Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pow Wow Chow

"Khashoggi Mystery: Rogue Killers or Rogue Royals?" (Korybko)  The ultimate 'rogue' story would be that the Khashoggi assassination was an attempt by the political enemies of MbS to force him out.  It is not true as, if it were true, MbS would have naturally used this excuse immediately.  In fact, efforts by the Americans to provide MbS with a 'rogue' story are sputtering - requiring sending Pompeo to Riyadh to provide a push to MbS - because, it appears, MbS is so full of himself he wants to take full credit for the attack, and doesn't want to even entertain the possibility that there could be rogue elements in Saudi Arabia damaging his status as the Chief Motherfucker In Charge.

The Assholians have history with this sort of thing:  "Khashoggi and Demetracopoulos" (Othman).

Lots of treachery around the Gulf and further:  "The Arabian Game of Thrones Heats Up" (Madsen).

"Media Likely To Fall For Trump's Trap On Elizbeth Warren: "What's Her Percentage, 1/1000th?"" (Sailer). "Elizabeth Warren Savaged On Social Media As DNA Gambit Backfires; Cherokee Nation Furious" (Durden). Note the tweets by Benny on how hard Warren rode that 'drop of blood'!  HaHa!

"Why Liberal Jews in Israel and the US have made Lara Alqasem a Cause Celebre" (Cook)  Just as with BDS itself, we face constant trickery from these people, with the 'liberals' being the worst of all.  The main trick is phony, controlled, opposition to the supremacism.

"Twitter Bans and “Dehumanisation”: Is the NPC Meme TOO Accurate?" (Laura). Note the immediate reaction that any disturbing internet activity is caused by a 'Russian bot'.

"American Media Seeks to Poison US-Russian Cooperation in Space" (Ulson).

The usual lying/spinning:  "Jeremy Bowen Interviews Christian NDF Commander - Unedited Version" (Beeley).

"The Framing of Russia" (Macilwain).  The theory that British intelligence didn't just stumble upon the Skripal patsies, but was actively involved in manipulating them and manufacturing the evidence.  This makes sense.  A British conspiracy showrunner who knew some Porton Down material was going to be used in a British intelligence attack on the Skripals, with Russia to be framed, would want to have his patsies lined up ahead of time.  You wouldn't want to have to rely on luck in finding suitable Russian patsies in Salisbury at the right time.

"Undue Process: Forgotten FBI Anti-Terrorism Entrapment Debacles" (Bovard)  The investigatory and prosecutorial wrongdoing is quite striking, as in each case they knew they had faulty evidence, but proceeded, kicking and screaming, until they were forced to give up.  Of course, dropping your prosecution because your evidence falls apart doesn't net you a promotion.
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