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"U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Has Right to Annex Parts of West Bank" (Halbfinger).  And he's a big part of the creation of President Kushner's eliminationist plan!  "U.S. Ambassador’s Remarks on Annexing Parts of West Bank Outrage Palestinians".  "Palestine considers ICC complaint against US Ambassador Friedman".  Again, Khazar = nepotism + thievery.

"David Schenker, 'pro-Israel wonk', confirmed as top US Middle East envoy".  Maximum MIGA.  Also:  "Israeli occupation is like US occupation of Germany and Japan that people grew to like — Ambassador Dermer" (North/Weiss)!

"The Arrival of the Anti-Christ, Delayed" (Shamir).  The ongoing set of questions involving who Putin might sell out - Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians - should Israel be able to convince MIGA Trump to life sanctions against Russia.  The argument that Putin is happy with Iran's isolation by the US:  "What Is Russia’s Game in U.S.-Iran Standoff?" (Hunter).  I guess we shouldn't be surprised that this kind of analysis comes from an Assholian standpoint (see also Korybko). You could alternatively argue that Putin has done strikingly well with a principled foreign affairs stance based on the importance of fostering a multi-polar world (in contrast to a world which is run by the hegemon and its lackeys), and selling out any one part of that world would ruin his brand as a fair-trader.

"More Evidence US Armed Syria Terrorists as Trump Pleads Ceasefire" (Cunningham).  Protecting Assholia's greatest only ally!
". . . the offensive to retake Idlib comes as new evidence emerges of the massive – albeit covert – international military support given to the various terror groups during Syria’s nearly eight-year war. Syrian state media this week reported arsenals of weaponry recently recovered in Damascus countryside and further south in the Daraa area.
The arsenals included rows and rows of heavy machine-guns, sniper rifles and US-made TOW missiles. Much of the weaponry was also of Israeli-origin, according to reports.
A separate find showed tonnes of C-4 plastic explosive, which Syrian military intelligence said was “US-made”. Up to four tonnes (4,000 kgs) were recovered this time around. Half a kilo of this lethal material is enough to kill several people.
This is not, of course, the first time that such huge caches of US, Israeli and NATO-origin weaponry have been recovered from territory formerly held by terrorists in Syria. There have been numerous such finds, which also included industrial chemicals made in Germany and Saudi Arabia, capable of producing sarin and other highly toxic munitions. That implies military-grade logistics and technical knowhow."
"While the world watches Donald Trump, it’s missing what’s really going on with US foreign policy" (Fisk) (my emphasis in red):
"Take Donald Trump’s desire to furnish Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with billions of dollars of extra weapons so that they can increase the ferocity of their war in Yemen against the Houthis – whose support from Iran, such as it is, prompts much of the international abuse against the Islamic Republic. French intelligence officers in Washington have apparently discovered that this is no routine request from Riyadh but a desperate appeal to Washington, because so promiscuous has been the Saudis’ use of US munitions against Houthi rebels (and civilians, hospitals, aid centres, schools and wedding parties) that they are running out of bombs, guided and unguided missiles, drone parts and other “precision” arms to be used on one of the poorest countries in the world.
Thus when Trump found himself confronted by congress, which wanted to halt the supplies – not least because its members are still very angry about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi – the destination of the weapons supplies was broadened to include America’s plucky little ally, King Abdullah II of Jordan. Yes, we all missed that bit, didn’t we? We added the words “and Jordan” to the headline, but didn’t ask why. And the munitions will come not from direct sales to the Gulf, with a possible congressional cap of $25m (£19.7m), but from US government military stocks and – so the French suggest – a very large part of these weapons will go to Jordan.
Which is very odd, because Jordan is not at war with anyone right now, and is certainly not part of the Saudi “coalition” forces bombing Yemen.
So how much of the $8.1 billion worth of missiles, bombs and so on will be sent to Amman? And how much of that will be unloaded from US military aircraft and reloaded onto Saudi military aircraft once the stocks arrive in Jordan? Only one small but traditionally brave little publication, the unputdownable French weekly Le Canard enchaine picked up this story. Its Washington sources have always proved correct in the past, and the whole wretched arms transfer was summed up by the paper as: “Very smart, if not moral, [just] a few trifles for new massacres.”"
"The Geo-Port-Politics of Gwadar and Chabahar" (Sheikh):
"In a highly surprising move, Iran’s foreign minister, on an unscheduled and unannounced visit to Pakistan on Thursday (May the 23rd), announced the proposal to link Pakistan’s port of Gwadar with Iran’s Chabahar port."
"As far as the US—Iran tension is concerned, unlike India, Pakistan has already said that it will not take sides in the conflict. Pakistan’s neutrality in the on-going scenario suits Tehran far more than it does for the US, that is if it does at all.
There is also no gainsaying that Tehran’s proposal to connect the two ports couldn’t have come with prior consultation with the Chinese, who are practically running the port in Pakistan. Accordingly, before coming to Pakistan, Zarif was in China where he met his Chinese counterpart and certainly discussed this proposal, leading Chinese foreign minister to “Welcome Iran” to actively take part in the joint building of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) through Chabahar.
China also re-affirmed its support for Iran. “China firmly opposes unilateral sanctions and the so-called ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ imposed by the United States on Iran,” Wang said, pledging to maintain the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and safeguard the authority of the United Nations and basic norms governing international relations.
Chinese support’s major manifestation came a few days ago when Chinese oil tanker Pacific Bravo left the Persian Gulf with 2 million barrels of Iranian light crude, ignoring the US sanctions and practically challenging the US unilateralism.
Pacific Bravo is owned by Bank of Kunlun, a financial institution that is owned by the Chinese state oil company CNPC. Bank of Kunlun has long been the financial institution at heart of China-Iran bilateral trade—a role for which the company was sanctioned during the Obama administration. Despite already being designated, Bank of Kunlun ceased its Iran-related activities in early May when the oil waivers were revoked. But Bravo’s current moves point to a change in Chinese policy. Importantly enough, Bravo sailed from the Persian Gulf on the same day as Zarif arrived in Beijing and met Chinese foreign minister to discuss Iranian participation in BRI (through linking Gwadar and Chabahar).
With Iran now taking this fundamental shift, what is apparent is that a major foreign policy shift in Iran has taken places whereby its leadership has come to an understanding that their relations with the US are unlikely to take a positive turn for a long time and that a necessary adjustment in the foreign policy is absolutely needed. As a matter of fact, it was only a few days ago when Iran’s supreme leader criticised Iran’s foreign policy and dropped a major hint about why changing the course of foreign policy was an utmost necessity."
"Washington’s “Tiananmen” Lies Begin to Fray" (Thomas).  Same PR as used against Syria - 'brutal dictatorship' kills 'peaceful' protesters.  For more anniversary PR, see:  "What HBO Got Wrong: Chernobyl General Gives Hit Show A Reality Check" (Durden).

"US sees Turkey’s S-400 deal as fait accompli" (Bhadrakumar). "US condemns Turkey for drilling in Cyprus, foiling Israel pipeline deal".  "Cyprus signs $9bn contract with Israel to extract gas".

I've been a little suspicious of the Assange health wailing, as it won't move any of the bad guys involved, and there is no room in defending Assange to fudge the truth.  Here he looks fairly good (at the very beginning there might be some shuffling that might indicate something more serious):  "Footage Released of Julian Assange Inside Maximum Security British Prison" (Anglin).

Macron's Rothschild's goons are still hard at work.

Tweet (Wayne Madsen):
"Only a shithead would do this:"
"YouTube and the War on Truth" (Duff).  "Diversity Macht Frei Blog Banned from WordPress!" (Anglin).

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