Tuesday, July 23, 2019


"How Stupid Do They Think We Are?" (Armstrong).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"An example of the absolute dearth of genuine Russia expertise in the US government & DC think tank racket. These set of ten predictions for 2019 received 3,400+ retweets, just before New Years. Literally none of them has happened and were are into the seventh month now."
"Deconstructing Elliott Abrams on Venezuela" (Bolton).

"House Democrats Can't Stop Tweeting And Deleting Obama-Era 'Children In Cages' Pics" (Durden).

"WASHINGTON POST Obituary For American Patriot John Tanton Ends By Comparing Him To A Dead Animal Poisoning A Well" and "The Classic Upside-Down NYT Article on #ExpressLaneErica" (Sailer):
"As I’ve long mentioned, the New York Times tends to employ a number of good news reporters who do feel a responsibility to eventually wedge into their stories a few facts that might disrupt The Narrative even when the truth disturbs the delicate feelings of the all-important Subscriber Base. A compromise appears to have evolved in which the opening paragraphs support The Narrative, while the end of the article, long after most people have stopped reading, can get around to revealing what actually happened.
The current NYT format is the opposite of the old one from the days of telegraph-based journalism in which reporters, worried that only part of their story might get through the telegraph lines, started with the most important facts (The Five Ws) and then proceeded to more trivial matters."
 "The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge" (Bolonik).
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