Friday, September 06, 2019

Amor Vincit Omnia

"‘NYT’ says Netanyahu influences US Iran policy because of his feel for ‘US public opinion’ (and never mentions Adelsons)" (Weiss).  Not to mention Epstein!  See also:  "‘Miriam Adelson: Sara Netanyahu said it would be my fault if Iran nuked Israel’" (the point to take from this isn't the squabbling but the micromanaging by Mrs Bibi).

Speaking of not mentioning something, here's Weiss musing about the dead Gelb and the 'blob'/Deep State, missing out the obvious fact - and the only relevant factor in his life of machinations - that Gelb was a Khazar ("Having grown up in an insular Jewish family of parents who operated a small delicatessen in suburban New York, he was discovered at Harvard by Prof. Henry A. Kissinger . . . " - note he was also deeply involved in the Khazar change-the-subject plot known as the Pentagon Papers)!!!:  "Les Gelb is dead, long live the blob".

"NYT Assures Goyim That Anyone Who Says the Hong Kong Riots are a Neocon Color Revolution is a Tinfoil Hat Lunatic" (Anglin).  "Venezuela Exposes Failed Plan to Attack Justice Palace, Police Headquarters".  "U.S.-Assisted Raid in Somalia Killed Two Civilians, Villagers Say" (Sperber).  "Trump adviser says he'll warn leader of Belarus about Russian threat" (Rothschild)!

"The brief hearing before U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly completed a stunning turn of events for Schock and cemented a deal virtually unheard of in a high-profile corruption case."  Chicago is always reliably hilariously corrupt.

Yinon:  "How the U.S. Shattered the Middle East" (Sjursen). Exactly as (((they))) intended, and put in place by way of the gangster Mega Group blackmail operations.

"The high-speed hard sell: why the F-35 is coming to a Canadian air show" (Brewster).  There's no chance Trudeau - probably as PM in a minority government - won't pick the Widow/Widower Maker.

"Jewish Texas 7 member says judge who sent him to death row is anti-Semitic, asks for new trial" (Emily).  As far as I can see, there is no evidence for these alleged slurs, but I find it impossible to conceive that, in this day and age, farm animals will be allowed to execute a Chosen One.

"The Crucifixion of the Goddess" (Guyénot):
"The romantic ideal of love as a mystical encounter with the eternal feminine, or the Goddess, has had a very profound influence on European culture. Naturally, an ideal is never fully attained. Perhaps it is only approached by a blessed few, an aristocracy of love. Yet it glitters in the sky for all to see, and it attracts like a magnet the collective soul. Certainly, the ideal is the source of much disillusion and suffering, as De Rougemont insisted and as the romantic poets knew. But, as Byron said, “sorrow is knowledge.”
Conversely, the absence of ideality in relationship to love in the Hebrew tradition has had a profound influence on the Jewish mind. The main reason why romanticism is foreign to Jewish culture is that there can be no truly romantic conception of love without faith in the immortality of the soul, and Jewish anthropology is fundamentally materialistic (read my article “Israel as One Man”). It is therefore no surprise that romanticism has been regarded with contempt by most Jewish intellectuals. Moses Hess judged it “decadent,” preferring Jewish novels, since “the Jews alone had the good sense to subordinate sexual to maternal love.”[15] He admits, however, that Jewish writers are perfectly capable of imitating romanticism, like anything else.
The enthusiasm of the Jewish cultural elites for Freud’s theory may be seen in the light of this “clash of cultures”. Kevin MacDonald (A Culture of Critique, ch. 4) explains it by an inherited Jewish culture where love was seen “as an invention of the alien gentile culture and thus morally suspect.”[16] Otto Rank’s idea that Jews had a more primitive, and therefore healthier sexuality (“The Essence of Judaism,” 1905) was widely shared among Freud’s disciples. Which makes John Murray Cuddihy argue, in his very insightful essay The Ordeal of Civility, that Freud’s theory of sublimation resulting from repression came straight from the shtetl Jews’ inner struggle over integration: “In psychoanalysis, the ‘id’ is the functional equivalent of the ‘Yid’ in social intercourse.”[17] Sexual liberation became a new version of the messianic ideal of universal redemption by the Jews, the “light of the nations.” And as we know, in practice, the Jewish way to save the nations is to defile their most sacred values—their gods, and, above all, the Goddess.

