Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A certain sanity

Mocking the farm animals isn't the move of somebody who is expecting to be arrested:  "EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell STAGED In-N-Out photo in Los Angeles with her close friend and attorney, using confidante's dog Dexter in the snapshot".  Silly, silly farm animals.  Anglin considers the possibilities.

"US tells Greece any help to Iranian tanker may be ‘terrorism support’".  "Release of Iranian tanker 'unfortunate': U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo" (Rothschild). If the Americans cared about this boat they would not have allowed it to be released.  This is dinner theater for the Khazar donors.  We're seeing more and more of this as American leaders are aware of the fact that the Khazar marching orders are all disastrous for real American national interests, yet they still want the shekels and fear the blackmail.

Wexner, who created, built and runs some of the largest retail chains in the world, is now being depicted as retarded or autistic in order to explain why he funded the Epstein Mossad blackmail op!!!:  "“He Picks the Wrong Friend, Then There’s All Hell to Pay”: How Jeffrey Epstein Got His Hooks into Les Wexner" (Cohan).  It's befuddling, goyim. [It is difficult not to notice that all Khazar 'journalists' are pulling double or even triple shifts to carefully explain this issue to the lowly farm animals, who might otherwise become restless.]

Epstein's legend which allowed him to entice his blackmail victims required operating funds - which may have come out of Mossad operating budgets - and a huge facade of expensive assets, which were probably bought with macher money involving complicated trusts which would leave beneficial ownership in the hands of the machers, making it easy to protect the assets from victim creditors once it was time to wind up the operation.

The idea that moral outrage at the perversions of the elites is often the real spark behind revolution:  "The Perverted Face of Elite America" (Purple).

"American media shuts down the Epstein story" (Martin).  The apotheosis of a meme:  'Shut it down'.  Nothing to see here, goyim!

Encyclopedia Dramatica - which somehow still exists! - entry on Jeffrey Epstein.

"The Myth of American Military Dominance" (Lynch).  Americans have skills at mass murder of civilians, but an extremely lackluster record at fighting real opponents, something to bear in mind as the stakes become higher.

"China’s Ultimate Play For Global Oil Market Control" (Bodansky):
". . . the PRC offer to oversee and guarantee the establishment of a regional collective security regime — itself based on the Russian proposals and ideas first raised in late July 2019 — is now getting considerable positive attention from both shores of the Persian Gulf. Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Oman appear to be becoming convinced that the PRC could be the key to the long-term stability and prosperity in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.
Iran is also considering the expansion of security cooperation with Russia as an added umbrella against potential US retaliation.
Overall, according to sources in these areas, the US was increasingly perceived as an unpredictable, disruptive element.
The profound change in the attitude of the Saudi and Emirati ruling families, who for decades have considered themselves pliant protégés of the US, took long to evolve. However, once formulated and adopted, the new policies have been implemented swiftly.
The main driving issue is the realization by both MBS and MBZ that, irrespective of the reassuring rhetoric of US Pres. Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, their bitter nemesis — Qatar — is far more important to the US than the rest of the conservative Arab monarchies and sheikhdoms of the GCC. The last straw came in early July 2019 in the aftermath of the visit of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to Washington, DC. Sheikh Tamim received an extravagant reception from both Pres. Trump in person and official Washington. Trump lavished praises on Qatar and the Emir, and emphasized the US renewed commitment “to further advancing the high-level strategic cooperation between our two countries”."
Read the whole thing, as it succinctly surveys a massive number of moving parts, largely involving Qatar, and all pulling in the same direction, albeit with caveats.  We're in a very curious period now, the end days of the Khazar parasitism - only ending as the American Empire has largely destroyed itself trying to satisfy the insatiable murder and land theft lusts of the Khazars - while at the same time the Mega Group shekeling and their (Epstein and other) blackmailing keeps pulling Trump and other functionaries in.  It's the bizarre bizarre world of oscillating Jewing and sanity/survival, when Sheldon demands Trump nuke Tehran and waves a blackmail video around with a few bags of shekels, and Trump promises to seize a boat instead, and then has to let it go (as Lloyd's doesn't want the entire international law against piracy to be permanently wrecked), and then has to pretend to want to seize it again, and promises to withdraw troops, and doesn't, and increases them, and quietly withdraws them, and threatens to end Iran while secretly seeking negotiations with it, and grants the Khazars rights over the Palestinians he has no possible right to grant, and backhandedly lets Bibi make a campaign point he has no right to make with American congresswomen, and talks like a madman on trade and then backs off, and as the kicker, a consolation prize for little Yinon and no WWIII is to give Sheldon's wife (!!!) the Presidential Medal of Freedom (with the sick joke that she got it with, amongst others, Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley!),  and so on and so on.  MbZ and MbS don't know which way is up, and certainly can't count on Trump to have their backs should the shit hit the fan as they play chicken with Iran, so Trump's utter fecklessness paradoxically forces a certain sanity on the world.
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