Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Old flag

"Navy SEAL Chief Accused of War Crimes Is Found Not Guilty of Murder" (Philipps):
"At one point, the classified rules of engagement that guided SEALs on who they could kill in Iraq were delivered in a locked black bag by an armed guard. They were not read aloud in court, but one Marine attached to the SEAL platoon testified about part of what they said. Regarding one section of the crowded city of 660,000 along the Tigris River, the Marine testified that for SEAL snipers, “everything on the other side of the river was good to go, was cleared hot, were good targets.”
Other details brought out at trial cast unfavorable light on the elite SEALs. According to testimony, Chief Gallagher’s platoon built a rooftop bar at their compound and had empty beer cans rolling around in their trucks; a lieutenant made a video montage for the platoon, set to music, of enemy corpses from the deployment; a number of SEALs and Marines besides Chief Gallagher took photos with the dead ISIS fighter; and one SEAL mistook a car loaded with women and children in Mosul for ISIS fighters and flew a hand-launched explosive drone, known as a Switchblade, into the vehicle, killing them all."
"Is Kamala The Chosen One? Top Harris Lawyer Is Same Operative Who Hired Fusion GPS For Hillary" (Durden). Clearly she is the one the superdelegates will pick.

Sounds crazy, but it is based in her father's writings, and will surely show up in Trump campaign speeches (he can tie it to her 'hanging judge' attitude towards young black men in the drug cases she prosecuted, though he would have to be careful as his base would like that!):  "SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned" (Howley).

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"Don't know if this is true but former Hillary advisor Jack Keane reportedly maintains regular contact with Trump and single-handedly convinced him to keep troops in Syria. The bipartisan foreign policy "blob" in action "
Tweet (Stephen Wertheim):
"“‘The narrative that Obama was abandoning Saudi Arabia was kind of bullshit to begin with,’ observed. ‘He sold them more weapons than anybody else sold them, and he was willing to support this war in Yemen.’”"
"We’re Not the Good Guys: Why is American aggression missing from media coverage?" (Engelhardt).  Note that the author is himself completely full of shit due to his throw-away gratuitous (and incorrect) attack on Russia!  Assholians always gonna asshole.

"No, Iran Is Not Rushing To Build A Nuclear Weapon" (Moon). Mearsheimer knows better, so what the hell is he up to?

"Israel says it is bracing militarily for possible U.S.-Iran escalation" (Rothschild).

Too close to the truth so 'shut it down':  "Penguin, Rothschild and Zionist Pressure" (Atzmon).  Also.

Speaking of shutting it down, it should be no surprise (((they))) have had big success in Florida (and Ghislaine Maxwell now claims to be an 'environmentalist'!):  "An appeals court seemed poised to unseal Jeffrey Epstein records. So where are they?" (Brown).

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"New investigation reveals the Falic family, owners of the chain of Duty Free America airport shops, funds the following: - -Genocidal "third temple" movement in Israel -"
Tweet (Sarah Abdallah):
"Imagine the international outcry if Putin, Assad or Maduro deliberately bombed a sovereign country in the middle of the night, killing 16 people, including children and a baby. But when Israel does exactly this in , no one even bats an eyelash."
"Israeli attack on Syria is a message for Russia" (Bhadrakumar) (referring to Chinese analysis on northern Syria).  Korybko continues to maintain, like the Zionists, that Putin is selling out Syria and Iran:  "Russia and Israel Are Allies?" and "Israel’s Latest Strikes in Syria Prove that the US-Russia-Israel Jerusalem National Security Summit Was a Success".  If you look at the really big issues (like the competition for the European energy market, or the Russia-China alliance versus the Zionist-controlled Assholians), Korybko is clearly wrong, but Putin is so light on his feet diplomatically that you can draw any conclusion you wish.

There is quite the irony here - Russia is never really going to agree to force Iran out of Syria as Iran in Syria is part of the deterrent force against an Assholian Zionist-ordered attack on Iran!

It turns out things work better if you have Tucker Carlson whispering in your ear, rather than John Bolton. Mongolia!  Trump has, at least, a sense of humor!

Tweet (Tim Shorrock) (Democrat dismay was purely ((('donor')))-driven, i.e., warmongering):
"Even the conservative newspapers in South Korea see important new steps in the meeting at the DMZ, i.e., it wasn't just a "photo op" (the most repeated meme of the weekend). In contrast, look at the MSM and "left" media, where it's America First!"
Solid background on the color revolution going on in Hong Kong:  "Hong Kong's Poisoned Chalice" (Roberts).  Giving away the game with an old flag.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The White House wants you to know that Iran is so cartoonishly Evil that it managed to accomplish the impossible: violating an agreement that did not even exist yet.

Truly impressive levels of cartoon villain Evil"
"Escobar: Contrast Between Russia-India-China & Trump Could Not Be Starker":
"India has an existential choice to make: keep buying Iranian oil or say goodbye to Iran’s strategic help, via the Chabahar port, to facilitate India’s mini-Silk Road to Afghanistan and Central Asia."
Killary and the 'border crisis':  "‘The coup turned Honduras into hell’: Interview with President Manuel Zelaya on 10th anniversary of overthrow by US".

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The Intercept completed its transformation into the new Huffington Post. The ADL is a right-wing pro-Israel lobby group that collaborated with cops to spy on Arabs, anti-apartheid activists, and people organizing against US fascist wars in Central America"
History of the trickery:  "Trump’s Peace Plan Has Been Designed to Fail – Exactly Like Its Predecessors" (Cook).

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