Monday, September 02, 2019

A roach running to take cover from Sunshine

Remember that big increase in 'anti-Semitism' that turned out to be caused by the huge number of incidents involving one 'mentally ill', 'retarded', 'autistic', Israeli 'child' with 'brain cancer'?  The best thing by far, even with all the excuses why they couldn't punish him, is that they never recalculated the 'hate' statistics after removing his efforts! But were they his efforts?  "The 2017 Anti-Semitism Scare: Made in Israel?" (Stahl):
"On June 8, 2017, this author’s Seattle-based attorney emailed a letter (copy here) to half-a-dozen DOJ attorneys that questioned whether the proper person had been charged for these crimes. The letter made a testable hypothesis — if “Michael R. Kadar” of Illinois flew from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to Tel Aviv a day or two prior to Kadar’s arrest in Ashkelon, then DOJ had indicted the wrong person. Further, if the wrong person had been indicted, the letter suggested a more likely culprit — Kadar’s Israeli mother, Dr. Tamar Kadar, who is a chemical weapons researcher at the Mossad-operated Israeli Institute for Biological Research."
"In his affidavit, Tampa-based FBI special agent Gregory Tarbert explains that Kadar “utilized user accounts created at a company which provided online call ‘spoofing’ services.” Setting up a Spoofing user account requires a phone number, as explained by the popular

The FBI reports four U.S.-based phone numbers associated with the spoofing accounts used to make the JCC threat calls. How Michael Kadar, who Israeli media describe as a brain-tumored, homeschooled teen living with his parents in Ashkelon, acquired use of U.S.-registered telephones remains unexplained by U.S. or Israeli officials."
". . . before its fall from grace, one public search engine was pretty good at discovering the self-identified owner of a phone number — Facebook. If a FB account owner entered into their profile a phone number, a FB reverse search on that number would pull up the account owner’s profile. Here’s what a mid-2017 (since deleted) FB search pulled up for one of the FBI-identified spoofing account phone numbers:

Google reports that a “Linda Hamel” lives in California (510 is a California area code) where she directs the Church of Scientology’s counter-intelligence functions. WTF? Haaretz reports that “The Church of Scientology has apparently found one place where its presence doesn’t set off alarms, protests and demonstrations, and that place is one of the world’s most religiously fraught countries: Israel.” We’ll leave readers to explore the internet’s various conspiracy theories linking Scientology to Israel and the Mossad."
"Using the same Facebook search tactic, on the same 2017 date, the author identified another of the spoofing phone numbers associated with a Philadelphia-area Chabad leader (also since deleted from FB). Chabad is a fast-growing orthodox Jewish sect that believes all Jews must return to Israel before the messiah can reappear to save humanity; a view consistent with Zionism’s political objectives. Meanwhile, the FBI has remained silent on the possibility of co-conspirators to Kadar’s hate crimes.
In sum, here’s what this author thinks went down. In early January, 2017, the first bomb threats included two Chabad community centers. These threats were not reported to the police nor did they receive publicity. These first calls may have been testing the system. By March or earlier, U.S. authorities knew the calls were being made by a person overseas, i.e., they were not a sign of rising domestic anti-Semitism. The FBI pinned the source to Israel and notified its Israeli law enforcement counterparts. It appears Israel was slow to react, so the FBI sent a team to Israel to catalyze action. The FBI was not involved in the Ashkelon arrest itself, which was left to Israel’s domestic police. Everything the FBI received thereafter from the Israeli end of the investigation passed through Israeli law enforcement/intelligence hands before being given to the FBI. The FBI gained its non-Israeli-sourced intelligence through the spoofing company subpoenas, on which the DOJ Florida indictment is based.
When the FBI told Israel it knew the geographic source of the calls, Israel needed a scapegoat and a cover story. Michael R. Kadar was well-suited to the task. Tamar Kadar, his mom, made the calls from her Ashkelon apartment. For what it’s worth, in 1990 Dr. Tamar Kadar spent a sabbatical year in the U.S. at a Maryland Army chemical weapons research facility, which could account for 27-year-old MRK’s dual citizenship reported by DOJ in 2017. Immediately upon his release from jail, MRK was flown to Tel Aviv (“we’re going to visit mom”), taken to the apartment and arrested. The FBI could declare victory (for which FBI director Comey received an award from the Jewish Federations of North America). Israel could blame a brain-addled teenager motivated by crass profit. Meanwhile, President Trump, whose pro-Israel credentials were suspect initially, has now allied himself tightly to Israel’s agenda."
Comment by Helpful, on whether the caller had a male or female voice:
"The DOJ indictment reports the hate caller has a female voice. The cover-up speculates that Michael Kadar used the spoofing service to change his voice from male to female. It’s worth noting, however, that the DOJ indictment also reports that the caller’s voice has a distinct speech impediment. In video Isreali news interviews, Michael’s mother has a distinct speech impediment. The parsimonious explanation is that Michael’s mother made the calls."
Comment by Helpful on the age-shift of the fictional perp:
"There’s a tactical reason for changing Michael Kadar’s age from 27 to <18 .="" 18="" a="" access="" ag="" as="" be="" br="" can="" court="" create="" dog="" faux="" fictional="" for="" he="" how="" i.e.="" israeli="" juvenile="" means="" movie="" no="" public="" records="" the="" to="" trial.="" tried="" which="">
Comment by Franklin Stahl:
"As explained in , the 19 (or 18) year old Michael Kadar is a fiction. The 27 year old Michael Kadar (apparently the biological son of the hate-caller, Tamar Kadar) was hurriedly brought from Illinois to Ashkelon to play the role of the 18 year-old fictional son. He did so from March 23 to sometime in June (2017), after which he returned to Illinois as required by the conditions of his probation as set forth by the Will County court."
and another comment by Stahl:
"The criminal complaint brought against Michael Rob David Kadar on or about April 22, 2017, reports that calls were received by the JCCs in a woman’s voice but were made by a male using a voice-altering device provided by the Spoof site. It was reported by the FBI that the caller had a speech defect, and it was claimed by Israeli police that the (fictitious) 18-year-old Michael Kadar had the same speech defect. We have no evidence re that, but the video of Michael’s mother, which was presented on line, reveals that SHE had a speech defect."
So, in summary, (((they))) - and it is so often Chabad these days deep in the fuckery, going right up to President Jared - got caught red-handed in the usual ubiquitous 'anti-Semitism' scam (used, of course, to obtain money from the government for 'security' based on the phony stats of incidents of 'anti-Semitism'), and created an elaborate cover-up involving a fictional perp scapegoat based loosely on a relative, and the FBI, probably fearing career suicide (and possible real death), declined to look into the obvious evidence.  One of the ironies is all of these layers of trickery seem to have inspired real violence, including the current Black-on-Orthodox attacks which are being hidden to avoid any discussion of slumlord behavior.

Comment by Patrikios Stetsonis!!!! (of course, Zack brings us back around to the anthrax deception used to push through the Patriot Act):
"–For what it’s worth, in 1990 Dr. Tamar Kadar spent a sabbatical year in the U.S. at a Maryland Army chemical weapons research facility—-
Is this the same facility USAMRIID, where one Lt. Col. Philip Zack
was working and got fired for racial harassment???????
Any stone you pick you will see a roach running to take cover from Sunshine."
I fear the Khazars are completely right, that the farm animals aren't intellectually up to the task of sorting through the layers of deception.
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