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"Lindsey Graham’s Blank Check. Why a Defense Agreement With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans" (Giraldi).  One of the very best things about Assholia is that a spectacular blackmail victim like Lindsay Graham can have so much influence.  You really have to stop and savor it.

"Kashmir: The Fight for the High Ground Has Started" (Madsen).  Ha!  The new value of not being underwater.

"Is Tulsi Gabbard Qualified?" (Swanson). I fear she may be a Hindu supremacist - hence, crickets on Kashmir - but she's still better than everybody else, including Bernie, on warmongering (but Bernie can beat Trump, and is better on all other issues - with the flaming typically Khazar exception of WWIII! - than Trump).

"Emanuela Orlandi case: Vatican attempts new search to solve mystery".

"The Lords of Bakersfield: Were these half-dozen murders connected?" (Price). Podcast here and here.  At some point these gay mafia pedo rings - see especially the ridiculous stuff from 'Hollywood' around Geffen and his crew, all apparently completely above the law (and the Bakersfield scandal also has LA connections) - will have to become a wider political issue.  One of the big problems, besides the bad guys having complete control of the (((media))), is that the witnesses/victims are extremely marginal characters, very easy to dismiss.  Also note that the local DA put a lot of innocent people in jail on similar charges ('satanic child sexual abuse'), obviously to protect the real villains.

"Is Malcolm Mayes’ ‘Edmonton Journal’ Cartoon anti-Semitic?" (Semitic Controversies).

The blood-pouring-from-the-fangers are tweeting hard about this, in an effort to hasbara their way around the mess Bibi has created with Democrats under the age of 80:  "Israeli and US media attack centrist MIFTAH as ‘radical’ group in effort to discredit Omar and Tlaib" (Patel).  Note the quintessential Jewish argument based on contamination.  We should probably also remember that the 'blood libel' is true.

Tweet (Dror Etkes) (what the hasbaraites are trying to obfuscate is that 'Israel', and lands the Khazars intend to steal, are a series of crime scenes):
"Thread: Beit Ur al-Fauqa Let’s speak briefly about the village of Beit Ur al-Fauqa, where the family of rep @RashidaTlaib comes from. Take a good look at the attached map, it's important in order to understand what we will talk about in the coming minutes."
"The Many Faces of the Jewish Elite, Part 2:  Pragers vs. Foxmans" (Quinn).  "‘Full equality’ for Palestinian citizens poses threat to ‘Jewish state,’ ‘NYT’ reveals in BDS story" (North/Weiss).

"Jewish Democrats decry Trump's 'loyalty' remarks" (Lillis/Wong).  Obviously, Trump will neither gain nor lose votes over this.  It is a message to ((('donors'))) who remain unsatisfied with all the things he has purported to give them.  There is a threat - I assume to counter all the Epstein blackmail he is under - that the issue of the misleadingly named 'dual loyalty' - there's nothing dual about it! - could be made by Trump into a big political issue.

"Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria" (Hopkins).  The funny thing is that there are an actual group of violent right-wing extremists in the US who are ignored by the Soros crowd in favor of calling Trump and a bunch of poseurs 'Nazis', and sending antifa - an identical group of poseurs who have arbitrarily picked the 'other side' so they can have something to fight about - out for colorful conflict.

Tweet (David Beard):
"Note: MIT Media Lab chief Joi Ito, also a @nytimes and @knightfdn board member, has not said how much money he took from Epstein, both for MIT and his own tech investments. He did say he visited Epstein's homes."
Trump doesn't like to travel, and wanted an excuse to skip the useless Denmark visit, so created another Twitter controversy:  "“He Has Made Us a Laughing Stock”: Diplomats Stunned by Trump’s Feud With Denmark".

"Just who got Trump’s farm bailouts?" (Hightower).

Trump, diplomatic genius:  "Trump’s Kashmir mediation takes wing" (Bhadrakumar).

Tweet (Gearóid Ó Colmáin):
"Révélation :"Voici les 22 présidents africains assassinés par la France depuis 1963" - via
The Pentagon would like you to know that the Lyme disease conspiracy theories are untrue!:  "No, Lyme disease is not an escaped military bioweapon, despite what conspiracy theorists say" (Telford).

'Nuanced':  "Are Hong Kong protesters pro-American or British when they wave the US and UK flags? The answer is complicated" (Lok-kei).  Tweet (scientism):
"The funniest replies I’ve had to my HK protester tweet are of the form: “I was in the protests in Venezuela/Ukraine and I can assure you it’s normal for people to spontaneously form into highly-organized, well-equipped units without needing outside help.”"
"Hong Kong in Crosshairs of Global Power Struggle" (Zeese/Flowers).  Using HK as a protected base of criminal enterprise reminds me of how the Khazars use Israel.

Tweet (Morgan Artyukhina):
"We all knew this would happen: now Google has begun taking down YouTube channels that post content critical of the #HongKongProtests"
Tweet (Tim Shorrock):
"Exact same tactic used in Washington, DC, recently by rightwing, pro-Guiado forces against the US activists who occupied the Venezuelan embassy to protect it from seizure by US-backed coup supporters."
Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Ukrainian neo-Nazis aren't really neo-Nazis because they kill Russians. And Hong Kong's Pepe isn't really alt-right Pepe because it's anti-China. If this makes no sense to you, you're a victim of an Iranian disinformation campaign."
Tweet (Yasha Levine):
 "HAHAHAHA! Twitter will rely on Freedom House, funded through one of the CIA’s NGO projects, will advise @Twitter on who is and isn’t “state-controlled.” You can’t make this shit up."
"America’s Criminal New Sanctions Against Venezuela Are a Consequence of Its Failed Regime-Change Strategy" (Flores). "US and Venezuela confirm 'secret' talks".  I mentioned before that the Assholian modern way of 'war' is to carpet bomb civilians and then pressure the leader to agree to regime change in order to stop the carnage.  This is just the version where crippling sanctions which kill thousands of people replace the carpet bombing.  Of course, since the Assholians have outright lied in every such agreement, including about both helping the civilian population and protecting the personal life of the leader, the Assholians no longer can get anybody to agree to these pressured deals.  After a deal, in a year or two Venezuela will be stripped, and Maduro will have a bayonet up his ass (and Killary will cackle with joy).

