Thursday, September 05, 2019

Collaborators and collaborationists

Tweets (Michael Krieger) (Fredo has spectacular form for this kind of thing):
"Most of you understand CNN is status quo protecting garbage, but I need to highlight the following clip. This is by , watch as he instructs viewers not to focus on who was close friends with Epstein. You cannot make this up:"
Tweet (Whitney Webb):
"How about reporting on how Epstein's coconspirators in an intl child sex trafficking network are still at large instead of "newsworthy toast," oh mighty national "paper of record"?"
"Non-Elite Humans Are Daring To Create Their Own Narratives" (Krieger).  "The Future of the Spectacle" (Hopkins).

Tweets (Cees Bassa):
"It's not often that I retweet the US president, but he tweeted this image of the Iranian Safir launch failure. The image is very interesting as evidence suggests that it was taken by a US spy satellite on August 29th, 2019. Here's my analysis."
"YouTube is so Ridiculously Jewish Now" (Rogers).

ImperialismNow!:  "“Hands Off Hong Kong” - the Cry That Seldom Is Heard" (Walsh):
"Let’s take DemocracyNow! (DN!) as one example, a prominent one on the “progressive” end of the spectrum. From April through August 28, there have been 25 brief accounts (“headlines” as DN! calls them, each amounting to a few paragraphs) of the events in Hong Kong and 4 features, longer supposedly analytic pieces, on the same topic. Transcripts of the four features are here, here, here and here. There is not a single mention of possible US involvement or the meetings of the various leaders of the protest movement with Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, or the “Political Counselor” of the US Hong Kong consulate."
"Memory Holing Morris Dees" (Sailer) (I thought that picture was of Biden!).  Turns out his particular grift is still useful.  "Media Race-Baiting Americans With ‘White supremacy’ Conspiracy Theories to Hide Class Strife" (Bridge).

"West’s “Humanitarian” Claims Struggle as Syrian War Nears Endgame" (Cartalucci).  And look at this weirdness:  "Undeclared US Airstrike on Syria’s Idlib Leaves Multiple Casualties".  You have to wonder if some Americans went rogue, filled with the frustrations of being allied with the jihadists in the dead-ender hopeless attempt to Yinonize Syria, and thus decided to go 'My Lai'.

Tweets (Brian Cates):
"OK, put your thinking caps on. In the case the Mueller Special Counsel brought against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was the MAIN WITNESS against him?"
"Mighty Israeli Army Abandoned Military Facility After Hezbollah ATGM Strike".  Tweet (Press TV):
"Israeli soldiers confronted with unarmed civilians vs Israelis soldiers confronted with actual threats"
The next IDF attempt at war is going to be hilarious to watch!

Solid Shamir:  "Brexit and the Prison House of Nations".

Galloway has been right about everything:  tweet (Media Lens):
"So, @georgegalloway was right, the faked anti-semitism campaign targeting Corbyn was put on hold in August. ProQuest finds national newspaper articles mentioning 'Corbyn' and 'anti-semitism': July 2019 = 1,086 August 2019 = 167 August 2018 = 1,700 Who paused it and why?"
The 'British nationalist' view:  "Labour’s Fictitious Anti-Semitism Problem" (Jones). This issue is one of those that was unpredictable, as it is literally too absurd to even contemplate.

Tweet (Miko Peled):
"#Israelis are from Russia, Poland Morocco, Yemen, etc. #Palestinians are from Yaffa, Haifa, Askelan, Gaza, etc. whose homeland is it?"
"Jew’s News: The ADL and Media are Lying, The Real Anti-Semitic Threat is the Blacks" (Anglin):
"The article then goes down the hole of speculating on an organized anti-Semitic black conspiracy, which is, from an outsider’s point of view, clearly completely nonsensical. There is zero chance that the blacks engaged in these attacks are part of an organized network of people with an ideological hatred of Jews. What they are is a bunch of random black people who hate Jews as a result of the personal interactions they’ve had with them in their lives, particularly in the form of the greedy Jewish landlord."
"In Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn, a spate of assaults feels all too familiar" (Sales).  Note the efforts to play it down, as they don't want anybody to raise the age-old issue of whether bad things which happen to Jews are a reaction to evil Jewish behavior.

"NY county’s Republican ad warns of a Hasidic ‘takeover’" (Oster).  Complaining about the behavior is 'anti-Semitic' and thus, obviously, completely banned, so there is absolutely nothing you can do, goyim.

Tweet (Golnar Motevalli) (sloppy stinktank work by the Khazars who hire their relatives in the usual nepotism scam rather than people who could at least pose as experts):
"Anthropologist says her field work in DC found that "half of the Iran experts based at think tanks in DC could not read, write, or speak Persian at the time of my fieldwork. And a similar number had never once stepped foot inside Iran." via  @jadaliyya"
"Today's Blind Items - The Whistleblower" (CDaN). "Alix Tichelman reveals her story after Google executive's death"(Larson).  "“Harbor Hooker” who killed Google exec is indicted in new murder charge" (May).

Tweet (Michael Furey):
"Canada has quietly agreed to bring in 100,000 Palestinians, according to the Jerusalem Post: #cdnpoli"
followed immediately by:
"Update: The government has told the Sun this story is just not true."
"Canada denies Arab media report it will take in 100,000 Palestinians". This is certainly part of President Jared's eliminationist plan, and the mistake was to release it on the eve of a Canadian election campaign!

It has come to this (with a hearty Sieg Heil! to Chrystia!) (collaborators and collaborationists):  "Whitewashing collaborationism" (Robinson):
"Has it really come to this? As we mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, we discover that members of the Canadian Armed Forces, successors of those who fought against Nazi Germany, attended the unveiling last week of a monument to Nazi collaborationists. The head spins. It’s really quite hard to know what to make of this, except that contemporary geopolitics have combined with historical ignorance to produce a rather shameful outcome."
"What, you might ask, is a monument to the OUN-UPA doing in a Jewish cemetery which marks the site of a Holocaust-era massacre?"
"Liberals Use RCMP in Attempt to Silence Critics of their Foreign Policy" (Engler). Fairly straightforward example of repression by a totalitarian state.  I assume Bronfman, of the Mega Group gangster family, doesn't have to specifically instruct his stooge Trudeau to do this kind of threatening, as Trudeau is well enough trained/beshekeled to do it himself.

"Prince Andrew Got Uninvited From Several Events In Northern Ireland" (Allison).

Tweet (That's Orientalist, Habibi):
"Christiane Amanpour, stenographer of the US empire"
"FCO Speeds Up Planning to Move UK Embassy to Jerusalem".  Bit of a hurry now as Boris might not be around for long, so:  "As Bibi Meets Boris — Tory Rebels Prove Morally Superior to Likudniks " (Pfeffer).

Also, Trump is now obviously intentionally failing to take Bibi's calls!:  "Moratorium on US oil sanctions to open talks with Iran" (Bhadrakumar).  As usual, macher rivalries - the split between Macron the Rothschilds and Sheldon over the gentle art of gentile management and the speed and techniques of Khazar murder and land theft - are making things interesting.  MbZ has read the writing on the wall:  "After Trump Flaked Out re: Iran, Is the United Arab Emirates backing off Conflict?" (Salacanin).
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