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"The Global Nation" (Durocher) (my emphasis in red) (more Durocher here and here):
"Whatever the merits of postwar internationalism, this ideology has since radicalized into an outright anti-national globalism. In the past, globalist ideology was always, somewhat paradoxically, mediated by national elites. Race-denying ideology, pro-minority legislation, the opening of economic borders, and, most fatefully, mass immigration and multiculturalism were all implemented, within Western nations, by particular national elites in a particular national cultural (notably linguistic) and political context.
Particular national elites, often with significant Jewish participation, most notably in the United States, France, and Great Britain, pioneered such approaches. The most striking examples of this might be Bill Clinton and Tony Blair who, at the high-point of globalist self-confidence in the 1990s, had psychologically already accepted and were promoting a world without any borders and without homogeneous (Western) nations. Alternatively, Western nations have also adopted globalism in imitation of their peers. In particular, Germany and most southern and eastern European countries have imported globalist practices in order to be accepted by other Western nations, whether for reasons to do with economics, geopolitics, or mere prestige and fashion.
In recent years however, there has been a novel development: the existence of globalist elites within particular nations who have stronger ties with each other than the nations they reside in. In the past, globalist elites were educated in their own national language, consumed their own media, and generally worked in their own country. This is no longer the case. There is a rapidly-growing ‘frequent-flier class’ of people who were educated abroad in English-speaking universities, whose work is international and often in English (multinational corporations, science and research, academia, international organizations . . .), whose online media are foreign (such as Netflix which has expanded to around 200 countries), and so on. This class of people is particularly identifiable in every Continental European nation, but psychologically analogous classes exist in Great Britain and the United States, particularly in the metropolitan areas. They form a nation within the nation.
The proverbial “small, rootless international clique” has been replaced by a rather large and growing class of deracinated individuals. In Continental Europe, this class is mostly made up of White gentiles, although I understand that in America Jews and Asians are much more prominent. This class is out of touch of the rhythm of the country they reside in. Their attitude towards provincial, patriotic Whites, who feel some sense of group identity, group interests, and homeland, is one of fear and loathing. They have absolutely no empathy for European nationalists trying to preserve their nation and race, the fruit of generations of struggle by our ancestors resulting in some 50,000 years of autonomous evolution.
This class is in fact extremely important. It is highly educated, has well-paid and prestigious jobs, and commands great influence in the media and political culture. 

. . .

These deracinated, internationalized English-speakers form something a ‘global nation’ in and of themselves. While they are doomed to being a small and alienated population in their host countries, their numbers, interconnection, and collective power will grow. From Washington, London, New York, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Brussels, and Geneva, they may well consolidate into a genuine Transatlantic ruling class."
"The Strange Case Of Chrystia Freeland And The Failure Of The "Super Elite"" and "Freeland Responds to Putin: Liberalism Will Prevail! (Nazis Will Help) " (Ehret). "How Canadians are part of an underground network helping Hong Kong protesters in their struggle against Chinese control" (Chiu) (original link).

Peak Trudeau:  "Justin Trudeau “feminizes” Support for Corrupt and Repressive Haitian President" (Engler).

The 'Canadian CIA', CSIS, as well as Canadian police, spy on Canadian environmental groups for the benefit of foreign oil companies, and covertly meet with them to turn over data!:  "‘Protest Papers’ reveal extent Canadian democracy is ‘captured’ by foreign oil companies, says former Alberta MLA" (Nuttall) (original link).  If Canada were functioning only slightly properly, all the head spooks at CSIS would be in jail now.

"Houthis’ New Missiles & Combat Drones Revealed" (South Front).  It sounds almost too old fashioned to consider, but it appears the much smarter MbZ pulled out of Yemen - hanging the cretin MbS out to dry - because any kind of Houthi attack on Dubai would have been ruinous for the UAE.  Fighting back continues to work!

Guardians of the holy places!:  "Saudi normalizer urges Israel to seize al-Aqsa mosque" (Nassar).

Tweet (Trita Parsi):
"YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! Ali Shihabi - who insisted Saudi was moderating and that Khashoggi's murderer MBS is a great ally of the US - is being sued for sexual harassment and for threatening to "behead" (!!) an employer. Hence why
@ArabiaFdn had to close."
 "The Yinon Plan is Dead, Long Live the Persian Cat!" (Taxi).  "From 2006 to 2019: After Failures in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen, War Is No Longer an Option for Israel" (Magnier).  Despite all the recent stuff/fluff that Trump has given them under bribery/blackmail from Sheldon, neoconservatism has been a complete disaster for the Khazar Empire.  Note how rockets and drones have made possible attacks on the more 'advanced' areas - Dubai, Tel Aviv - such a terrible risk that the seemingly much more powerful countries have to back down.

"The Declining Empire of Chaos Is Going Nuts Over Iran" (Pieraccini).  We're reached the point where nothing actually happens, but the Empire imperceptibly sags with each stupidity.

While there was never any doubt, we now know for certain that there is no possible combination of events which would cause Abbas to stop cashing his bribe checks:  "Abbas’s la-la land and the evolution of the American love affair with Israel" (Baroud).

