears repeating: we live in a world only Jabotinsky truly understood"
"In the New ‘Halloween,’ a Parable About Jewish Survival" (Leibovitz).

"Jews News Quadruples as Jewish Media Rushes to Shove Shooting Down Goyim Throats" (Anglin).

"Michael Olenick: The Real Story of “MAGA Bomber” Cesar Sayoc’s Foreclosure".  "Cesar Sayoc’s Home Was Foreclosed on by Steve Mnuchin’s Bank, Using Dodgy Paperwork" (Dayen).  Stern, Goldstein, Mnuchin.  Canto XLV.

"Washington Post Says Filipino Alleged Hoax Bombers was a Russian Agent" (Anglin).

"Reports of mysterious Israel to Islamabad flight denied by Pakistan's government".  This was Israeli disinformation - Bibi flew to Oman. "Netanyahu Disappeared from Israel for an Entire 24 Hours and No One Knew" (Silverstein). Note how the fly-over prohibition of the Saudis is finessed by flying first to a Jordanian airport and flying from there.

"Family of Barry and Honey Sherman offers $10-million reward for information on murder of billionaire couple":  "We want to light a fire under the Toronto Police".  Since they know nobody could possibly claim this reward, this is just a publicity stunt to emphasize the lie about Barry.

"Former Syrian White Helmet rescuers, reluctantly resettled, embrace their new lives in Canada".  Is the Canadian government, out of humanitarian concerns, going to provide them with human organs to eat, or will they have to forage them themselves?  Note how woke the comments are!  This point where misplaced virtue signalling meets the quintessence of distilled stupidity clearly endangers the lives of all Canadians, and you have to wonder if this is the point where, as awful as the Conservatives are, it becomes impossible to vote for the feckless while glib Trudeau.  Sometimes teh stupid is just too much.

"Trump Surrenders to John Bolton on Russia and Arms Control" (Ritter):
 "The Europeans had initially balked at the idea of deploying American INF weapons on their territory, fearful that the weapons would be little more than targets for a Soviet nuclear attack, resulting in the destruction of Europe while the United States remained unharmed. To alleviate European concerns, the U.S. agreed to integrate its INF systems with its overall strategic nuclear deterrence posture, meaning that the employment of INF nuclear weapons would trigger an automatic strategic nuclear response. This approach was designed to increase the deterrence value of the INF weapons, since there would be no “localized” nuclear war. But it also meant that given the reduced flight times associated with European-based INF systems, each side would be on a hair-trigger alert, with little or no margin for error. It was the suicidal nature of this arrangement that helped propel Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan to sign the INF Treaty on December 8, 1987.

This history seems to be lost on both Trump and Bolton. Moreover, the recent deployment of the Mk-41 Universal Launch System, also known as Aegis Ashore, in Romania and Poland as part of a NATO ballistic missile shield only increases the danger of inadvertent conflict. Currently configured to fire the SM-3 surface-to-air missile, the Mk-41 is also capable of firing Tomahawk cruise missiles which, if launched in a ground configuration, would represent a violation of the INF Treaty. The U.S. Congress has authorized $58 billion in FY 2018 to fund development of an INF system, the leading candidate for which is a converted Tomahawk.

If the U.S. were ever to make use of the Mk-41 in an anti-missile configuration, the Russians would have seconds to decide if they were being attacked by nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Putin, in a recent speech delivered in Sochi, publicly stated that the Russian nuclear posture operated under the concept of “launch on warning,” meaning once a U.S. or NATO missile strike was detected, Russia would immediately respond with the totality of its nuclear arsenal to annihilate the attacking parties. “We would be victims of an aggression and would get to heaven as martyrs,” Putin said. Those who attacked Russia would “just die and not even have time to repent.”"
I was angry when they partisanly politicized, and thus completely deligitimized, the doomsday clock by moving it ahead when Trump was elected, but this is a legitimate concern, with Bolton = Sheldon, headed to WWIII For The Jews.

"Mark Ames: ShamiWitness: When Bellingcat and Neocons Collaborated With The Most Influential ISIS Propagandist On Twitter".

"Istanbul Summit on Syria Was a Success but Caveats Remain" (Bhadrakumar).  "Putin: Russia Reserves Right to Help Damascus Contain Terror Threat in Idlib".  The guest list is the big thing - no USA, but France and Germany to make it a 'concensus' with Europe.

"Trump and the Khashoggi Conundrum" (Bhadrakumar):
"Khashoggi served, in many capacities for over a decade and a half, the ace Saudi spymaster Prince Turki who was the CIA’s main collaborator for almost 3 decades in the business of using Islamist groups as geopolitical tool in American regional projects in the Greater Middle East. More recently, in the downstream of the Arab Spring appearing on the Arab doorstep, Khashoggi began viewing Islamism as a charioteer for the “democratization” of the Middle East.
As recently as on August 28, he had penned an article in the Washington Post lamenting that the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi was overthrown (with Saudi and UAE backing), or else it could have provided a role model eventually for the transformation of the entire region (read Saudi Arabia.)

Now, it is no big secret that the Saudi regime regards the Muslim Brotherhood as an existential enemy. The regime has historically adopted harsh and violent methods to snuff out any traces of the Brothers on Saudi soil. That is why the Saudis bankrolled the overthrow of Morsi in Egypt. Quite obviously, Khashoggi’s open espousal of the Brothers – and that too, in Washington Post – was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Thirty-five days after the Khashoggi’s article appeared, he met a tragic end.
Khashoggi was planning to settle down in Turkey after his second marriage to a Turkish citizen. A famous dissident from one of Saudi Arabia’s richest families with such excellent connections with the US intelligence establishment who possessed unmatchable insights into how power flows with through the Byzantine corridors of the Saudi royal family settling down in the region in a country whose ruling elite openly empathizes and patronizes the Brothers – it was an intolerable scenario, plainly put, for Riyadh. Simply put, the project had to be stopped on its tracks before it got any further – with whatever means available, come what may. The rallying of the Saudi royal family behind the King Salman and the Crown Prince is perfectly understandable."
"Synagogue Shooter Used Facebook, Twitter, & Gab But Only One Punished Was Gab Who Doesn’t Censor"(The Free Thought Project).  "GoDaddy Boots Gab, Threatens to Steal Domain" (Anglin).

"Fixated on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society" (Gessen).  It is the kind of Khazar presumptuousness that is so common we don't even notice it.  They set up an organization to facilitate their own immigration - makes perfect sense - and then decide to make it into a general immigration facilitator for the entire country.  Don't like it, tough shit goy.  We make these decisions.

"The Power to Silence" (Atzmon).  Notice how upset the commie bros are that women - women, if you can possibly believe the outrage! - are replacing some of the rapists (I have a pretty good idea of who funds WSWS!):  "New York Times celebrates downfall of 201 “powerful men:” The ugly face of the #MeToo campaign" (Walsh).  "Beyoncé Urged To Pull Ivy Park Line From Topshop Amid Philip Green Allegations".
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