Friday, August 16, 2019

This is all a suprise to me

"Punishing the World With Sanctions" (Giraldi).  Mostly Sanctions For The Jews, and while, as the big and powerful empire, you can get away with this, each sanctioning is in effect preventing your companies from doing business (despite the illegal secondary sanctions, somebody else will pick up the slack and get the business), and the cumulative effect is very bad for your economy (albeit almost impossible to measure).

"The World is Uniting for International Law, against US Empire" (Zeese/Flowers).

"Opposition or Terrorists: Who is Syria and Russia Bombing in Idlib?" (Cartalucci).

MbZ is leaving because he secured the new colony he wanted, and because continuing to fight alongside MbS involves an increasingly serious risk of Houthi counter-attack:  "Trump-Saudi War on Yemen Collapsing as Southern Separatists Take Aden" (Cole).

"Canadian Prime Ministers’ Sordid Imperialism" (Engler).  Always eager to help whatever the current Empire is.

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"Canadian diplomat @gomes_stanley expresses condolences for an Israeli soldier who was also a settler. The settlements are a war crime. When will Canada’s diplomats express condolences for the countless Palestinian civilians who have been murdered, maimed or terrorized by #Israel?"
"Obeying Trump, Israel Bars Reps Tlaib And Omar From Entering" (Scarce):
  1. Shlomo schleps the bags of shekels to Trump from Sheldon (greased with a soupçon of blackmail);
  2. Trump then 'instructs' Bibi on what Bibi should do (as it happens, exactly what Bibi wanted to do);
  3. Bibi then does it, saying he was just following his ally Trump!
  4. added, last minute provocation from the 'humanitartian' Khazars.
The essence of the 'special relationship'! See also:  "Biggest Congressional Trip Ever: 72 Republicans and Democrats Travel to Israel, Vow “Unconditional Support”" (Anglin).

"Jeffrey Epstein Camp Sent Pathologist Michael Baden to Watch Over His Autopsy" -  'Epstein’s representatives', 'People close to Epstein'.

"'I Can't Explain Any Of This Over The Phone': Epstein's Bodyguard Freaks Out, Demands Reporter Drop Story" (Durden) (see here):
"One thing you told me, for instance — okay, one thing you told me is he got a heads up when the authorities were going to come to his house the night before.
Listen, what you say is between you and me —
You told me he would get phone calls the night before and eight o’clock the police are going to come. He would get a heads up from local police.
You told me that, Igor. Want me to read the quote?
Well, you can read whatever you want right now. Don’t just — you can put yourself in big trouble.
You said: “He always do something wrong. There was some nights in question. There was at home arrest and police, before they come to the house, they call him and tell him they coming in at eight o’clock in the morning. It’s all corruption you know. It’s all bullshit.”
Listen, don’t put yourself in trouble. Seriously.
We talked about this. 
I understand we got this.
I’m telling you to give you a chance to remember because we talked about this stuff. I know it’s hard. I don’t know what you mean about “put myself in trouble.”
Let that go. Seriously. Let that go.
Why is it so important? Are you worried about the local cops?
Listen, you’re really smart and I’m not going to offer that over the phone right now, okay? You’re really smart. You have no idea. Please!
What do you mean by that?
I can’t explain you. I can’t explain you over the phone any of this.
You said that last time. And we didn’t talk for years. You can tell the world who this guy was. You were with him for a long time. You know what I mean?
I totally understand that you think he could have had help committing suicide. 
First of all, I have to go right now. I have another client.
Still training people?
Yes. But just be careful. I’m not kidding.
What’s your email so I can send you —
Don’t do any kind of that stuff. Just don’t play it. Seriously.
Can you tell me why?
I can’t. I can’t."
It is difficult not to notice the clumsiness of the murder of Epstein. It appears they just had some giant thug - either guard or fellow prisoner - walk into the cell and strangle him.  Brutal, but stupid, when they could have poisoned him in a way that would have looked just like a heart attack.  The set up - removing the fellow prisoner and not replacing him, shutting off the cameras, taking him off 'suicide watch', having both guards completely shirk their duties and, as a kicker, take simultaneous naps (!) - are ridiculously obvious.  It is almost that a point was being made, an instruction to future blackmailers - even those in the Epstein operation - to keep their mouths shut, with the reach of the bad guys/blackmailees being absolute (Epstein seems to have fallen into extreme danger the minute he threatened to name names as part of his defense strategy, whether he actually would have or not).

". . . Epstein's company, the blandly named Financial Trust Co., has no website, no record of any transactions, and no filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, strongly suggesting that he has never managed other people's money, as he long claimed." No filings.

"Jeffrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Female Prison Visitor" (Behar).  Full-service law firm.

"Why Continuity" (Mykytyn).  Woke comments.

Remember Epstein = Mossad.  "Did Jeffrey Epstein Personally Set Off the Financial Crash of 2008?" (Sailer).  "Elon Musk denies Jeffrey Epstein advised him or Tesla during the company's bungled attempt to go private" (Logan).  "Years after serving jail time, Jeffrey Epstein found a way to meet with Microsoft’s Bill Gates to discuss philanthropy" (Schwartz).

We need a Where's Waldo book for Ghislaine.  "Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s whereabouts deepens as Jeffrey Epstein accusers eye his alleged madam" (Mangan) ("This is all a suprise to me").  Getting close to parody:  "Epstein’s Top Associate Ghislaine Maxwell Was Recently Spotted at a Los Angeles In-N-Out Burger" (Rogers).  I'd be suspicious of both those claiming they haven't seen her, and any sightings, given the probability that as high a Mossad agent as she clearly is - as well as being Khazar royalty - would have body doubles.

Btw, I'm noticing a push around the internets (by the hasbara army, no doubt) to suggest Epstein was CIA!!!

"It begins: Epstein victim hits Maxwell, other “adult enablers” with lawsuit" (Morrissey).

"Epstein, or How Your News is Cooked" (Ilargi).  Humorous example of Guardian spin - oh, heck, lying, as always - to blame Trump while protecting our fave.  Nevertheless, I'm sure the Khazars have got something on Trump too, albeit maybe not Orgy Island.  "Guardian Attacks Epstein “Conspiracy Theories”" (Knightly).

Good-natured ribbing between pals, or the Mossad making terrible fun of their blackmail victim?:  "EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels and lounging in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion - visitor reveals bizarre image inside pedophile's $56m lair" (Walters).
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