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"Intel Community Quietly Scrapped Requirement For "First-Hand Knowledge" Before CIA 'Rumorblower' Relied On Hearsay" (Durden).

"Sainted Whistleblower Is Actually CIA" (Sailer):
"Huh … I’d assumed the whistleblower was a Karen Silkwood-type, a simple low-level American worker who’d stumbled upon Incriminating Information. Now he turns out instead to be CIA.
I worry that this could lead to Conspiracy Theories.
When you belong to the Intelligence Community, you never Bowl Alone.
Fortunately, the Editor of the New York Times assures us that CIA is “a nonpolitical agency.”"
It is going to take me some time to get over the fact that a significant number of Americans are taking this CIA 'whistleblower' bullshit at face value.

Just underlining the fact that this latest attack on Trump is another American IC conspiracy in a sad attempt to give CPR to the dead #Russiagate:  tweet (Nicholas Burns):
"I signed this letter with over 300 former USG officials to make one point—President Trump’s invitation to the Ukrainian President to interfere in our democracy was wrong and an abuse of Presidential power. Trump is not above the law."
"Solomon: These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story".  Step back for a moment and consider how deeply weird Biden's story is - are we supposed to believe he is micromanaging Ukrainian staffing issues because he is concerned about local corruption?  You have to laugh.

The newest 'color revolutions':  "Greta Thunberg and Big-Biz' Climate Charade" (Cartalucci):
"Following the money is particularly easy in unravelling "Fridays for Future." The "movement's" own website - - under "About" contains a list of websites that make up the "movement's" network.

Each page listed contains the School Strike 4 Climate (SS4C) logo. They also contain links to various supporters and affiliates. The Canadian page - for example - has a "Promo Toolkit" page full of resources provided by corporate foundations.

One foundation in particular that turns up repeatedly is has published the "Climate Resistance Handbook" which includes a "foreword" by Greta Thunberg herself.

The handbook itself lists zero relevant concerns or actions regarding actual environmental issues and instead is a rehash of familiar CIA-honed tactics used by the US for its so-called "color revolutions" around the globe.

The handbook even cites the US overthrow of Serbia and Ukraine as examples for environmental activists to follow.

Regarding Serbia, the handbook would claim:
A group of young people in Serbia nonviolently fought their powerful, ruthless dictator in Serbia. Tey required every person who joined their movement to learn the upside-down triangle. They led trainings to explain the concept and their plan to remove the pillars they saw. 
This approach was a key ingredient to their movement. And they were successful in overthrowing the brutal Serbian dictator.
In reality, the US itself would eventually reveal no such tactics worked and instead it was the millions of dollars the US government funneled into Serbia to back a covert coup that eventually overthrew the Serbian government.

This coup was not to stop a "brutal dictator," but rather to fold Serbia, its people, and resources into America's eastward expansion toward Russian borders.

The New York Times in its article, "Who Really Brought Down Milosevic?," would admit:
Backed by extensive financing from the United States, Otpor steadily coaxed them from the inertia and introspective desperation of the 1990's, when the most decisive act of the best and the brightest was emigration or draft evasion. Through marches and mockery, physical courage and mental agility, Otpor grew into the mass underground movement that stood at the disciplined core of the hidden revolution that really changed Serbia. No other opposition force was as unsettling to the regime or as critical to its overthrow.
The New York Times would also admit details of the extent of US financing:
American assistance to Otpor and the 18 parties that ultimately ousted Milosevic is still a highly sensitive subject. But Paul B. McCarthy, an official with the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy, is ready to divulge some details. 
The article continues:
...McCarthy says, "from August 1999 the dollars started to flow to Otpor pretty significantly." Of the almost $3 million spent by his group in Serbia since September 1998, he says, "Otpor was certainly the largest recipient." The money went into Otpor accounts outside Serbia. 
Not only were the "young people of Serbia" successful only because of dubious, secretive US funding, they were successful and their "efforts" lauded by the Western media only because their efforts ultimately served US special interests.

Serbia is no more "free" or "democratic" today than it was under Milosevic. The only real change has been efforts to draw the broken nation westward into Washington and NATO's orbit and away from its traditional ties to Russia. In essence, the youths of Serbia were drawn in as unwitting participants in expanding American hegemony, not promoting "democracy."

In many ways then - picked the perfect example to help illustrate just exactly what "Fridays for Future" is really about - a cynical public relations exercise obviously funded and directed by Western special interests using "youths" and a well-meaning agenda as cover.

