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Tweet (RT):
"What the hack? Hillary is to deliver keynote speech at cybersecurity summit in October. She'll also take part in Q&A discussion on “geopolitical landscape and its implications for global cybersecurity today.” Please direct your questions beforehand to her private email server"
Tweet (Shafik Mandhai) (kleptomania is the single most defining characteristic of the Khazars, although nepotism is a close second):
"Israel literally steals classrooms from Palestinian kids and puts them up for auction"
"Israeli Indifference is Killing People" (Vltchek). Would have been infinitely stronger if he was woke on the true nature of the Holocaust - which, as we know, was a Rabbi/Macher-driven conspiracy with some Nazi bureaucrats - though still useful in understanding the Eurotrash attitude towards Israel.

Tweet (Jeremy Vine) (Kenneth Copeland is one of the most prominent Christian Zionist grifter supporters of Zionism):
"This ... is incredible. American televangelist Kenneth Copeland never foresaw that buying a private jet with money raised by his church would prompt difficult questions. Reporter does an AMAZING job. The man actually looks unhinged."
"The Bankers’ “Power Revolution”: How the Government Got Shackled by Debt" (Brown). All the interest payments and fees are literally a completely unnecessary gift to the banksters, prompted by bribery of politicians.  We can't despise our entire political class enough.

Mueller's bizarre press conference was one of the weirdest things in American political history:  "Verdict: Robert Mueller’s Entire Operation Was a Political Hit-Job".  "Pulling a Comey: How Mueller dog-whistled Democrats into impeachment of Trump" (Malic). Was he high on something?  Of course, the Clintonistas won't notice (in public), as it serves the purpose of ginning up the Impeachment Talk, which I guess is supposed to deliver the desired Trump reelection to their ((('donors'))).

"The intelligence community needs a house-cleaning" (Taibbi):
"The release of the Page warrant turned out to not to compromise anything but the reputation of the FBI and other agencies. The major revelation was the FBI had indeed used Steele, a “compensated” FBI informant as well as a private oppo researcher, as a source despite having  “suspended its relationship” with him in October 2016, ostensibly over failure to disclose media contacts.
House Intel committee ranking member Adam Schiff knew this information when he conducted his “bombshell” hearing” on March 20, 2017. That was the one in which he and other members questioned not-yet-fired FBI chief James Comey and Rogers, and read out information from the Steele report as if it were factual, not giving any hint that there might be issues with it.
Schiff was gung-ho to declassify “as much as possible about Russia hacking our elections” back in the summer of 2016, but now describes attempts to declassify really the same information as an attempt to “weaponize law enforcement.”"
"Nasrallah: ‘In Iran war, all US forces/interests to be eradicated, Israel/Saudi to pay price’ – English Subs".  The entire Saudi royal family, and much of the world economy, dangles on this thin thread of oil infrastructure that Iran will take out in the first hour or so of a Zionist attack on it (the oil sits in Shi'ite areas,and they will be all set).  The deadly Lebanese rocket attacks on Israel will start at the same time.  It is amazing we spend any time talking about this!

"Death And Resurrection In North Korea" (Moon). The standard American (((media))) treatment of North Korea is exactly like the type of over-the-top propaganda you would see during a war.

"Key American allies in the Middle East are the real tyrants" (Sjursen).  The leadership of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel are like comic book villains, with extra levels of evil just for the fun of it.

"Far from quiet on the US vs Russia-China front" (Escobar):
"Sessions at the Russia-Kazakhstan forum produced wonderful insights on the triangular Russia-China-Central Asia relationship and further South-South collaboration. Special attention should focus on the concept of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 2.0. If a new bipolarity is emerging, pitting the US against China, NAM 2.0 rules that vast sectors of the Global South should profit by remaining neutral."
"In a crucial speech to the Valdai Club, President Putin made it clear, once again, that the BRI-EAEU interconnection is an absolute priority. And the only road map ahead is for Eurasian integration.
That interlinks with the advance of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, whose annual summit is next month, in Kyrgyzstan. One of the key goals of the SCO, since it was founded in 2001, is to create an evolving Russia-China-Central Asia synergy.
It’s not far-fetched to consider that what happens next may include a clash between the inbuilt logic of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 2.0 and the massive Eurasian integration drive. Moscow, for instance, would be in an intractable position if it came to either align with Beijing or NAM 2.0.
Putin has had a crack on how to solve the problem. “Historical experience shows that the Soviet Union had quite trust-based and constructive relations with many countries of the Non-Aligned Movement. It is also clear that if pursued in a too radical and uncompromising way, the logic of the ‘new non-aligned movement’ can become a challenge to the consolidation and unity of Eurasia, which is the top priority for the SCO and other projects.”
Putin has arguably dedicated a lot of thought to “the case of a new rupture in Russia-China relations, toward which many are pushing us.” He recognizes that “quite a large part of Russian society will receive it as a quite natural and even positive development. Therefore, to avoid this scenario (to reiterate, consolidation and unity of Greater Eurasia is the key value of the SCO and the EAEU-BRI association), not only diplomatic work outside of Russia is required… but also a lot of work inside the country. In this case, the work needs to be done less with elites by way of expert papers, than directly with the people in entirely different media formats (which, by the way, not all traditional experts can do).”
The ultimate target though remains set in stone – to “achieve the purported goal of consolidating Greater Eurasia.”"
This sounds like something for Sailer to 'notice':  "The legal and constitutional affairs committee has also amended the Criminal Code revamp bill to ensure that there are tougher sentences for those who perpetrate domestic violence against Indigenous women. The problem? Well, most of those perpetrators are Indigenous men, and there is already a problem with over-incarceration, so this is going to be a tough needle to thread (but we’ll see how they attempt to do so."

Final clean up:  "Russian Jets Unleash Hell On Idlib After Ceasefire Talks With Turkey Collapse".  The Turks want another ceasefire to give them more time to rearm their Islamist terrorist proxies, something which won't alter the final outcome but which will get a lot more civilians killed.

Interesting thoughts on the identity of Jack the Ripper based on Jewish ritual slaughter:  "The Case for a Jewish Jack the Ripper" and "Jack the Ripper and Shechita".  This isn't new - it seemed obvious to Londoners at the time - but it has been forgotten due to its political incorrectness.
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