Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Loyality, not dual

"No, Dual Loyalty Isn't Okay" (Giraldi).

"Will Trump’s Hawks Dare to Risk Israel?" (Crooke). Extension of the above, as you can see how Russia and Iran can leverage the unnatural 'dual loyalty' to constrain and weaken the American Empire by essentially using Israel's internal weaknesses - for the moment, the problems caused by Bibi's crookedness - into using Israel's safety itself as a hostage.  Bolton thinks he's playing one game, but the same cards are all lined up against him, with grievous effects on Assholia itself.

"“Lights Out!” Did Trump and His Neocons Recycle Bush-Era Plan to Knock Out Venezuela’s Power Grid?" (Webb).  'Nitro Zeus'.  This is a kind of asymmetrical warfare technique, the type of thing which has not been used as there has been an understanding that once the genie is out of the bottle, and that kind of brutality against civilians - and note the influence on Assholia of the primitive thinking of the Khazars - is unleashed, some hacker in, say, China, could give the Assholians a dose of their own medicine (the more sophisticated the country, the greater the damage, hence the asymmetry, and the realization that starting down this path is dangerous for countries like Assholia).  I'm certain that one day the Assholians will be repaid, in full, for the complete lack of morality in psychos like Bolton, Abrams, and Lil Marco.

"Failed Crypsis and Its Discontents: Past and Present" (Joyce)!!! (read the whole thing):
"The recent deluge in material attempting to explain “myths” about Jewish communism and Jewish capitalism (Freedland has also written about the “mythology of the ‘Israel Lobby’) should be seen as part of the Jewish effort to evade description as an elite and maintain crypsis — despite incontrovertible evidence that Jews constituted an elite within Bolshevism, have always constituted an elite within European finance capitalism, and that the contemporary Israel Lobby is one of the most well-funded and influential players in Western politics. Moreover, it is nothing short of miraculous that it should have taken this long for the cracks to begin to appear in the mask of Jews on the Left.
Even just taking the issue of money, the picture is staggering. Britain’s most notorious businessman is, after all, the Jewish Philip Green. Jews utterly dominate the contemporary exploitative payday loan industry. Israel is the global capital of the online gambling industry, but prohibits its own citizens from falling prey to it. And the 2008 financial crisis was largely precipitated by sub-prime mortgage lenders, the most predatory of which were Quicken Loans and Ameriquest, owned and operated by the Jews Daniel Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Ron Berman, Lindsay Gross, and Roland Arnall. It was Arnall, whose companies were ultimately responsible for almost $75 billion in bad sub-prime loans, who originated the “stated income loan,” often called “liar loans,” because they were loans given without verification of income — a massive factor in causing the global crash.
Jonathan Freedland worries that growing populism on the Left “tends to present the very real failings of modern capitalism not as a matter of anything systemic, but as the work of a small group of people who are ruining things for the rest.” He should be worried."
Much of official 'leftist' thought seems to have been invented to place the responsibility for terrible acts committed by individuals and groups onto the 'system' (thus making it easy to claim that blaming any person or group must be bigotry).  What the Khazars are facing is the fact that the mythology created to excuse their behavior directed to the 'right' - based on Khazar group strength and some weird invented religious notions that this is right as might makes right (and is divinely ordained) - is obviously inconsistent with the mythology needed to excuse their behavior directed to the 'left', based on a mythological repression which is hard to swallow given what anybody can see of the power structure of places like Assholia (made even more stark when you consider the brownness of the real victims of the Khazars).  As I keep saying, real progressives from the 1920s and 1930s would have no problem in figuring this out, having a native understanding that genuine progressive politics requires extreme Khazar skepticism.  Everything was ruined when the Nazi-Khazar plot to create a 'refugee crisis' in Europe provided the PR basis for the Khazars to remove any possibility of Khazar skepticism from the discussion.  Note how fast Omar's righteous comments were amended to make them 'anti-Semitic', and then immediately opposed, derided and lamented with discussions of 'the Holocaust'!  The whole thing is so obviously intellectually bogus that the only way they get away with it is absolute control of the (((media))) and respectable high-level thought (from control of the universities and stink tanks through their usual nepotism technique).
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