Sunday, October 07, 2018


Very woke:  "Syria: The New Terra Nullius" (Forte).  'We're here to help' carries with it the implication that the target state is incapable of fixing its problems - problems always caused by the Assholians, the Zionists, and their lackeys - due to the racial inferiority of the people running the target state (classic 'white man's burden').  This 'humanitarian' veneer of 'caring' is bullshit - we all know the politicians just want the shekels - but it is surprising how much of it is promoted by the virtue signalers, some of whom actually appear to believe it.  Gotta love the lists of academics who have permanently embarrassed themselves over this, some degrading themselves so far to sign Saudi propaganda letters!

"Kavanaugh Confirmation Deals Major Defeat to Subversive Anti-American Jews" (Rogers).  It's true (but officially invisible, as they are all 'fellow white people'), that all the major players - except for Avenatti, whose job seems to have been to undermine the case against Kavanaugh by pushing the allegations against him into reductio ad absurdum territory - were Le Merchant and La Merchantesse!  While Kavanaugh is indubitably an asshole - albeit an asshole with all the intellectual qualifications to sit on the Court, with the confirmation being no more than a relitigation of the results of the Presidential election - this entire production was really another example of anti-gentilism.

"Smear and Shekels" (Atzmon).  Another example - one of many - where what appears to be honest 'organic' criticism is actually part of an elaborate, and expensive, PR campaign.  We should be noticing that the over-the-top degree of invective directed at people like Atzmon is not natural.  He's just not enough of a sinner to be the new Hitler, so we have to ponder just what is going on.  Important!:
"This dynamic can be explained. My study of Jewish controlled opposition postulates that self-identified Jewish activists always attempt to dominate both poles of any debate that is relevant to Jewish interests. Once it was accepted that Palestine was becoming a ‘Jewish problem,’ a number of Jewish bodies became increasingly involved in steering the Palestinian solidarity movement. We then saw that they diluted the call for the Palestinian Right of Return and replaced it with watery notions that, de facto, legitimise Israel.
When it was evident that the Neocon school was, in practice, a Ziocon war machine, we saw bodies on the Jewish Left steer the anti-war call. When some British Jews realised that the Jewish campaign against Corbyn might backfire, they were astonishingly quick to form Jews for Jeremy that rapidly evolved into Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). The battle over the next British PM became an internal Jewish debate. The rule is simple: every public dispute that is somehow relevant to Jewish interests will quickly become an exclusive internal Jewish debate."
"China’s Uyghur Problem — The Unmentioned Part" (Engdahl).  This is exceptionally good (note the reference to Fuller)!  The unmentioned/unmentionable abuse and manipulation of terrorism by the Turks and the Saudis. As with Rohingya, civilians end up paying the price for this.  The Saudis are involved in this for their usual reasons - terrorism is just a word for Saudi foreign relations! - but the Turks actually have irredentist goals for the Uyghurs, who they consider to be Turks.

Sailer continues his cynical examination of Barry:  "High School Never Ends (Part MCVII): NYT's "The Jocks Will Inherit the Earth"".

"The new Silk route on rails" (South).  Part of the staggering quantity of development that people not fighting Wars For The Jews can do.

"“World War III” and the American Switcheroo" (Richardson).  Pretty smart, but so are its comments.  Zuesse consistently gives me the creeps and I don't link to him.

I get uncharacteristically (?) furious about the 'truthers' as 9/11 was, at one point, a solvable conspiracy, with lots of weak points (the damage to the Pentagon, the work done by Hopsicker in Florida, Able Danger, etc), but has been completely ruined by free fall/controlled demolition/holograms/the Israelis did it, and equally ridiculous crap that immediately turns off anybody with an IQ over about 85.  I don't know if the 'truther' ringleaders are just stupid or paid off, but the CIA, whose job it is to manage US government conspiracies, must be thrilled with how they have managed to derail any proper investigation of the conspiracy.  Note also the sheer quantity of invective that pours out if you dare question any part of the 'truther' orthodoxy.  It has all the attributes of a religion, including being obvious nonsense (I'm still struck by the fact that I was assumed in the early days to be a 'truther' as I never explicitly countered their tall tales when they came out, when the reason I never mentioned them is that I literally thought them too comical to bother to mention!).

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