Monday, March 25, 2019

Could care less

Tweet (Defend Assange Campaign):
" conspiracy theorists have: 1. Handed Trump a huge strategic 2020 advantage 2. Discredited the media 3. Diverted from electoral winners (inequality, health, corruption, DNC reform) 4. Trumpwashed CIA, FBI, DoJ, war, nukes 5. Increased Putin's power, approval"
Misses the main problem, and the main purpose of Russiagate - it still makes no sense as a Clintonista campaign tactic, as Trump throughout was thought to have no chance - which was to restart the Cold War, hopefully leading to WWIII, as Putin was regarded as hindering the building of the Zionist Empire.  As usual always, the Khazar plan was to set the gentiles against each other, and sneak up through the middle.

The main weakness of the Khazars is that they hate gentiles so very, very, very much, that they end up going off on self-destructive tangents just to attempt to cause the gentiles more problems. Properly analyzed, the Mueller decision is a self-defensive effort, late and clumsy as it may be, to avoid the nuclear destruction of WWIII.  Because the gentiles are so fucking stupid and easily manipulated, the Khazars never count on anybody showing a smidgen of common sense and backing off from the abyss, but it does happen.

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):
"Let’s not forget that it’s a lot of the same people who pushed both panics, including Goldberg, the Washington Post editorial page, the same cable networks (in many cases recycling the same guests)."
It's always the (((same people))).  The stench of ((('donors'))) and their (((minions))) is all over this.  The irony is that with Trump 2.0, MIGA not MAGA, they needn't have bothered, as they are getting almost as much as they would have got with Killary (though to be fair, Trump's gifts are symbolic, or doomed to fail, and Killary would have given (((them))) WWIII).

Tweet (Dan Cohen) (if you scroll down, bonus link to complete debunking of 'Rabbi' Schmuley):
"Islamophobe crank bought this ad in Sunday’s Washington Post smearing as an antsemite. The ad, not Omar, conflates Israel and Jews – an antisemitic trope. Shmuley is the bigot here, not Omar." 
Tweet (Edo Konrad):
"This is what the pro-Israel demonstration looked like outside Ilhan Omar's event in LA on Saturday. This is what so much pro-Israel activism looks like. Can anyone imagine these activists protesting real anti-Semitic Republicans using the same kind of vile imagery? Cause I can't." 
Tweet (Ryan Saavedra):
"Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) mocks the "very fascinating" pro-Israel demonstrators who were protesting her yesterday: "But I don't think any of them realize that people like myself and many of the people in this room could care less about what they have to say""
Omar nails it, again.  The biggest threat to Khazar manipulation is to simply stop listening to them or acknowledging their existence. Laughing at them is also cool.

'Irrational' Jew hatred news:  "‘Intense hatred of Israel is moving from margins to center of US politics’ — Howard Kohr of AIPAC" (Weiss).

Via sarz in the comments:  "Christchurch Attack: Israeli Mossad’s Years of Espionage Activities in the City" (Haqiqatjou).  A fine reading of The Manifesto.  Tarrant completely follows European-style extremist right (e.g., Breivik) politics, which is striking in that it is extremely Islamophobic, but either never mentions the Jews, or has only good things to say about them.  This is bizarrely out of line with traditional European extreme-right ideology, the kind of thing that people are jailed for, which is extremely 'anti-Semitic', and has been for hundreds of years.  This peculiar turn is a conspiracy.  Just as with evangelical Christianity with its Israel-supporting rapture, (((somebody)) has nudged the philosophical underpinnings to create a Khazar-empire-friendly ideology for the extremists.  They've replaced normal anti-Semitism with extremely violent hatred of Muslims, and thus, again, have managed to have the stupid gentiles fighting each other, rather than their real enemies.  With Christchurch being a Mossad headquarters, you have to wonder.

Fun fact:  "28 Parkland Students Traveled to New Zealand to Attend a Summit on Youth Activism" (Depuy).  Timing:  "For the second time in a week, a Parkland student has died in an apparent suicide".
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