Instead of specifically and explicitly targeting the worst environmental offenders on Earth - corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, and Syngenta spraying our food and environment with poison, or Exxon, BP, and Shell for their attempts to perpetuate petrol-driven energy, or labor unions like America's United Automobile Workers which is part of a concerted effort to sabotage electric vehicle manufacturers like Telsa - "Fridays for Future" is allied with them in making ambiguous demands and giving naive youths the illusion that something is being done.

Worst still is the likelihood that this movement will actually result in much of the burden for these corporations' offenses against the environment and human health being shifted onto the public in the form of new taxes and regulations."
"SNAP! Color Revolutionaries of the World Gather for Group Photo in Berlin" (Batty).

Meanwhile, there's a whole world out there of invisible protests.  "Back to French tear gas in the morning: smells like liberté austérité" and "Why France’s 20- and 30-somethings hate the Yellow Vests" (Mazaheri).  From the first article:
"I can’t stand covering ecological protests – what a waste of time.

Firstly, climate change requires a cooperative solution on an international level, and obviously capitalism is predicated on competition at an international level. Therefore, there is no reason at all to do a damned thing about environmental issues – the only solution is to get socialism first. No socialism? Then no possible climate solution.

Secondly, is climate change a news beat which is not being covered enough already? Hardly – there are 900 billion Western journalists who simply adore covering this story. I note that the roughly 900 billion climate change articles in Western media on any given Tuesday hasn’t done much good. Don’t tell that to the eco-freaks, though – they think they’re God’s favourite servants.

Definitely don’t point out to them that the 1% just adores you wasting your political energy on climate change instead of class issues. Climate change is inherently neutered of any class aspect: billionaires and homeless alike all litter or leave a “climate impact” (or whatever) or don’t compost properly.

Climate change protests are thus so very, very useless that I cannot give a damn, and the protesters directly acknowledged this: they had one big ballon, which read “Give a f***”. Classy. And they’re the only ones who give a f***, right?

Smug punks. And climate change protesters are punks with a capital P – too many examples to list, but here’s a quick few:

The presence of alcohol at French political demonstrations is lamentable – this is not a party – but only at eco-protests do you see Champagne."
Tweet (Oh boy what a shot):
"#YellowVest (#GiletsJaunes) protests Bordeaux

 45 weeks of protests
 11 dead
 76 seriously injured
 2500 injured
 23 lost an eye
 5 lost a hand
 thousands arrested
 no mainstream media coverage

It would be a shame if this tweet went viral"
You can easily tell the fake activism/protests from the real by who gets full, laudatory (((media))) coverage, and who ends up dead, gravely injured, or in jail:  "Mother of assassinated activist Berta Cáceres speaks out against US-backed Honduran dictatorship" (Parampil).

Tweet (Tim Shorrock):
"3/78. Let's compare New York Times coverage of massive protests in South Korea in December 2016, when the 'candlelight' movement agains Park Guen Hye peaked, to coverage of the massive protests in Hong Kong in August 2019. Korea/2016: 3 stories HK/2019: 78 stories Source: Nexis."
"Banks worth $47 trillion adopt new U.N.-backed climate principles" (Rothshilds) (also).

"The ‘NYT’ gives another book review to a rightwing Zionist, who denies the Nakba" (North/Weiss). ""The Necessity of Anti-Semitism"" (Joyce).

Finally, as this vile and ridiculous SJW doxxing has to stop, and you won't get 'journalists' to stop unless they start paying a price (although he seems to have been fired for hypocrisy):  tweet (Matthew Keys):
"Reporter who unearthed man's controversial tweets he made as a teenager — only to have his own controversial tweets unearthed — has been fired" 
"Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner Excitedly Hoping Nation’s Newfound Approval Of Whistleblowers Will Get Them Out Of Jail" (Haim):
"“Americans recognize that what this anonymous whistleblower did was both courageous and patriotic, so I’m sure to be commended for releasing a report on interference in the 2016 election, right? I was ahead of my time, really. I’m not saying there will be a parade in my honor, but I sure wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll be out of here in a day or two, and then, who knows? Maybe I’ll even run for public office.”"
"The Left Press is Failing Bernie Sanders" (Studebaker).  Jacobin has an obvious ((('donor'))) problem.

For the title alone:  "Knot Racism Or Fake Noose?" (Sailer).

Tweet (DPRK News Service) (btw, I think the Conservatives erred in releasing the 'brownface' stuff too early - it has already blown over):
"Canadian president Justin Trudeau assures constituent that some of his best friends are white."
 Tweet (Hey!Let'sDoAThing!):
""When asked to contribute to Pow Wow Chow as a Native American, Elizabeth Warren accepted, and in addition to her own crabmeat omelette recipe, her white husband claimed Cherokee heritage in the book as well with his own recipe for ORIENTAL BEEF

I'm not joking.""

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