Monday, June 24, 2019

Worthy of trust

"Trump Has a $259 million Reason to Bomb Iran" (Clifton).  Adelson, Marcus, Singer - it is a completely obvious and transparent pay-for-slaughter racket.  They don't even try to hide it.  No crypsis.

Crypsis:  "The Burden of Jewing, Part 1"  (Age of Treason).

"Eve of Destruction: Iran Strikes Back" (Kavanagh):
"It seemed beyond credibility that Iran would attack a Japanese tanker, the Kokuka Courageous, at the moment the Prime Minister of Japan was sitting down with Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran. After all, Iran is eager to keep its oil exports flowing, so it would hardly want to so flagrantly insult one of its top oil customers.
Nor did it seem to make sense that Iran would target a Norwegian vessel, Front Altair. That tanker is owned the shipping company, Frontline, which belongs to Norway’s richest man (before he moved to Cyprus), John Fredriksen. Fredriksen made his fortune moving Iranian oil during the Iran-Iraq war, where his tankers came under constant fire from Iraq, and were hit by missiles three times. He became known as “the Ayatollah’s lifeline.” Furthermore, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Fredriksen’s Frontline company has continued to help Iran move its oil in a way that evades sanctions. A friendlier resource Iran has not.  This is the guy Iran chose to target, in another gratuitous insult?
Then there’s the smoky-gun “evidence”: a grainy video of somebody doing something on the side of some ship, which looks like it came out of an episode of Ghost Hunters. I encourage everyone to read this Twitter thread, which includes the observations:
I count 10 people on board this vessel. That also could very well be a magnetic mooring line they are removing, because we have such trash resolution on the video.
Lastly, these sailors clearly are working out of the mine clearance handbook:
“when clearing mines ensure that you have your 10 best friends standing behind you. That way if it blows they can catch you and you won’t fall down.”
Because they probably weren’t clearing mines."
Then he goes on top say he thinks, following Moon and Magnier, at least one of the attacks was indeed an Iranian false-false flag!  Was there a coincidental false-false flag by Iran, and a false flag by an American ally, at the same time and place?!  He also notes that the (((media))) didn't find it newsworthy that the Iranians emphasized that, when they took out the American spying drone, they chose not to shoot down the trailing plane carrying live American personnel.

You could make the argument that people sympathetic to Iran might find a certain degree of ambiguity around the current situation useful.

"Trump Told Iran of Imminent Attack, Then Offered Talks" (Ditz). Double bluff! - he wasn't going to imminently attack, and he didn't just decide at the last moment to pull back such an attack.  You get the feeling he would greatly like a 'deal', but is inept at getting there.  At least he now knows that threats don't work.

"Israel is leading Trump up the garden path" (Bhadrakumar).  On yet more 'helpful' advice from a Khazar.  Always remember how 'helpful' they have been on all the Wars For The Jews.  We're even getting a big dose of 'The Dialectic', with some of the prominent Warmongers For The Jews - even Boot!!! - advising caution!

"Hook’s Message: Trust Us, We’re Unreliable" (Larison).  The essential problem, made much worse by Trump's own actions with respect to the JCPOA, is that the Iranians can't ever trust the Americans - and the Iranian hard-liners who were against the deal at the time on that very basis are now saying 'I told you so' - and it helps not one bit to tell the Iranians it is their own damn fault for being so stupid as to trust Americans!

You know the drill - one two three. Trustworthy!

It really doesn't help that Bolton is being personally bribed by both the MEK - an actual terrorist organization currently committing a series of terrorist attacks against the people of Iran - and, of course, also by the inventors and main practitioners of modern terrorism, the Khazars, whose instruction he seeks:  "Bolton Is In Israel Conferring with Netanyahu How to Provoke US Attack On Iran" (Roberts).  "John Bolton Flies to Israel to Apologize for Not Bombing Iran, Says He Will Do It Soon" (Anglin).  Just going to Israel at this time is clearly bad faith intended to undermine any chance of sanity.  The entire mess is set up to fail, and going to Israel is part of that plan.

"Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone" (Cohn). Big difference between the spy plane and commercial ships.

"Iran denies being hit by US cyberattack".  This was Trump's 'so there', an attempt to save a little face, and earn his shekels, when he backed down.

It is worth reading Trump on Iran in light of Trump on Venezuela, which we know more about.  "Dead on Arrival – A Brief Post-Mortem on the US’ Regime-Change Operation in Venezuela" (Flores).  Guido was poorly chosen (usual terrible CIA work), the opposition was fractured (ditto), and Venezuela could defend itself just enough to make the American casualties not politically worth the effort, in what would be a very questionable attack based on real American interests.

Overall, Trump wants easy deals - ones that he can bask in - based entirely on economic pressures and simple short cuts.  This is actually quite smart - much smarter than Killary's WWIII! - but also means a little backbone from the intended victim countries goes a long way.  The biggest problem is how do you get the Americans to drop the ridiculous sanctions without any face-saving 'win' for Trump.
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