Tuesday, March 19, 2019


"An Illegal War in Syria That Just Won’t End" (Larison):
"At the rate things are going, there will probably be more U.S. troops in Syria at the end of Trump’s term than there were at the beginning. There will almost certainly be some troops in Syria for many more years. U.S. withdrawal from Syria is long overdue, and it should have been one of the easiest foreign policy decisions for Trump to carry out. The fact that he can’t follow through on one of his only defensible decisions shows both his own weakness as president and testifies to his terrible judgment in selecting advisers and Cabinet officials that will fight to keep the U.S. in illegal and unnecessary wars. "
"The US is pushing Lebanon into the arms of Iran and Russia: US sanctions affect the local economy" (Magnier). Note how Pompeo is visiting, like some kind of mob boss, to strong-arm Lebanon into giving its gas to Israel.  For those of you who doubt my general theory of shekeling and blackmail, it is becoming hard impossible to resist:  "Bolton blasts Turkey for maintaining ‘very bad’ relations with Israel".

"With eye on US, Iran revs up ‘resistance front’" (Bhadrakumar).  No pussy hats in the Real Resistance. Somebody else has given up on the Eurotrash, who talk a good game, but never seem to have the courage to deliver.

"Saudi crown prince allegedly stripped of some authority" (Kirchgaessner/Hopkins).  "Endeavor Returns Money to Saudi Arabia, Protesting Khashoggi Murder" (Kelly/Hubbard).  Ari Emanuel (!) expressing displeasure that President Jared's eliminationist plan for the Palestinians isn't going as smoothly as planned.  So much for Six Flags Over Wahhabi, and its ever popular head-lopping roller coaster.

"Bezos' Babe's Brother Bagged $200k For Selling Sexts To National Enquirer" (Durden).

"Real Reason Behind Washington's Huawei Ban: US Wants To Spy And China Won't Cooperate" (Shedlock).

"Boeing’s Next Jet Has Safety Concerns, but FAA Says It’s OK" (Irving).  You'd think at some point the infamous 'market' would start to punish airlines who hate their passengers so much they fly Boeing death-trap planes.

Visiting the boss, and if he has time, may try to squeeze in President Jared and the pile of shekels behind which President Jared's father-in-law sits:  "Brazil’s far-right president visits CIA on friendly US tour" (Fox) (the title writers are having some fun!).
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