"Israel government to honor extremist rabbi calling for killing non-Jews".  "Israel Summons 5-year-old for Police Interrogation".

"When it comes to Palestine and Kashmir, India and Israel are oppressors-in-arms" (Essa).  Hindu supremacist Modi has decided to expressly follow the Khazar supremacist ethnic cleansing playbook with respect to Kashmir.  This is exactly the kind of crap that will play out, disastrously, over decades, and will continue to hold India back from the advances that other countries in the area will be able to make.  If you were going to pick a model to aspire to, Israel's seems rather low on the list!

"On Whose Orders Did Oman’s Foreign Minister Visit Syria?" (Korybko).  Korybko can't write anything without flogging his dead horse that the rascal Putin is betraying Syria and Iran for his secret Khazar pals.  How many more years of Iran in Syria will it take for this to stop?

Tweet (The War Nerd) (referring to this monstrosity, by Glavin, a 'man of the left', who has an appalling history of this kind of thing; there's always good money to be made in liberal ((()))ism):
"There's something pathetic about this attempt to make Idlib—a real enclave of monsters—a humanitarian crisis. Note there's no attempt in the media to do the same for Afrin, where decent people were invaded & cleansed by the Turkish Army & its auxiliaries."
"Canada Joins Campaign to Stifle Criticism of Israel" (Clarke, an actual 'man of the left').  "United Church should come clean on anti-Palestinian accord" (Engler).  The United Church of Canada is usually pretty righteous - some would say to a fault - but it sounds like some of the leaders have gotten into the shekels.

Sweet Jesus, Greens-for-dirty-oil!:  "Green rift opens over federal party’s stance on Alberta’s oilsands".  Also!:  "Warren Kinsella’s Green Party work is done, Elizabeth May says" (to explain this to Americans, Kinsella is like a cross between James O'Keefe, Karl Rove, and the SPLC, if all of them were less successful than they have been, very bad news all around).  The Greens seem to be scrambling to crapify themselves just when they appear to be on the verge of a political breakthrough.

"Elections in the Era of Charismatic Politics" (Bello).

"Fethullah Gulen Made Turkey anti-American" (Berger).  Somebody should tally up just how much the inability of the CIA to stop doing stupid shit has actually cost the American Empire.  "S-400 and Turkey: A Middle Eastern Perspective" (Zinin).

"Bellingcat unloads 4,000-word piece on Tulsi Gabbard over her questioning Syria chemical attacks" (also).  Gabbard must be ruffling feathers if somebody has to pay the 'cat for 4000 words more drivel.  "Gabbard was right about the USG and al-qa'ida" (Lang).

"In the World of Truth and Fact, Russiagate is Dead. In the World of the Political Establishment, it is Still the New 42" (Murray).  "US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks" (London).  The first court test - very good for Assange and freedom of the press, very bad for #Russiagate (except that #Russiagate is a zombie that cannot be killed).

"The Citadels of America’s Elites: Fractured and At Odds with Each Other" (Crooke).  "Iran's FM Zarif Was Secretly Invited By Rand Paul To Meet Trump In Oval Office" (Durden).  "ISIS Syria Only Stamped out Where U.S Forces Are Present – Official Claims" (Hacohen) (Hacohen! is the exclamation you make when you are reading a piece and its seems awful damn suspicious, and you suddenly realize it was just the usual lies written by a Khazar).  What we're seeing is an impossible war meeting an impossible Epstein blackmail operation, with consequent imperial shuddering and creaking.

"The Many Lies That Iran Hawks Tell" (Larison).

"From the viewpoint of the global South, this means that the atmospheric space for the use of fossil fuels for their own development has already been taken up by the imperialist countries and very little remains for South countries to develop their own economies."  "Air Conditioning Is the World's Next Big Threat" (Bryant).

Tweet (Brazil Wire) ("The Guardian did not publish it"):
""In June, Dilma Rousseff gave a 2 hour interview to the Guardian in which she described how Lula’s prosecution was “phase 2” of the Coup which removed her, and that it would open the door for Neofascist Jair Bolsonaro. The Guardian did not publish it.""
Every fucking time!:  "Who Is Joe Biden’s New Jewish Daughter-In-Law, Melissa Cohen?" (Singer).  Also:  "Biden Inc." (Schreckinger) (excellent list of shameless influence peddling in every conceivable manner).

"Ron Perelman’s massive Apollo fundraiser to end after 10 years" (Nathan).  Post-Epstein, some now have to adopt a much lower profile.

"The Skeleton In Alan Dershowitz's Closet: The Resurrection Of Sue Barlach, His First Wife" (Leon).  She must have been completely deranged as any sane woman would have thrown herself off a bridge while still married to Dersh.

"Ann Coulter On Covington Catholic Lawsuit: Court To The WASHINGTON POST—Don’t Try Too Hard To Get It Right".

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Epstein blackmail operation is the extent to which the super-brainiacs are idiots, completely dazzled by the appearance of money - not to mention the girls! - into buying completely into the Mossad's legend about the 'genius' Epstein:  "The “Girls” Were Always Around" (Engber).  Dershowitz was Epstein's 'beautiful mind'!!!
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