Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I am very clearly of the view

The line of assassinations leading to Salisbury, and the actions taken by the British government ostensibly in reaction to the assassinations, jointly present a very interesting conspiracy study, as we have the conspirators' actual planning notes documenting in great detail what the British government and its contractors intended to do to create a political/diplomatic crisis with Russia:  "Integrity Initiative: The Sinister Chain of Events Leading Up to Salisbury" (Klarenberg).

"Britain puts new roof on Skripal House of Horrors (by George Galloway)". Galloway and his supporters are making the excellent point that with the rats leaving the Labour ship, now would be the time to restore Galloway and other rat hunters to the party.

"SALISBURY: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS (4 March 2019)" (Russian Embassy to UK).

"Theresa May's Twitter tribute to Salisbury attack victims used a picture of Bath" (Milne).

Trudeau, modern man of the 21st century, filled his cabinet with womyn, who are now conspiring to replace Trudeau as PM with . . . Chrystia Freeland, making us all proud that Canada will finally have its first Nazi Prime Minister:  "Who is Jane Philpott, the Trudeau cabinet minister whose sudden resignation has rocked Ottawa?" (Ballingall).  Note Freeland's weirdly worded 'endorsement' - subjective voice, preceded by another distancing device, is telling (a proper statement would be 'he didn't', not 'I think he wouldn't'!) - of Trudeau:
"Of course I support the prime minister 100 percent ... I am very clearly of the view that the prime minister would never apply improper pressure"
"Justin Trudeau, imposter" (Wells):
"If it’s any comfort to the former attorney general, at least she can rest assured that she’s not the only person who didn’t get that blindingly obvious fix-the-Criminal-Code-to-suit-SNC-Lavalin-and-save-jobs-and-Liberal-hides connection. Because also out of the loop were the people of Canada. And if we were out of the loop, it’s because Justin Trudeau and his apparently inexhaustible supply of yes-men worked hard to keep us uninformed.

No part of the plan to save SNC-Lavalin was presented to the people of Canada, while it was being deployed, as a plan to save SNC-Lavalin. Who had called for the thing? Small businesses and NGOs, a Justice Department official said when the House Finance Committee inquired last autumn. The Quebec engineering giant was never mentioned in her testimony.

When the government inserted the DPAs into the Criminal Code, how did it announce the move? With a single paragraph on page 202 of the 2018 federal budget document, under the catchy heading “Addressing corporate integrity.” You really had to go to page 202 to learn anything at all about the scheme. Finance Minister Bill Morneau made no mention of it in his nationally televised budget speech.

And how was the DPA described on page 202, for insatiably curious or insomniac readers who might stumble across it? As a way to get tough on corporate wrongdoers. DPAs would be “an additional tool to hold corporate offenders to account,” the document said. They would “sanction criminal conduct appropriately and deter wrongdoing.”

Now, a federal budget document is a bulky thing, drafted and reviewed by dozens of government employees. They found no room in its 367 pages to mention that SNC had been pleading for this tough accountability crackdown for months. At massive expense. As a handy rule of thumb, corporate offenders don’t usually plead for additional tools to hold them to account.

Long story short, the government of Canada was telling one story to itself and another to Canadians. To themselves, they said they were protecting jobs. To the rest of us, they said they were getting tough. A government that indulges in that much sustained double-talk clearly thinks it has something to hide. It’s being disingenuous. It’s being phony. And since the lot of them never stop calling themselves #TeamTrudeau on Twitter, I guess we can, without fear of contradiction, say the Prime Minister of Canada has been the phony-in-chief."
Trudeau put all these women in cabinet, and the time one of them has discretion to exercise (important discretion, as the Minister of Justice has to balance both political, and legal, concerns), he gets his minions to keep coming around, patting her on the head, and saying 'look sweetie, you're not in cabinet to use your pretty little brain, but only as identity-politics virtue-signalling window-dressing for our great leader'.  You can see why the remaining women in cabinet might be a little upset.

"Germany Plans To Directly Regulate Russia-led Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline" (Paraskova).  To avoid freezing in the dark Germans wisely move to keep the hands of Polish and other American stooges off the pipeline.

"Israel is Playing a Big Role in India’s Escalating Conflict with Pakistan" (Fisk).

"Ilhan Omar’s “Tropes” Are True" (Barrett):
"In short, Rep. Omar’s two “anti-Semitic tropes” are both true: Jewish Americans are (compared to other ethnic groups) outrageously wealthy; and Jewish wealth has hijacked America’s policymaking apparatus in service to a foreign power. All of the Zionist-bought-and-paid-for hysteria and hoopla in the world cannot hide the fact that Ilhan Omar’s words on these critically important issues have been massive understatements."
The Jews are freaking out as this is a pure 'emperor's new clothes' situation, with nobody being able to be seen as understanding something until one (extraordinarily brave) person points out the obvious.

Tweet (Shafik Mandhai).  Ideally, this screenshot would include Krusty in the rafters with marionette strings attacked to Apu (who of course has been removed from the series, as if he was never there).

Tweet (Just Passing Jones):
"Chelsea's trying to slide into 81 year old Nita Lowey's seat in NY17, with the help of criminally convicted, but still active, old school local machers."
"Who Will Stand Up for Ilhan Omar?" (Barrows-Friedman).  It's funny that the Khazaras found Omar's actual words insufficient for their purposes, so they added 'Jewish money' to the mix, utterly true, of course, but more than Omar actually said.

Peak Weiss, getting 'kike' into the conversation, while pretending he's defending Omar!:  "The anti-Semitism of ‘kike’ and social exclusion has morphed into hazy ‘tropes’ about Israel" (Weiss/North). The 'dialectic'.

Tweet (Geraldo Rivera)!:
"I’m a proud Jewish Zionist who is critical of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Isn’t there space for secular criticism & why is this Rep. getting so much grief? And is not a lobby? Give me a break."
But such a 'nice' people!:  "Students, Faculty Blacklisted by Canary Mission for pro-Palestine Views" (Syed).  I think the Khazars are so rich and so organized and so unanimous in their one opinion (violent group supremacism), that they might very well have succeeded if only they could shake off their debilitating anti-gentilism, which has given away the scheme:  "Roche’s Revenge: How Jews See Muslims as “Natural Allies” in Their War on Whites" (Langdon).

"Venezuela - Random Guyaidó Returns Only To Again Be Ignored" (Moon).  Letting him flail about and prove his own irrelevance, rather than giving Bolton a casus belli by arresting him, is the right Guido move for today.

Tweet (andrew kaczynski):
"Bolton asked about tweets calling Maduro a dictator who violates human rights: CNN: Do you not see US support for other dictators around the world undermines the credibility of your argument. Bolton: No, I don’t think it does. I think it’s separate."
The murder of Natacha Jaitt:  "Today's Blind Items - The Best Friend" (CDaN).  (See also ultra-NSFW 4chan, with odd access to crime scene photos).  This is one of those cases where the victim anticipates being murdered in a way that will look like a drug overdose, and publicly announces that if that scenario plays out it will be a murder, and the murder appears to be cleaning up loose ends after the (probable) murder of musician Aviici, who may have stumbled on some pedo stuff in the UAE.
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