Saturday, March 23, 2019

Balance beam

"Trump Gives Away What Is Not His or Israel’s" (Salt):
"He did this in a tweet, without telling the relevant arms of his own administration beforehand. The State Department was taken by surprise and so was everyone else, except the Israeli government. It knew because Trump had passed on the word. Behind the scenes, John Bolton and the US ambassador to Israel, David Freedman, effectively Israel’s American ambassador to Israel, worked to set this up.

The parallel to Trump’s unilateral White House action is US recognition of Israel in 1948. Because of the probability of extreme bloodshed, early in 1948 the US had backed away from the 1947 partition plan and was seeking a UN trusteeship over Palestine. That was the policy followed until Truman upended it on May 14 by recognizing Israel de facto, without informing the State Department or the US delegation at the UN.

The UN Secretary-General had been informed, and it was in the wastepaper basket in his office that the screwed-up ticker tape message sent to him was found. The US delegation ’s head, Warren Austin, was so disgusted he walked out of the UN building and left it to his deputy to make the formal announcement of recognition. The enraged Cuban delegation threatened to pull Cuba out of the UN."
"So What if Trump “Recognizes” “Israel’s” Annexation of the Golan?" (Korybko).  Odd, as there is lots of recent evidence that Russia is not at all happy with Bibi (including failure to respond to his requests for meetings), the promise of removal of Iranians from the border seems to have been bullshit, with the Iranians still where they want to be, and there is no real evidence that Russia has taken any stand with respect to the Golan, except for a general position that Syrian territorial integrity must be respected.  Putin has Khazar pressures of his own, which require some care, but he has consistently supported international law, not because he is a nice guy, but because it is in long-term Russian national interests to do so (Americans don't have that luxury because of the parasitic behavior of the Khazars).

"Media Censors Bolsonaro CIA Visit With Justice Minister":
"In a chilling demonstration of a “free press” working in lockstep with foreign policy, its master narratives and the intelligence agencies themselves, the Guardian, NYT, and BBC failed to mention Bolsonaro and Moro’s CIA visit even once, across various published articles on the tour. The Guardian published three articles, all of which omitted the CIA visit which was dominating the news cycle in Brazil on March 18. NYT ran AP and Reuters wires without fanfare, but published no reporting, analysis or commentary of their own. The BBC made no mention whatsoever.
What are we to conclude about the levels of editorial and journalistic integrity required to intentionally bury such a significant geopolitical story, which concerns the destiny and wellbeing of 209 million souls? Who made those editorial calls, and who are they answerable to?
Ironically, the most CIA associated newspaper in the United States, the Washington Post, was less coy, running two AP authored pieces which mentioned the visit and its repercussions, and again in this original story on the negative reaction and embarrassment in Brazil to the far-right president’s visit."
"Media Blackout as Israel’s Largest Banks Pay over $1 Billion in Fines for US Tax Evasion Schemes" (Webb).  "Hacker hiding in Israel faces French trial in man’s death" (Abunimah).

"The Strongmen Strike Back" (Robinson). On Robert Kagan.  Kagan is a 100% blood-pouring-from-the-fangs violent racist group supremacist, and everything he has ever written is an expression of that (in particular, his 'one issue' is promoting Wars For The Jews).  Fitting his Khazar supremacism within the context of Western acceptable political dialogue is his schtik (and the fact that none of it makes any sense should be a hint).  Taking any of these monsters at face value is ridiculous (see also Max Boot, who somehow receives similar deference).

"Rick Perry, the Saudis and a Dangerous Nuclear Deal" (Pierson):
 "The Saudi deal is rife with conflicts of interest. The House interim report relates how the Saudi deal originated with a shadowy group of retired admirals and generals called IP3 International which assembled a consortium of American nuclear development corporations.  IP3 has ties to both Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, and to disgraced national security adviser General Michael Flynn.  Flynn pushed the deal as a senior adviser on Trump’s presidential campaign and on Trump’s transition team.  He continued to push the deal when he was Trump’s first national security adviser. As for Jared Kushner, a firm called Brookfield Asset Management took out a 99-year lease on a distressed Kushner property in New York City, relieving Kushner of more than a billion dollars in debt. Brookfield is a part owner of Westinghouse Co., one of the firms in the IP3 consortium of nuclear developers.  In addition, Kushner is close to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto ruler."
"Mike Pompeo Says That Donald Trump was Sent by God to be the Savior of the Jews" (Anglin).

"White Helmets Under Black Banners" (Zinin).  More funding now - and for what? - is part of Trump's preposterous run of MIGA.  Another example:  "Human Rights as Seen by the White House: Concessions to Israel Are Notable" (Giraldi).  The overall treasonous Trump deterioration since late last year is stunning.

"Now Richard Cohen Is Out At The SPLC Too" (Sailer).  Some must be replaced for the overall good of the Replacement.

More hilarity:  "Nazi survivors protest Holocaust Museum's ties with Trump's aide" (Rattansi).

"Satan-Worshiping Jew John Podhoretz Deletes Tweet Calling Yang an Anti-Semite for Opposing Genital Mutilation" (Anglin).  They obviously haven't had 'the Visit' with Yang yet.

A joke, but I'm sure some version of this will hit the Clintonista (((media))):  tweet (Eoin Higgins):
"The Russians got to Mueller. That’s the only explanation that makes sense."
Btw, I think Mueller deserves some praise.  He could have dragged this out even more, and left suspicions on the table to justify the time and money and harm to the country that was wasted looking for Russians under the bed, but he seems to have, as an American patriot, delivered a clean report. I wonder what the Clintonistas will do now to protect the ((('donor'))) model.

"Auschwitz: Railway Into Concentration Camp is NOT a Balance Beam for Pics" (Zhang).
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