Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Take their potatoes away

Very woke:  "“Why I read Counterpunch less often than I used to”" (Church).  Cockburn and Counterpunch both give me the willies.  The editors of Counterpunch seemed to have lost their minds completely on encountering an alleged Russian troll named 'Alice Donovan' (to be fair, this meta-meta-analysis is very good).

"At Israel’s behest, we are blocking the Teheran-Baghdad-Damascus highway."  The Assholians are moving the 'enemies' they are 'fighting', ISIS, to Afghanistan, to help with killing American soldiers there (the wages of shekels is death).  "Our enduring presence” - TTG":
". . . Erdogan has announced that his forces are preparing to secure the YPG-held territories in the al Raqqa, al Hasaka and Deir Ezzor governorates. How does that square with the US-planned enduring presence in those areas? Are we gearing up for a US-Turkey war for eastern Syria? My second point is that the Rojava Kurds are about to receive a right royal screwing. They pulled out of the talks with Damascus, probably under pressure of the US. That was a supremely boneheaded move by the Kurds. All they have to do is look at the fate of those who chose to take part in the reconciliation process. Former jihadis are being welcomed back to the fold. The Kurds would do at least that well if they stayed the course with the Damascus talks. Now they stand to be kicked in the teeth by the Turks and stabbed in the back by the US. Such promise. Such waste.Their choices exasperate me."
My favorite politician in the world:  "Malaysian prime minister calls Jews 'hook-nosed'".  "Israeli left lawmaker says Corbyn is an ‘anti-Semite,’ but Netanyahu isn’t a racist cause ‘you can’t be an Israeli PM and be racist’" (Ofir).  "Colonialist Settlers Flood Al-Khan Al-Ahmar With Sewage".

"More Holes Appear As Records Raise Questions About Ford's Double-Door Story" (Lipscomb).  Clever analysis (note that her infamous therapist seems to live behind the door!).  I believed her story as it was too sloppy to have been made up (a real lie wouldn't have been full of so many holes, and certainly wouldn't have been so wispy and tentative and confused), but I'm starting to have doubts.  I'm sure Kavanaugh is an asshole, but he is exactly what the Clintonistas should get when they rolled Bernie and ran such an awful candidate.  The Republicans seem to think that this is a midterm winner for them, that independent voters will see the Democrats as not plying by the rules.

Banana-less republic news.  "As Saudis Defend Against War Crimes Allegations, Saudi Airstrike in Yemen Kills Entire Family" (Abdulkareem).  "Washington Post Columnist Kidnapped in Turkey by Saudi’s".  "Report: Saudi Arabia Used Israeli Cyberweapons to Target Dissident in Canada".  "Saudi economist who criticised Aramco IPO charged with treason".

"President Putin’s Visit to India Will be a Moment of Reckoning for Both Countries" (Korybko).

"New Shiite-led Gov’t in Baghdad: How Iran won the Iraqi Elections & Frustrated Trump" (Cole).

"Irish are whiny as all fuck talking about their potatoes, but at least someone actually did take their potatoes away."  Is 'heavy drinker' code for 'Irish'?
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