From the 1930s, American Jewish authors found in the theories of Freud and his Jewish disciples the justification for assaulting the romantic ideal and challenging the obscenity laws, as Josh Lambert shows in Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture (I quote from the free pdf of his doctoral dissertation, of which the book is a rewriting). Ludwig Lewisohn, “the most prominent Jewish writer in interwar America,” is a case in point. He had been analyzed briefly by Freud, and was a close friend of Otto Rank. Like Rank, Lewisohn liked to “portray traditional, unassimilated Jewish sexuality as uniquely healthy.” He also shared Wilhelm Reich’s ideas (The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1934), that anti-Semitism is a symptom of sexual frustration and can be cured by liberating the Gentiles’ libido (a message echoed in Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization, 1955 , as well as in Theodor Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality, 1950). So did Isaac Rosenfeld, who said: “I regard anti-Semitism as a symptom of a serious, underlying psycho-sexual disease of epidemic proportion in our society.” According to Josh Lambert,
“Much of the sexual utopianism and amateur sexology that appeared in the fiction and essays of Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, Allen Ginsberg, and Isaac Rosenfeld in the 1940s and 1950s elaborated upon Reich’s attempt to cure the sexual ills of all of Western civilization, and, in so doing, to relieve Jews of their role as scapegoats.”
In their endeavor to elevate obscenity to the status of art, Jewish authors received the active support of Jewish lawyers and judges. “Jews participated in these obscenity trials not only as defendants, but also in key juridical roles,” writes Lambert, citing Jewish Supreme Court justices Benjamin Cardozo, Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldberg, and Abe Fortas.[18]
In 1969 Philip Roth unleashed his novel, Portnoy’s Complaint, the confession of a sex-obsessed American Jew, who lusted after the shikses as a teenager (“My circumcised little dong is simply shriveled up with veneration. . . . How do they get so gorgeous, so healthy, so blond?”), before securing a blond shiksa for himself, whom he nicknamed The Monkey. “Hating Your Goy and Eating One Too,” is how the narrator describes the experience, making the following confession to his psychiatrist:
“What I’m saying, Doctor, is that I don’t seem to stick my dick up these girls, as much as I stick it up their backgrounds — as though through fucking I will discover America. Conquer American — maybe that’s more like it.”
For Roth/Portnoy, “America is a shiksa nestling under your arm whispering love love love love love!”[19] Roth is not the only American-Jewish novelist sharing this vision of American society as the shiksa, in other words, a sexual object to be screwed .[20]
And this should not be mistaken as the traditional Jewish resentment against Christianity. It is not “Christian values” that are attacked with extreme violence by hollywoodism, pornography, psychoanalysis, feminism, homosexualism and anti-LGBTQphobia, not forgetting modern art; it is the Western tradition of love, the miracle of our civilization. This cultural assault is the enduring manifestation of Yahweh’s ancient rage against the Queen of Heaven. Blessed are those Jews who turned their back on Jeremiah’s sociopathic god and found comfort in the Goddess instead. We need them more than ever."
The upcoming Canadian election is driving Alberta real estate agents mad:  tweets (Jeff Samsonow):
"This new RE/MAX campaign is wild."
The usual:  "LILLEY: Liberals must answer questions on dumped candidate":
"Guillet was booted as the Liberal candidate for the Montreal riding of St. Leonard-St. Michel after B’Nai Brith raised issues about the man’s past statements and actions. B’Nai Brith noted that Guillet had celebrated the release from prison of Raed Salah, a Hamas-aligned activist who claimed Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks and that Jews bake bread using the blood of non-Jewish children.
There were also statements from Guillet himself, including calling Israel an apartheid state and claiming that “Zionists control American politics.” Guillet even accused U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, of pushing an “Israel first” agenda through the White House."
and (ha, ha, ha!):
"“The anti-Semitic tropes of ‘Zionists controlling governments’ and of ‘dual loyalty’ are two of the more abhorrent expressions of paranoid anti-Jewish conspiracy theories,” said Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada."
Tweet (The Onion):
"Glassy-Eyed, Disoriented Prosecutor Unexpectedly Drops Lawsuit Against Sackler Family"
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