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Lethal charter dart

"The Salisbury Poisoning One Year On: An Open Letter to the Metropolitan Police" (Slane).  The spirit of the age is that the intelligence industry pulls these outrageous stunts, incompetently, of course, and with the connivance of bribed politicians and the curiously incurious (((media))) seem to get away with it, but people remember, and when they get the chance, an election, say, they get their revenge.

The Americans obviously ordered their Canadian stooges, working for Justin 'rule of law except for the Charter and SNC-Lavalin' Trudeau, to sweat her for information, information to be used by the Americans against both her and Huawei (i.e., the exact reason why this kind of tactic isn't allowed, but completely in line with what American immigration officials are allowed to do!), before they arrested her:  "Huawei CFO Meng Wangzhou suing CBSA and RCMP, alleges 'serious violations' during airport arrest" (Smart):
"“This case concerns a deliberate and pre-meditated effort on the part of the defendant officers to obtain evidence and information from the plaintiff in a manner which they knew constituted serious violations of the plaintiff’s rights,” the claim says.

It alleges that RCMP officers and/or representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice arranged for Canadian border officials to delay the immediate execution of the arrest warrant “under the guise of a routine border check.”

The court document says that when Meng exited her plane at Vancouver airport, border officials checked each passenger’s passport on the jetway and after identifying Meng, brought her to an inspection area.

It says border officers prohibited Meng from speaking with her travel companion or anyone else, including a lawyer.

The officers “did not promptly inform the plaintiff of the reason for her detention, afford her an opportunity to retain and instruct legal counsel without delay, or inform her of her right to do so under the charter,” the claim says.

Instead, they directed Meng to surrender all of her electronic devices and computers, as well as her passwords, “which the plaintiff provided, believing she had no choice as the CBSA officers had intentionally failed to advise her of the true reasons for her detention, her right to counsel, and her right to silence,” it says."
 "Although the RCMP was aware of Meng’s scheduled arrival time at Vancouver airport, an RCMP officer did not enter the inspection area and present Meng with the provisional arrest warrant for three hours, it says.

The suit alleges that as officers of the peace, the border officials should have immediately presented Meng with the provisional arrest warrant instead of detaining, searching and interrogating her under the guise of a customs or immigration exam.

“This was both significant and deliberate,” the claim says."
This sounds like a slam dunk if they can find an honest, non-corrupted, judge.

"Your privacy at airports and borders".

"Huawei exec’s lawsuit likely aims to affect extradition proceedings, legal experts say" (Grauer/Nuttall):
"Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland, meanwhile, said he believes the purpose of Meng’s lawsuit is to look for a “silver bullet” capable of ensuring extradition attempts fail.

“There is a lethal charter dart that can terminate extradition, that’s what they want,” Kurland said. “If they can establish charter violations that bring the administration of justice into disrepute, the entire extradition case is closed.”"
"The Problem with Ilhan Omar" (Marshall). If (((you))) (((fucking))) (((assholes))) keep telling us that obvious facts that any moron can see are true is 'hate speech', both untrue and bigoted - and I note that these obvious facts are directly responsible for the deaths and ruination of lives of millions and millions of people in illegal and immoral Wars For The Jews that have also turned much of the US into a third world country - we're going to naturally conclude that what you label as 'hate speech' is good, and is to be encouraged and promoted.  "Israel Lobbies slam Ilhan Omar even as they Try to Bankrupt small Leftist Arkansas Paper over Israel Boycott" (Cole).

Tweet (Amal Saad):
"We live in a post-truth world where advocating for military intervention against sovereign nations in violation of international law is called "the free press", while calling on Israel to respect international human rights conventions as Corbyn does, is labeled anti-Semitism."
"Jeremy Corbyn: Man charged with assault after Labour leader egged outside mosque".  I'm flabbergasted that the Jews just don't pay some crazy right-winger to shoot him.

Tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
 "Why does South Korea’s president support the peace talks with North Korea? Doesn’t he have any respect for the short-term goals of the Democratic Party? What about our Blob, our pundits? Can Moon Jae-in be tried for treason?"
"The Trump – Kim Summit in Hanoi – was Trump forced to Walk?" (Koenig). Weiss, from 2007, on Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol.  Trump had to go without any progress as peace in Korea is not 'good for the Jews'.

"Russia and China offer the SCO platform for India-Pak de-escalation" (Bhadrakumar).

"US kept ‘cool’ during India-Pak crisis. This is why" (Bhadrakumar).  Israeli employee Bolton and Iran encirclement. I like how Bhadrakumar states things about Israel and American politics, things which would be outrageous to say in America, as obvious facts.

"Foreign Tour Undertaken by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia" (Terehov).  It must have been weird for the Indians to host the guy who financed the terrorists who just blew up a bunch of their troops.

"Venezuela and the Long History of U.S. Imperialism" (Lee). You can see why Mexico might side with Venezuela and international law.

"Guaido's military mutiny miscalculation" (Cusack).  Guido is just a tool of the CIA - the issue here is typically incompetent CIA intelligence work.  We see this over and over again, where the 'facts' they produce are based solely on what they think the warmongers/neocons want to hear.

The 'Trump Doctrine' that mass starvation caused by American sanctions will lead to regime change much more cheaply than American boots on the ground (see also Iran and, to an extent, Russia; in a bizarre way, because it never works, it is almost humanitarian, at least in comparison to the effects of the carpet bombing of civilians, the usual technique in Wars For The Jews): tweet (Alan MacLeod):
"Here's admitting to its readers that Trump and Guidó's plan is to starve Venezuela into accepting them as their masters. "
"Tipping Point: How Crazies Get Control—And How They Can Lose It" (Welton).  You don't need 25% if you have enough cash to bribe politicians, and control of the media and entertainment industries, used as directed propaganda weapons.

"Why has CounterPunch spiked Andre Vltchek’s ‘Lies of the Empire’?"  (Mazaheri).  Counterpunch's great reputation built in the Cockburn years - I'm starting to wonder if he was murdered - can now be monetized for various imperial projects.

Day-to-day life in a Khazarocracy:  tweet (Nico):
"Those have become ordinary scenes of violence in Macron's France. Here an handicapped person is teargased at point-blank range by the police. We need a regime change in France! Where is the international community? Please impose economic sanctions to re-establish democracy here!"
"Did Alexander the Great Die From Guillain-Barre Syndrome?" (Duff). 

"Pictured: Moment Sir Philip Green tickles and paws an 'uncomfortable-looking' female worker he makes sit on his knee - prompting renewed calls to strip him of his knighthood" (Stickings) (also).  "Trust No Fox on his Green Heath And No Jew on his Oath by Elvira Bauer", in particular this prescient illustration.  It is funny in the current age how this young (teen aged!), gifted, female cartoonist/illustrator isn't more celebrated, perhaps with a Google Doodle.

"Train carrying fresh water derails, contaminating Alberta’s oil sands" (Huntley):
"Officials from highways, environmental services, hazardous materials, emergency services, the Canadian Association for Petroleum Producers, and CP called for an immediate evacuation for area residents affected by the water spill.
“We are testing [oil] wells, , and even gas stations to see if any water has seeped into our ecologically devastated environment,” explained a CAPP representative. “I would like to commend the quick response of our team. They’ve already begun deploying booms to ward off any further contamination and skimming the water off of bitumen.”
Clean-up from the spill is expected to take weeks and oil specialists say there is a risk that the water may attract wildlife by making the area habitable to organic life again.
Hundreds of oil-conscious citizens have volunteered to re-apply oily bitumen to geese and other waterfowl who may have had it washed off during the water spill.
The accident is yet another illustration of the dangers of transporting water, say some  activists who believe that water should be left in the ground and not risk further catastrophe.
“Canada needs to transition itself off of a water-based economy,” explained one of the advocates. “We owe it to our children to finally end our dependence on water and move to a more sustainable like a cola-based economy.”"

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