You'd think that the lesson you might learn from Brexit is that you should never, ever, ever, ever get yourself into any agreement that is so difficult to get out of.  Also, at some point Ireland is going to have to be unified, and completely out of the UK.

"Irish-America Upends Trump-Johnson Brexit Plan" (Cunningham). I find the phenomenon of Irish-American connection to Ireland interesting, as the Irish are much more demographically important in Canada, but there is almost no political sentiment directed at Ireland (although there are considerable cultural connections).

"Oh, The Irony! Macron Accuses Putin of Being a Despot!" (Batty).

"US demands that Turkey should cease all activity in Cyprus waters".

Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (typical 'lite' Zionist):
"Remember when this odious and shameless bigot was pretending to be a fluffy pro-Palestinian liberal? I’m glad she took the mask off so all can see her seething racial and ethnic hatred."
"Nakba II Is Here" (Atzmon). "Israel pushing Palestinians to leave Gaza" (Murphy).  Macher control over Trump has encouraged a lot of final solution eliminationist thinking amongst all Khazars, although eliminationism is nothing new for the Khazars, and the recent systematic cover-up is almost certainly intended to make it easier.  "The Truth Is Out About Israel’s Cover-up of Nakba Facts" (Winstanley).

"Donald Trump’s Iran Policy Rides Two Horses at Once" (Smith).  This is the same guy who is so good about Russiagate, but his Zionism drives him stark raving mad when it comes to Iran.  The underlying hint is that Jew hatred is so rampant in Washington that WWIII is impossible for the Khazars to attain.

"Leaked audio shows oil lobbyist bragging about success in criminalizing pipeline protests" (Johnson).  "Revealed: how Monsanto's 'intelligence center' targeted journalists and activists " (Levin).  "60 Years Since the Largest U.S. Nuclear Accident and Captured Federal Agencies" (Dodge):
"Ultimately, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), has regulatory oversight of the cleanup and of the responsible parties which include NASA, the Department of Energy (DOE), and Boeing. In 2010, the Department of Energy and NASA signed historic agreements with DTSC that committed them to cleaning up all detectable contamination. The agreements, or Administrative Orders on Consent (AOC), specified that the cleanup was to be completed by 2017. Boeing, which owns most of the SSFL property, refused to sign the cleanup agreements. Nevertheless, DTSC said that its normal procedures require it to defer to local governments’ land use plans and zoning, which for SSFL allow agricultural and rural residential uses. DTSC said SSFL’s zoning would thus require Boeing to conduct a cleanup equivalent to the NASA/DOE requirements.
In response, Boeing, currently under scrutiny after the 737 MAX crashes, launched a massive “greenwashing” campaign in an attempt to convince the public that SSFL’s contamination was minimal, never hurt anyone, and that the site doesn’t need much of a cleanup because it is going to be an open space park. Boeing prefers a re-designation to recreational cleanup standards that are based on someone being on the site infrequently limited to a few hours per week . But people who live near SSFL don’t live in recreational areas, they live in residential areas and as long as the site isn’t fully cleaned up, they will still be at risk of exposure to SSFL contamination.
Recently, both the Dept. of Energy and NASA, following Boeing’s lead, have said that they too want to break out of their legal cleanup agreements and also cleanup to a weak recreational standard. So, all three responsible parties are completely disregarding the state of California’s regulatory authority. In effect they are asserting that they, the polluters, get to decide how much of their contamination gets cleaned up. That violates federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act laws as well as the AOC cleanup agreements. Now more than ever, we need our elected representatives to stand up and demand the existing cleanup agreements be upheld."

Pretty good summary of recent Assholian history:  "Biden’s Complicity in Obama’s Toxic Legacy" (Bolton).

Tweets by S____:
"1) So I was curious why there was this sudden push to cut meat, particularly beef consumption, it seemed to come out of nowhere, so I did a little research, a thread:"
"40 rebuttals to the media’s smears of Julian Assange – by someone who was actually there" (Narváez).  "Australian Investigative Journalist Exposes Mainstream Media Betrayal of Assange" (Grenfell).  We tend to forget amongst all the utter incompetence and constant lying just how evil mainstream 'journalists' actually are.

This whole Freeland-Nazi thing isn't just hot air:  tweet (Yasha Levine) (also):
"Who’ll honor these poor, forgotten, and betrayed Nazi collaborators? Canada. Thant’s who!"
"A Dark and Evil Ethno-Religious Cult has Used Manipulation and Deceit to Seize Control of the US Government" (Anglin)!  Bearing in mind there is more than one group of very bad guys.

Nothing anybody could have said or published is anywhere near as outrageous as putting them in jail for it!!!:  "Your Ward News editor gets the maximum one year jail for hate promotion" (Perkel) "Editor of Canada’s Most Racist Paper Gets Year in Prison for Promoting Hate" (Lamoureux).  I'd have jailed him for looking too much like Tommy Wiseau.

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