Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Colonial unease

"Welcome David Schenker" (Giraldi).  You can see why the alt-right has given up and sees everything in terms of Clownworld.

The Big Meeting:  "Pepe Escobar: The Unipolar Moment Is Over":
"With few illusions about what may pass at the G20 in Osaka later this month, in terms of a breakthrough in U.S.-Russia relations, intel sources told me Rosneft’s CEO Igor Sechin is prepared to send a more “realistic” message— if push eventually comes to shove.
His message to the EU, in this case, would be to cut them off, and link with China for good. That way, Russian oil would be completely redirected from the EU to China, making the EU completely dependent on the Strait of Hormuz.
Beijing for its part seems to have finally absorbed that the current Trump administration offensive is not a mere trade war, but a full fledged attack on its economic miracle, including a concerted drive to cut China off from large swathes of the world economy.
The war on Huawei – the Rosebud of China’s 5G supremacy – has been identified as an attack on thedragon’s head. The attack on Huawei means an attack not only on tech, mega-hub Shenzhen, but the whole Pearl River Delta: a $3 trillion yuan ecosystem, which supplies the nuts and bolts of the Chinese supply chain for high-tech manufacturers."
"Prime Minister of Poland Signs Global Appeal to Stop 5G" (Rose).  It remains unclear whether anti-5G activism is just anti-Chinese propaganda.  Having Poland involved makes anything look suspicious.

"Mexico Refuses To Name International Figures Bankrolling Migrant Caravans" (Durden).  Soros + Mexican drug gangs = caravans!

"Ottawa and the Worst of the Venezuelan Opposition" (Yepe).

Australia is struggling deeply, and clumsisly, with the hand-offs of power involved with the death throes of the hegemon. "Australian Federal Police raid journalists over exposures of government spying, war crimes" (Grenfell).  "Australia Is at War With Itself Over China" (Llewellyn-Smith).  Trump is so Clarifying it is difficult to keep up with the speed of the collapse.

"Pompeo’s promise to intervene against Corbyn should surprise no one" (Black).  Tweet (Jonathan Cook)
"Hmm. Hard to spin this any other way: the US secretary of state secretly promises US Jewish leaders to prevent Corbyn from becoming UK prime minister. Hard too not to suspect that the US is *already* helping to ensure Corbyn doesn't become PM"
"Sergio Moro: imperialist pawn of the DOJ" (Zero).  "Breach of Ethics" (The Intercept).  The judge in the Lula stitch-up, who is now Brazilian Minister of Justice, was actively collaborating with the prosecutor.

"Alain Soral in jail?!"  "Iraq seeks French compensation for ISIS trials and commuting death sentences" (Aldroubi).

"Is Jared Kushner Literally in Bed with the Saudis?" (Cole). This is part, and a relatively small part, of an actual treason scandal of the highest order that you won't hear about (((because))) . . .

"State Department Official Helped Christopher Steele with Business Concerns, Emails Show" (Ross).  Adding to the Democrat-Steele nexus:  "The Weird Tales of Jonathan Winer" (Felten).  You know you're in the deep weeds when Nuland tells you you are out of line!

"North Korean Leader's Assassinated Half-Brother Was A CIA Informant: WSJ" (Durden).

On the glorious embarrassing of the monster Cotler:  "Quebec Movement for Peace disrupts a Speech by Irwin Cotler on “Canada as a Human Rights Leader”" (Engler).  These old Khazar supremacists, blood pouring from their fangs, are finally starting to hear what the woke think of them.  Cotler isn't just Evil, he's strikingly over-the-top Evil (my emphasis in red):
"According to an Israel National News story, Cotler supports relocating Canada’s embassy to Jerusalem. During “Keep Jerusalem” leader Chaim Silberstein’s visit to Canada last month, Cotler reportedly “expressed enthusiasm” for moving the Canadian embassy and “promised to help promote” the idea within the Liberal party.
In response to our action activist Ron Saba shared a photo of Cotler at last year’s Jewish National Fund fundraiser in Toronto. The explicitly racist JNF excludes the 20-25% of non-Jewish Israelis from its vast landholdings mostly stolen from Palestinians in 1948. In 2017 the Canada Revenue Agency initiated an (ongoing) audit of the JNF for supporting the Israeli military in contravention of Canadian charitable law.
For his part, Masud Sheikh responded to our action by uploading a video — apparently scrubbed from the Internet after previously reaching a Canadian audience — of the Nobel Peace Prize nominee advising Israel on planning a war. Just after Israel killed 1,200 Lebanese in the summer of 2006 Cotler spoke to a conference of top Israeli military officials on the importance of managing the message in modern war.
He did something similar after an earlier Israeli invasion of its northern neighbour. In an April article retired Guelph professor Michael Keefer wrote: “In the wake of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, in the course of which some 15,000 civilians were killed and several thousand Palestinians massacred in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, Cotler participated in a 1984 Jerusalem conference on Hasbara: Israel’s Public Image. Alluding to two of the lesser PR disasters of the war—the IDF’s violation of the Canadian ambassador to Lebanon’s diplomatic immunity, and a Canadian Red Cross doctor’s allegations of Israeli atrocities—Cotler recommended, not that Israel change its behaviour, but rather that it ‘make Hasbara a priority’ and enhance its capacity to offer ‘an authoritative rebuttal’ to such stories.”
In that article Keefer points out that Antony Lerman, founding editor of Antisemitism World Report, called Cotler “one of the key figures” promoting the idea of a “new antisemitism”. Since the 1970s he’s been arguing that criticism of Israel is the “new antisemitism”.
In a remarkable 2002 essay titled “Human Rights and the New Anti-Jewishness” Cotler lays out his thinking, suggesting a confrontation between the “secular religion” of human rights and Jewish “civil religion” of Zionism. He argues that criticizing Israeli human rights violations is “the contemporary analogue to the medieval indictment of the Jew as the ‘poisoner of the wells.’ In other words, in a world in which human rights has emerged as the new secular religion of our time, the portrayal of Israel as the metaphor for a human rights violator is an indictment of Israel as the ‘new anti-Christ’ — as the ‘poisoner of the international wells’ encompassing all the ‘teaching of contempt’ for the ‘Jew among the Nations,’ this new antisemitism implies.”
Cotler further argues that antisemitism has retained its consistent essence as “an assault upon whatever is the core of Jewish self-definition at any moment in time—be it the Jewish religion at the time of classical antisemitism, or the State of Israel as the ‘civil religion’ of the Jewish people under this new anti-Jewishness.” So, because most Jews identify with Israel criticizing that country’s violence or dispossession of Palestinians is anti-Semitic."
One effective cartoon that actually hits home, politically, and all political cartoons must be banned (remind me again (((who))) doesn't run everything for their group supremacist purposes?):  tweet (Carlos Latuff):
"Lesson from the Israel Lobby™: you're entitled to your opinion, writting it or drawing it, as long as you NEVER dare to criticize . Otherwise you're labeled an "anti-Semite" by the same Israel advocates."
Naturally, planned and directed from Rothschild-central, Paris:  "Global Internet Censorship Lockdown Begins In Canada" (Resurrection Europa; note how locked-down information is on this - not exactly secret, but the planning and direction has been intentionally obscured in (((mainstream sources))), and all implications are obscured by feel-good  'anti-hate').  We've reached the point where Google is now openly boasting about ruining its searches by making political decisions about the order in that results appear:  "Google is Becoming the Real Life Version of Computer Zero from the 1970s Film Rollerball" (Rogers).  "Great Moments in Google" (Sailer).
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