Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gassing his own people

"China’s Uyghur Problem — The Unmentioned Part" (Engdahl) (Fuller + Turkish irredentism + Saudi funding of terrorism):
"In an excellent analysis of China’s Uyghur terror history, Steven Sahiounie, a Syrian journalist with 21st Century Wire, notes that a key organization behind the radicalization of Chinese Uyghur youth is the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and its political front, the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), which is also known as “Katibat Turkistani.” He cites a speech in Istanbul in 1995 by Turkey’s Erdogan, then Mayor, who declared, “Eastern Turkestan is not only the home of the Turkic peoples but also the cradle of Turkic history, civilization and culture…” Eastern Turkestan is Xinjiang.
ETIM today is headed by Anwar Yusuf Turani, self-proclaimed Prime Minister of a government in exile which notably is based in Washington DC. ETIM moved to Washington at a time the US State Department listed it as a terrorist organization, curiously enough. According to a report in a Turkish investigative magazine, Turk Pulse, Turani’s organization’s “activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled ‘The Xinjiang Project.’ That was written by former senior CIA officer Graham E. Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title ‘The Xinjiang Problem.’
I have written extensively in my book, The Lost Hegemon, about career senior CIA operative Graham Fuller. Former Istanbul CIA station chief, Fuller was one of the architects of the Reagan-Bush Iran-Contra affair, and a prime CIA sponsor or handler of Gülen who facilitated Gülen’s USA exile. He was also by his own admission, in Istanbul the night of the failed 2016 coup. In 1999 during the end of the Russian Yelstin era, Fuller declared, “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Russians. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.”
This is what the covert US weaponization of ETIM is aimed at. Like most radical Sunni Jihadist groups, Turani’s ETIM got funding as most radical Sunni Jihadist groups from Saudi Arabia.
In the late 1990s, Hasan Mahsum, also known as Abu-Muhammad al-Turkestani, founder of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, moved ETIM’s headquarters to Kabul, taking shelter under Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, ETIM leaders met with Osama bin Laden and other leaders of the CIA-trained Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan to coordinate actions across Central Asia. When the Pakistani military assassinated al-Turkestani in 2003 Turani became head of ETIM, and took his roadshow to Washington.
In his own study of Xinjiang, the CIA’s Graham E. Fuller noted that Saudi Arabian groups had disseminated extremist Wahhabi religious literature and possibly small arms through sympathizers in Xinjiang, and that young Turkic Muslims had been recruited to study at madrasas in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. He adds that Uyghurs from Xinjiang also fought alongside Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s."
"Neocons Sabotage Trump's Trade Talks - Huawei CFO Taken Hostage To Blackmail China" (Moon) - with a summary of the coincidence of the December 1 Trump-Xi dinner - Bolton arranging things with a bit of flair, presumably for an extra bag of Sheldon shekels schlepped by Shlomo - Canadian arrest, 'suicide' of ultra-important scientist (the kind of thing which just doesn't happen, particularly to a guy who is still at the absolute forefront of his research) and Dutch fire (though the Dutch fire connection is tenuous).  It is funny that, in a politically wise but legally completely unjustifiable decision (the flight risk is off the charts), the Canadian judge granted bail.  Canadian authorities have learned absolutely nothing from the Diab case (an identical case, really, in that both deal with Khazar lawfare using ridiculous extradition requests blindly followed by the moron Canadian government), and are now going to have to find a way to walk this back without pissing off Bolton, and Bolton's shekelers, too much!  This is another blatant example of illegal American application of its shekelicious laws outside the US.

"How Huawei's CFO ended up in a Canadian jail cell".  This is the Official Story, that they were lucky enough to snatch her up on a Vancouver plane change, and it appears to be a lie. There is plenty of evidence that she was still more or less based out of Vancouver, so they could have grabbed her at numerous other times, but chose to do so on December 1 for the dramatic timing.  This means the Canadian authorities were certainly in on the conspiracy, despite Trudeau claiming it was just an automatic bureaucratic procedure with no politics involved.  Also consider how this relates to the de facto American veto in the just-signed new-NAFTA agreement over Canadian dealings with China.

The phenomenon that politicians who 'predict' the end of Assad themselves end up out of politics:  "Free French Army, Yellow Helmets, French ‘bana Al-Abed’ And Bellingdaw".  Some solid woke satire here from the French!  There needs to be regime change in France as Macron, unlike Assad, is gassing his own people!

This is literally the Rothschild army - the police - viciously attacking human beings, anti-gentilism at its most obvious:  "What You’re Not Being Told About The Yellow Vest’s in Paris" (  You have to wonder how much 'turning the other cheek' can possibly go on. Note the kettling + tear gas, the almost certain infiltration of agents provocateurs to damage the reputation of the protests, and the fury at the lying media.

Not just (((Rothschild))), but also (((Kravis))):  "Who does Emmanuel Macron owe?" (Meyssan).  Note how Macron was shuffled around like a chess piece to move him into a position where he could take power.

"And now, a message from our Neocon crazies" (The Saker).

"‘Foreign agent’ Butina has no ties to Russian intel, was jailed for nothing – Putin".  It is now standard American procedure to throw you in jail and leave you there indeterminately until you 'confess' to provide them with the otherwise lacking justification for having thrown you in jail.

It is sad that the writ of habeas corpus is essentially a dead letter. A creative judge - if only you could find one - might even find a way to use it in the case of Assange.

"Why are So Many GOYIM Getting SHUT DOWN on Patreon?" (Anglin).  I've noted here before that Patreon is a Kushner slumlord family operation.  It is not a cohencidence that the Khazars have decided that their big problem isn't their unfathomable levels of anti-gentilism, but the fact the goyim might find out about it, so have taken full control of the (((media))) and all the (((platforms))).

"How did the American Otto Warmbier Actually Die?" (Asmolov).  It would be hilarious if Warmbier died as a result of American sanctions.
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